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TOP-32 ways to gain followers on Instagram without cheating

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is an audience for: main goals.
  • How to get Instagram followers without cheating: 32 best ways.

All tips and tricks are relevant in 2021.

We set a goal: preparing for audience recruitment

Before moving on to an overview of the ways to recruit followers on Instagram, let’s set a goal. It’s easy to do – just answer the question: “Why do I need an audience?” To keep things simple, let’s look at the most common goals that Instagram users pursue.

What do you need subscribers for:

  • Earnings. Bloggers with an audience make money: they sell ads or their products (courses, consultations, books). The more subscribers, the higher the cost of one advertising publication. For example, an Instagram blogger with an audience of 100,000 people can earn from 50,000 rubles per month.
  • Business promotion. Owners of online stores, cafes, bookstores, beauty salons can attract customers to their business through Instagram. The advantage of this social network is that you can promote almost any niche here – from a private craftsman who repairs household appliances to a factory that produces and sells bricks.
  • Promotion of a personal brand. Are you an expert in a particular field? With the help of an Instagram account, you can pump your personal brand. People will know you as a good psychologist, business coach or writer.
  • Promotion of creativity. Write poetry, paint pictures, compose music? Instagram is a great platform for promoting your creativity.

How to get Instagram followers: 32 working and effective ways

Let’s move on to the practical part of the article: we will look at 32 effective and working ways to recruit subscribers. From scratch and without cheating – only “white” and proven ways of promotion.

Make it beautiful

The first step is to create a beautiful profile design. This can be attributed to the preparatory stage. Account packaging affects subscription conversions.

Оформление аккаунта в Инстаграм — пример
Example of profile design

How to design a profile:

  • Upload a pretty avatar – for example, a company logo (for a business account) or a personal photo (for a personal blog).
  • Come up with a memorable nickname. It should reflect the theme of your profile.
  • Make a profile description – briefly tell us about yourself or your business.
  • Add an active link – if you have a personal website, blog.

Use hashtags

Add hashtags to every post. But don’t overdo it: 5-6 tags will be enough. Also, use only targeted hashtags: for example, if the photo shows the Eiffel Tower, then you do not need to list all the famous world landmarks in tags. This is deceiving the audience.

Also, try to avoid generic hashtags that are not related to any topic. Most likely, your post will simply get lost among thousands of other posts.

Publish quality content

Focus on content. Write captivating texts, upload vibrant photos that grab attention. Your posts should stand out from the competition.

Therefore, pay attention to the visual component – even if it’s a picture from a free stock photo. High-quality content is the key to successful promotion on Instagram.

Interesting posts end up in Instagram recommendations. This increases organic audience growth.

Mass following and mass liking

Mass following and mass liking is recruiting an audience through performing massive actions. You follow other people and like their posts. They, in turn, follow you.

You can perform these actions manually. The main thing is to respect the Instagram limits. However, the manual method has one drawback – it takes a lot of time.

Therefore, we recommend automating the actions. To do this, you need to use special services – choose any of the ones below.

Tooligram 2.0

Tooligram is a professional Instagram promotion service. The tool is very simple – you can start mass following or massliking in 5 minutes without the help of a specialist.

Сервис для продвижения в Инстаграм Tooligram 2.0

All actions are automated: just indicate a competitor and the system will automatically subscribe and like the target audience. You can attract subscribers by geo (for example, only from your city) and # hashtags.

Every day Tooligram works with 300 live accounts. You can start sending messages to clients in direct.

The service is safe – it imitates the actions of a living person. Thanks to this the account will not be blocked The average conversion rate for subscriptions is 16%.

The cost of the instrument is 690 rubles per month. There is a free trial period, during which you can attract 25 people.

Try Tooligram 2.0 for free >>>


Zengram is a service that promotes your Instagram: looks at other people’s stories, likes, subscribes, comments. There is a mailing of messages to direct.

Сервис для продвижения в Инстаграм Zengram

All actions are performed automatically – no tasks. The tool only attracts live and targeted audiences. There are flexible settings and smart filters: for example, attracting subscribers only in the city.

Cost – 699 rubles per month. There is a free trial period for 3 days.

Try Zengram for Free >>>

Run contests and sweepstakes

When you get the first audience – 500-600 subscribers – run contests. You can raffle any prize among the subscribers: a new smartphone, a signal, a book or a consultation.

If you are a business owner, then act out your product or service. Think about the terms of participation: as a rule, people should subscribe to your account and leave a comment under the contest post.

To increase audience reach, have draw participants tag their friends under the competition post.


You can also conduct givas. This way of promoting a profile can be compared to a lottery: in order for a user to win a prize, he must subscribe to certain Instagram accounts.

The winner is selected at random. On our site there is an article “What is a GIF on Instagram” – check it out.

Make a content plan

One of the biggest headaches for bloggers on Instagram is the lack of ideas for posts. The content plan will help solve this problem.

Make a publication plan 2-3 weeks in advance. To do this, write down all ideas in a separate text document or spreadsheet. This will keep you focused on content creation, rather than constantly searching for topics for posts.

How to create a content plan:

  • Read thematic blogs. You can always find a lot of ideas for posts there.
  • Analyze your competitors. See what posts they write.
  • Explore the forums. Find out what “pains” your target audience has.

Analyze your competitors

Always keep an eye on your competitors. For example, create a second account and subscribe to all competitors.

See what posts they publish – perhaps some posts will be of interest to you and you will add them to your content plan. Just don’t copy their posts one to one: try to uniqueize them as much as possible.

Study the reaction of competitors’ audience to their publications; analyze what methods they use to attract new subscribers.

Important: Want to track competitor stats? The LiveDune service will help you with this. You can check accounts for cheats, study hashtag statistics, stories. A tool for analyzing target audience and subscriber engagement is also available.

Try LiveDune for free >>>

Mark geolocation

To increase your audience reach, mark the publication’s geolocation. For example, the city or area where the photo was taken. This will attract subscribers who live in the specified city or area.

Moreover, you can create your own geolocation – for example, mark the location of your fitness center or beauty salon on the map. Read more about this in our article “How to create geolocation on Instagram”.

Comment on other people’s posts

Write comments under other people’s publications. But don’t spam. Try to write meaningful text that relates to the topic of the post. Share your opinion or disagree with the author – but no offense.

People who like your constructive comment will be redirected to your profile. And if they are interested in the content, they will subscribe.

Set up your target

Set up targeted ads. This is a paid way to attract subscribers. The price of one follower depends on your ability to work with this tool.

You can launch official advertising yourself in the application from your phone. It is worth noting that this is one of the most effective ways to promote on Instagram – thanks to the targeting, you can attract thousands of followers per month.

Don’t know how to set up targeted ads? Get trained. To do this, select the appropriate material in our article “TOP-14 courses on targeted advertising.”

Attract audiences from other social networks

If you have other well-promoted accounts on social networks – for example, on Vkontakte, TikTok or YouTube – then “transfer” the audience from these platforms to Instagram.

Encourage your audience on YT or Vkontakte to subscribe to your Instagram account.

Recommendations from friends

Ask your friends to subscribe to your account. Also, have them recommend your Instagram profile to their friends or acquaintances. Thus, word of mouth will start.

This is a great way to promote from scratch. With the right approach, you can quickly get the first 100 subscribers without investment.

Arrange activities

Arrange all sorts of activities in your profile: for example, run some kind of quiz. Your task is to increase audience engagement. Let people write the correct answers in the comments.

Лайк-тайм в Instagram
Like time example

There is an activity called “like-time”. The bottom line is that the participant must leave a comment under the relevant post. Next, he needs to flick through the photos of the previous commentator.

Post content regularly

Consistency is the key to success. Try to publish 3-4 posts per week. The fact is that people are subscribed to hundreds of bloggers and publics. Therefore, you need to constantly remind the audience about yourself.

Also, regular posting will increase your profile’s reach. This means that organic account growth will also increase.

Buy ads from bloggers

This is another paid way to recruit Instagram followers. Popular bloggers sell ads. Contact one of them and arrange the purchase of an advertising publication.

More than 1,000 people can subscribe to you from one post. But remember, before you buy ads from a blogger, check his account for cheating.

Don’t know how to do this? Read our article “How to check Instagram for boosting likes and subscribers”.

Write cool texts

Even though Instagram is a visual social network (the main content type here is photography), the audience loves writing that is interesting and useful. So don’t forget to write cool feature articles.

If you are an expert in any field – for example, psychology – then write texts on how to deal with stress and overcome various difficulties in life. In the event that you do not have any one focus, then tell the audience about your life.

Connect with your audience

Constantly communicate with your audience. Respond to their comments, ask for their opinion: for example, let them help you choose a new smartphone or laptop.

This increases the audience’s trust in the author. This will make your followers more likely to recommend your profile to their friends, family, and colleagues. And casual visitors will see that you have a friendly community and are more likely to subscribe to your account as well.

Analyze content

Analyze your content constantly. Look at the reaction of the audience: the number of likes and comments under the posts. Also study the statistics. To open access to statistics, you need to connect a business account.

Раздел со статистикой в Инстаграм
This is how Instagram statistics look like

Analyze which type of posts gets more likes, views (in the case of videos), comments. Based on this data, form your content plan – for example, if photos of kittens “fit” better than pictures of nature, then focus on content with pets.

Broadcast live

Another good way to attract new subscribers is live streaming. During live broadcasts, a new audience arrives. Some of them will subscribe to your account.

Also, live streaming is a great way to communicate with your subscribers. Tell interesting life stories and answer questions.

Don’t forget about Stories

Be sure to post stories. It is one of the most effective types of Instagram content. Story coverage is several times higher than that of regular publications – so transfer some of the content into this format.

Conduct polls and polls

Conduct polls and polls among subscribers. You can do this in Stories. For example, ask what type of content is most relevant to your target audience.

This will help you adjust your content plan; so you won’t waste time creating posts that your subscribers don’t like.

Call-to-action in posts

Don’t forget the call to action (also known as call-to-action). At the end of each post, remind your audience to like, subscribe, or comment on the post. This will increase the conversion rate for subscriptions.

Post Subscriber Content

For example, you can run some kind of creative competition. Subscribers will write poetry, short stories, or paint pictures. Post their work to your account.

Also, customer reviews can be attributed to the category of user-generated content. This is true for the owners of online stores, cafes. Be sure to ask the subscriber for permission to post their story or review.

Mutual PR

Collaborate with other bloggers. Find 5-6 Instagram creators that are similar in topic and audience size. Offer them cooperation – mutual PR. They will publish an ad post with a link to your account, you will publish a post with a link to their account.

Thus, an audience exchange will take place. This is a completely free promotion method.

Come up with your # hashtag

This is relevant for Instagram bloggers and brands that have an audience – for example, 5,000 followers. Come up with your own hashtag and launch a promotion: let your subscribers publish posts with this tag.

Reward your audience for such publications: for example, offer a discount on goods or services; post a snapshot of them on your profile; make a signal.

Barter and joint promotions

This tip is suitable for business accounts. Let’s say you have your own online cosmetics store. Offer the blogger barter: you send him your products, and he publishes a post in his account (with a link to your profile).

You can also hold joint promotions with bloggers: for example, the audience of a famous author will receive a 30% discount on cosmetics for subscribing to your Instagram account.

Connect a business account

To expand the capabilities of your account, be sure to connect a business account. This will give you access to statistics and will be able to run official advertising.

It will be possible to add buttons for communication in the description. This will help your audience get in touch with you faster – for example, they can quickly email or call you.

Follow the trends

Be sure to check out the latest trends on Instagram. Perhaps there is some kind of challenge or flash mob in which you can take part. See what famous bloggers in your niche are posting.

Trending posts are included in recommendations, which increases the organic reach of the profile.

Experiment with formats

In the early stages of developing an Instagram account, experiment with different content formats: write useful articles, shoot sketches and social videos.

Look for your format that will bring pleasure and subscribers.

Buy ads in publics

In addition to bloggers, buy advertising publications in thematic publics. These can be accounts with funny videos or motivating quotes.

As a rule, public advertising is much cheaper than Instagram bloggers. But before you buy ads, analyze publics for promotion and engagement.

Research the interests of the target audience

Conduct a target audience analysis. Make up a portrait of your reader / viewer: how old is he, what is his hobby, where he lives. Inquire about the interests of your audience through surveys.

You need to understand what kind of content your subscribers like. The more relevant content you have on your profile, the more other Instagram users are following your account.


Now you know how to get Instagram followers without cheating. Try to use all the methods described in the article. This will help you build your first audience faster.

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