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Useful services for Instagram: TOP-15 for all cases

Useful services for Instagram can be divided into several groups: for working with photos and videos, for creating posts, for selecting hashtags, for promotion and promotion.

Instagram has long ceased to be just a social network, now it is a tool for business development. However, to promote your brand, it is not necessary to pay tens of thousands of rubles to publishers. You can independently promote your account using auxiliary resources.

In fact, each of the services that I want to consider was created to help promote Instagram, because without high-quality content, relevant and timely published posts, you cannot promote your account.

If you do not plan to make money on Instagram, but just want to create a presentable page, then these services will suit you too. All of them are free or partially free (in the description for each I will tell you more about this). Read all the details and subtleties below.

TOP-5 services for working with photos

You can download thematic and high-quality pictures on free photo stocks. For example, on Pixabay. However, sometimes you need to edit your photo or downloaded image. The following programs are suitable for editing photos and creating gifs.

Canvas is similar to Photoshop, but simpler. The work takes place online. There is a free and a paid version of the program, but even in the trial version, all the necessary functionality is available. You can not only edit photos, but also create banners, covers.

Канва тарифы

Inside the application, you will find templates for graphics like this:

  • postcards and cards,
  • resume,
  • invitations,
  • calendars,
  • menus,
  • postcards,
  • social media,
  • posters and posters,
  • collages,
  • coupons,
  • certificates,
  • daily plans and schedules,
  • much more.

You can post an image to Instagram directly from the editor. In addition, there is an opportunity to work on one project with someone else. The service offers a built-in collection of images.


Another editor that allows you not only to customize images, but also to create graphic projects. The service is similar to Canvas, but has a different image library and a different set of templates (over 25,000 ideas).

So if you didn’t find something in Canvas or for some reason you didn’t like that service, you can use it.

In addition, in Krello you can create animations, headers and covers for blogs. There is a meme constructor, as well as special sections for creating posts, stories and advertising on Instagram.

Крелло - полезный сервис для Инстаграм

The service offers many more useful and interesting things. And all of this is available in the free version. In general, Crello has two tariff plans:

Тарифные планы в Крелло


An online editor that allows you to remove and change the background in your photos. It’s easier to do this here than in Photoshop, and the quality is no worse. There is one drawback – the program is paid. Only one image can be edited in the free version.


An app for smartphones (Apple or Android) that helps you edit photos. Retouching, applying filters, changing contrast, exposure and much more are available in this program.

The application is free, you can purchase additional functions for money, but you can create gorgeous pictures even without them.


Many bloggers use this app to apply filters to their photos and videos. There are more filters here than in the previous program.

The rest of the functions are similar to other editors: adjusting light and contrast, brightness, etc. The app is free, but some filters can only be purchased for money.

TOP-3 video services

Consider one computer program, one phone application and one online resource.

Movavi Video Editor 15 Plus

The best video editor. A free full version of the program has leaked onto the Internet. It is enough to download the archive, install the program on your computer and you can create professional videos.

The interface is intuitive, there are many built-in videos, sounds, melodies, effects. You can upload your pictures and music, you can record your voice. You can download a trial version of the latest version of the utility from the official website of the program. In the trial version, the functionality, as well as the period of use, is limited.


This is a smartphone app. With this program you can record, trim and edit videos. You can slow down or speed up playback, add music, text, filters, or something else.

In the free version, the same functionality is available as in the paid version of the program, but the recording will have a watermark (application name). To remove it, you need to pay extra. By the way, it is still not visible in vertical stories.


The service positions itself precisely as a platform for creating videos for social networks. The work is carried out through a video designer, the system offers ready-made templates, auxiliary elements, for example, music, icons. You can add text or pictures to the video.

Видеоконструктор Supa - полезный сервис для Инстаграм

Full functionality is available in the free version, but the video will display a watermark (site name). You can purchase a paid service package, then the watermark will disappear, and some additional functions will become available.

TOP-3 post scheduling services

Let’s take a closer look at each one.


The service is paid, but a free trial version with restrictions is given for a week. In general, in this program, you can schedule publications, plan and post posts. In one personal account, you can manage several accounts in social networks.

Google Docs

Analogue of Word and Excel, but much more powerful and better. The advantage of Google documents is that all data is stored on a virtual cloud, several people can work on one file at once in real time, you can make edits there, leave comments, etc.

This service is very convenient to create a content plan for Instagram.


This is an application for a smartphone, an analogue of the online platform SMMplanner. Inpreview allows you to set up deferred posting, edit posts before posting, manage photos.

Here’s what else this app has:

  • the ability to simulate how your account will look if you remove certain photos from it, swap posts, etc .;
  • rearrange and remove images;
  • filters for images;

  • the ability to add a signature to the post;
  • the ability to work in several Instagram accounts at once;
  • much more.

In the free version, the functionality is limited: only one account, the ability to hide and publish a post. Everything else is available in the paid version of the application.

The best service for contests

If you need to hold a competition and determine one or more winners, then the Giveawation service will do. Inside it, there are many customizable features (selection criteria):

  • by likes,
  • by comments,
  • by subscription,
  • by fulfillment of additional conditions.
Лучший сервис для проведения конкурсов в Инстаграм

The system already has templates, tips for holding contests.

2 best hashtag services

Hashtags in posts are just as important as the quality of the posts themselves. It is important not to be mistaken with audience interests, trends, geolocation and much more.

The better the hashtags are selected, the more potential subscribers and customers will learn about you, your services and business. Special services will help you choose the best hashtags.


Just write a topic in the search bar, and the online platform will pick up hashtags by itself. If geolocation is not important to you, you can turn it off. After the program offers hashtags, you can collect them into statistics and upload them in one sheet.

Сервис Gettags для хештегов

In addition, you can analyze statistics and hashtag competition in your niche. The program is paid, but there is a trial version for 10 days. The demo version is not limited in functionality.


The principle of using the program is simple: you enter a keyword, and the system offers the best options for hashtags according to the additional parameters that you configured. You can pick up coherent, similar and local hashtags.

Подбор хештегов с TagsFinder

It is possible to enter the words that you want to exclude. As in the previous resource, hashtag statistics are available here. You can customize language, country, city, interests. The program is free.

TOP-5 SMM services for promotion and promotion

No matter how interesting and high-quality your posts are, no matter how accurately the hashtags are selected, this does not guarantee the popularity and development of your account.

In order for people to know about you, you must remind of yourself: increase your profile activity, order advertising from a cool blogger, analyze the statistics of your competitors’ accounts.

This book will help to increase the activity on the network. Performers (real people) are ready to carry out your tasks for a small fee: write a comment, like, repost, vote, etc.

You can customize the criteria by geolocation, gender, age, interests, etc. You can also set the number of tasks to be completed per day.

As you already understood, people need to pay for this, but you can do it for free. To do this, you must first complete several tasks yourself. Yes, there are completely free similar services, for example, “Bosslike”, but there is a high risk of unsubscribing. Here, a person will be fined for unsubscribing.


This is an exchange where you can order ads from a blogger. The system contains more than 22,000 advertising sites on Instagram. I think you will find something suitable among them.

The service is not free, you can see the cost of offers in the bloggers directory. Among them you can find very acceptable ones or, for example, negotiate an advertising post in exchange for your product.


The program is paid, but there is a trial period for 3 days. Here’s what the service offers:

  • target audience definition and subscriber search;
  • attracting new customers;
  • profile analytics;
  • bulk mailing to Direct;
  • the ability to manage multiple accounts in one personal account.
  • Assin - мультиплатформа для продвижения

    Inside the service there is a built-in exchange for ordering ads from bloggers. You can install the application on your smartphone.


    An online service that provides in-depth statistics on Instagram accounts. You can analyze not only your profile, but also the accounts of competitors. In addition to statistics, in LiveDune you can publish posts, process comments and check bloggers for cheating likes and subscribers.

    So, here are some of the statistics that the service provides:

    • Growth and churn of subscribers in your account.
    • Analysis of the level of engagement (ER, ERR).
    • Comparison of your account for different periods or comparison with competitors.
    • Analysis of geography and age of attracted subscribers.
    • Official postponed posting.
    • Processing comments with the ability to customize notifications in Telegram. The bot not only sends notifications, but also provides the ability to immediately respond to a comment. And also uploading comments to Excel.
    • Prepare reports in PDF, Excel and Google Slides in a couple of minutes.
    • Responsive, clickable charts with the help of which it is easier to analyze data and find insights.

    Paid service, basic tariff from 500 rubles per month. There is a free trial period of 7 days.


    The system analyzes the interests and preferences of your subscribers, their publications, activity in groups and joining communities. In addition, using the system, you can analyze the effectiveness of stories, hashtags and audience growth. All data can be collected in one general report in PDF format.

    This service was created specifically for the analysis and promotion of Instagram. Perhaps, for someone, one feature of the resource will become a problem – it is in English. But I think this can be circumvented with the help of Google translate. The program is paid, but there is a 14-day free version.

    Bonus: Where to look for inspiration

    Instagram is focused on visual content. Where to look for ideas, trends, popular images? For example, on the Designspiration site or on Pinterest.

    On both resources, you can find what interests you, create your own recommendations feed. And also you can see what is interesting to other people. Inside the services, you can save and download pictures, share them on social networks.


    These are just a few of the best useful Instagram services. Each publisher, owner of an account or business on Instagram creates a selection of auxiliary resources based on their interests, needs and goals. New platforms appear every day to help you develop and promote your Instagram profile.

    Sincerely, Svetlana Troshina
    specially for the project

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