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TOP 20 Instagram trends in 2021: promotion, design, promotion, content

In this article, we will look at Instagram trends in 2021 (TOP-20). They are divided into categories: design, promotion, maintenance and content.

The described trends will help you in promoting your account: you will know what “chips” to use when creating content and maintaining a profile.


First, let’s look at the main trends in Instagram profile design and layout in 2021.

Only important information in the header

The first trend concerns the profile header. As you know, this section is a must, especially if you have a business page.

Оформление шапки в Инстаграм
Example of Instagram header styling

And only important information needs to be added to the “header” – no “water”. For example, if you have an online store, then indicate in the “About me” section the type of activity (what products you sell), prices, delivery methods, contacts for communication.

For more information on how to fill in the header, read our article “What you can write about yourself on Instagram: 24 ideas and examples.”


Another design trend is minimalism. This applies to all elements of the profile: from avatars to photos.

Do not overload the visual component of the profile with unnecessary elements. Everything should be laconic: for example, let the product image show only your product on an “empty” background.

Stories Highlights

Stories Highlights are timeless stories – they don’t get deleted after 24 hours. You can also add Highlights to your profile header.

Stories Highlights в шапке профиля
This is what Highlights look like in a profile

Be sure to use this tool when registering your account. In Highlights, you can add sections with additional information: reviews, portfolio, price list, services and products.


As you know, in Instagram you can insert only one active link – it is in the header. To “work around” these limitations, use multilinks.

This way you can add several links to one microlending at the same time: for example, to different social networks or websites.

Read more about this in our article “Multichannel on Instagram: how to make + TOP-11 services”.

Uniform style

This trend in Instagram account design “roams” from one year to another. You can design a feed of publications in one style.

Единый стиль в Инстаграме
Uniform ribbon

This creates the feeling that the ribbon is a single canvas on which various objects are located. It looks especially impressive on mobile devices.


Now let’s talk about trends in Instagram account promotion. A small spoiler: there are no major changes from the past years.


Use hashtags under your posts. We recommend inserting 20-25 tags. But they should all relate to the topic of the publication.

Also, do not use popular tags – your posts will get lost among millions of other publications.

Hashtags are a great way to promote your profile for free. With the right use of tags, you can attract 1,000+ subscribers per month at no cost.

Mass following and mass liking

Mass following and massliking is one of the oldest ways to promote on Instagram. And, despite all the changes in the work of the social network – in particular, the decrease in the limits on mass actions – this promotion method still works.

The essence of this promotion method is as follows: you subscribe and like users – your target audience, – and they follow you back. Some of this audience will become your customers.

All actions can be automated. The Zengram service will help you with this. You need to configure the promotion of your account once, after which the tool will automatically promote your profile. Every day.


It’s completely safe – your account will not be blocked for suspicious activity. The first 3 days of work are free.

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At the first stages of promoting an Instagram account, use the promotion – subscribers, views, likes. This will give you your first audience.

Cheating also increases the audience’s confidence in the profile – people rarely buy goods and services on empty accounts where there are no subscribers.

For cheating, use the Likemania service. Here you can get likes, subscribers, video views.


It’s cheap and safe. You can choose the type of subscribers: real people or robots. The price of the promotion depends on the type of audience.

Get started with Likemania >>>

Targeted ads

This is a paid way to promote on Instagram. But this is probably one of the most effective methods of attracting new subscribers and customers.

You can set up a target directly from the Instagram app on your smartphone. To do this, connect a business account or an author account, and then start promoting a separate post.

The main thing when setting up targeted advertising is to choose the target audience correctly.

Advertising with bloggers

Another effective way to promote your profile in 2021 is to buy ads from popular bloggers. Yes, it’s expensive.

But on the other hand, one advertising post from an influencer with an audience of 500,000 subscribers can bring you 10-15 thousand new followers at a time.


Let’s move on to the next trend section and talk about running an Instagram account in 2021.

Automation of routine actions

The first trend in account management is automation. This primarily concerns the publication of posts.

So, all experienced SMM specialists and Instagram marketers use services for delayed posting. This will save you a lot of time: you don’t have to open the app on your smartphone every day to post a new post.

Read more about this in our article “Deferred posting on Instagram: 10 best services + how to do it”.

Automation also applies to sending messages to Direct: for example, sending welcome messages to all new subscribers. This increases audience confidence in your account and brand, and also increases sales.

Read more about this in our article “15 best email campaigns in Direct Instagram + instructions”.

Branded feed

Another trend in profile management is the creation of a branded feed of posts. The bottom line is that you make unique publications, which in the future will be associated only with your account.

For example, use the same fonts, add a company logo to photos, apply special filters and corporate colors.

Communicate with the audience

Be sure to communicate with your audience. Respond to comments under posts, don’t forget about Direct.

Streaming live is a great way to connect with your subscribers.

Creating an Expert Advisor

Create an image of an expert in your field – for example, through useful content. Your task is to pump your personal brand. This will increase audience confidence in your profile.


Now let’s talk about content trends. It is also worth noting that there are no major differences from 2020 here.

More educational content

People are tired of entertaining cat videos. They want to learn something new – to master new professions and gain useful skills.

So share your expertise – create more educational content. For example, if you are an SMM specialist, then teach your subscribers to set up targeted ads.


Previously, marketers argued that texts on Instagram did not work. But in the past few years, it has become clear that this is not true.

Texts work and bring results. Therefore, write competent and interesting posts – they significantly increase audience engagement.

Focus on Stories

Stories are the most popular type of content on Instagram. They are viewed more often than videos or regular posts.

Therefore, try to publish several Stories every week. This will increase your audience reach.

If you don’t know what stories to shoot, then read our article “TOP-30 Ideas for Stories”.


Post long videos. They are called IGTV. The maximum length of a video is 60 minutes (if you download videos from a computer).

IGTV is a great way to diversify your content plan. Especially if you are doing step-by-step instructions where it is important to show the process of performing various actions.

Bright colors

Gray and unremarkable photos will get lost in the feed of your subscribers. Add more vibrant colors to your photos.

This will help graphic editors – for example, Adobe Photoshop – and filters built into the Instagram application.


Don’t forget about the carousel. This is a relatively recent trend on Instagram. A carousel is a post where you can upload from 2 to 10 photos or videos.

Создаем карусель в Инстаграме
Instagram carousel creation process

For example, you can make a small presentation of a service or show a product from different angles.

Read more about the carousel on Instagram in our article.


We looked at the current Instagram trends in 2021. Use all the described “chips” in your profile. This will help you quickly grow your account audience as well as increase sales.

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