Накрутка клиентов в Инстаграм

TOP 14 Ways to Find Customers on Instagram: Free and Paid (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to find clients on Instagram: 14 effective ways.
  • Which niches the Instagram social network is suitable for.

Tips and recommendations that are described in the article , relevant in 2021.

Who is Instagram good for?

First, let’s see what niches Instagram is suitable for:

  1. Online shopping .
  2. Photographers .
  3. Handmade goods.
  4. Travel services.
  5. Internet marketers and SMM specialists.
  6. Beauty salons.
  7. Confectionery.
  8. Creative products.
  9. Furniture.
  10. Local business.
  11. Jewelry and accessories.
  12. Books.
  13. Products for children.
  14. Flower shops.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The list goes on and on, as Instagram is a great platform for promoting any business. Here you can find clients for the sale of goods and services of any complexity: from stationery to building materials.

How to find clients on Instagram: TOP-14 ways

Let’s move on to the main part of the article. Let’s take a look at 14 effective ways to attract customers on Instagram. Most of them are free.

Beautifully designed profile

The first thing to do is to style your profile nicely. Pick up an avatar, come up with a laconic nickname. Be sure to add your company information to the header.

For more information on how to properly design an Instagram page, read our separate article.

Competitor Analysis

Research your main competitors. To do this, find 5-6 accounts with similar topics and start the analysis: see how many publications are published by competitors every week; how they communicate with their audience.

Interesting features that competitors have, you can use on your account.

First customers through mass following

The first clients can be obtained through mass following. The essence of this method is that you follow the accounts of your target audience to get their attention.

Users you follow follow you back. You can do mass following manually. But it will take a very long time. There is also a risk that you accidentally violate the limits of the Instagram social network and get a temporary block.

Therefore, we recommend that you automate all actions. The Tooligram service will help with this. This is a simple and convenient tool that will help you attract at least 5 new customers every day.

Привлечение клиентов через Tooligram

You can set up the promotion yourself in 5 minutes – you don’t need the help of a specialist. Just specify your competitors and Tooligram will start promoting your profile. The tool processes 300 live accounts every day.

This is completely safe. The first 25 customers can be attracted for free.

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Targeted ads

Another way to attract customers is targeted advertising. It is difficult to call this method a budgetary one. For a comfortable launch of a target, a budget of 5,000 rubles is required. This money is enough to test various bundles.

The main thing that needs to be done when setting up targeted advertising is to choose the target audience correctly. Also, be sure to write an engaging and selling ad – a post that will attract potential customers.


Another method that will help attract buyers through Instagram is Giveaway. This is a kind of prank. But unlike the classic giveaways, here participants need to subscribe to several accounts, which includes your profile.

Opinion leaders take part in the drawings: bloggers, stars, athletes. For more information on what a give is, read our article.


If you just created an account, then most likely there are no subscribers on it. Even if you start mass following or use free methods of attracting customers, the conversion will be low.

The fact is that the audience does not trust an “empty” Instagram account. Therefore, we recommend increasing the first indicators – subscribers and likes on posts.

To do this, use the Likemania service. It is cheap and safe: for example, the price of one subscriber starts at 0.35 rubles.

Накрутка клиентов в Инстаграм

You can also select the type of audience to be attracted: real people or robots (bots).

Get the first subscribers >>>


Be sure to use hashtags under your posts. But here, remember this: only match tags.

Simple example: if you start using hashtags related to beauty under a post describing a beauty salon, the post will be seen by an audience interested in your services.

Hashtags are a great way to attract potential buyers. Moreover, this is a completely free method of promotion.

Commenting on popular bloggers

Another free method that will help you bring your first customers is commenting on popular bloggers. But there is an important note here: you need to be one of the first to comment.

That is, as soon as an influencer publishes a post, you need to leave a comment in the next 5 minutes. To do this, turn on notifications on the release of blogger posts on your phone.

Important: Write meaningful comments on the topic of the article. There is no need to engage in direct advertising of goods or services, as the blogger will simply block your Instagram account.

Advertising with bloggers

This is a paid way to attract customers. Its essence is simple: you find Instagram bloggers and buy ads for your products / services from them.

The price of advertising depends on the popularity of the blogger. For example, the cost of one advertising post for an opinion leader with an audience of 100,000 subscribers can start from 5,000 rubles.


If you don’t want to buy ads from bloggers, then offer them barter. The essence of this method is as follows: you provide a product or service to an Instagram blogger for free, and he, in turn, publishes a post advertising your business.


Instagram has thematic publics: for example, accounts with funny videos. As a rule, large publics have a million audience.

But, at the same time, the cost of an advertising post is lower than that of bloggers with a similar number of subscribers. Buy advertising of your goods or services in 2-3 pubs – so you can attract customers relatively inexpensively.


Geolocate your posts. This is especially true for regional business: for example, a cafe or restaurant.

Sometimes users search for places by geotags – cafes in their city or area.

Quality content

This is the foundation of any promotion. Publish quality posts: photos, carousels, videos. Quality means not only the use of a good camera for shooting, but also the texts.

Quality content is the main reason people follow accounts. Especially if you have a business page.

Selling Posts

Write selling texts that encourage potential customers to take the targeted action – to buy your product or service. You can write text without the help of copywriters – for this you can use special formulas.

Read more about this in our article “How to write a selling post on Instagram: TOP-12 ways”.


Now you know how to find clients on Instagram. Use all the methods described in the article. They will help you attract your first buyers on your own at minimal cost.

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