Сделать фон для коллажа в Инстаграм можно во вкладке Фон

Tips on how to make a cool collage on Instagram in a couple of clicks

The social network Instagram has a number of tools and graphic editors that allow you to make uploaded photos brighter and more colorful with one click.

One way is to create a photo collage. In this case, the images are superimposed on one another. The result is a spectacular picture that attracts the attention of subscribers. A cool photo collage will diversify and decorate both the main feed and the Instagram account story.

How to make a collage from a photo on Instagram, not using third party apps

A collage of photos on the Instagram network can be made in different ways:

We will look at creating collages from photos through third-party services in the next chapter below. In the meantime, let’s figure out how to make a collage on Instagram using the tools of the network itself and the copy function.

It is worth considering that collages can be made for feeds and stories. For the feed, square photos with a resolution of 1080×1080 pixels are used, and for stories – 1980 pixels in height.

How to make a collage on Instagram on iPhone

In devices based on the iOS operating system, you can quickly and easily make a collage of photos by simple copying. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps:

  • Go to Instagram.
  • Go to the story editor.
  • Select a photo or upload a new one. You can also use the background in the New menu.
Нажимаем Создать, чтобы сделать коллаж для Инстаграм на Айфоне
  • Select background and click on Stickers button.
Затем тапаем на Наклейки
  • Select one or several photos and click the “Copy” button.
  • Go to the story, switch to text mode, make a finger press, wait a little and click on the “Paste” button.
  • This way you can create a collage of 10 pictures. Added photos can be moved and cropped: stretch or reduce.

    How to make a collage on Instagram on Android

    Owners of smartphones with the Android operating system can also make a colorful collage of photos in a couple of clicks. This will require the built-in SwiftKey smart keyboard that most modern smartphones are equipped with. There are two options for creating collages from photos on Android into stories.

    Option # 1

    • Open story.
    • Click on the “Collage” icon.
    Делаем коллаж для Инстаграм на Андроид
    • In the menu that opens, select a template. It shows how many photos and in what order will be displayed on the canvas: 2, 3, 4 or 6.
    Выбираем шаблон для коллажа
    • Select a photo from the gallery by clicking on the square with “+” in the lower left corner of the screen.

    After that, we get a ready-made collage from the photo. Now it remains to click on the checkmark in the center at the bottom of the screen and download this story to yourself.

    Important! Uploaded photos from the gallery can be cropped before being placed in the collage, that is, shrink or enlarge by dragging your fingers across the screen.

    Option 2

    • Go to history.
    • Select “Create” mode.
    • Take a new photo or select the desired photo from the gallery.
    • Put Instagram in the background by clicking on the button at the bottom in the center of the screen.
    • Go back to the gallery and select another photo to be placed on the first one.
    • Click on the button bottom left “Copy photo”.
    • Go to stories.
    • Click on the “Add sticker” button that appears on the second photo. Alternatively, you can also go to text mode, tap, and wait a bit. The “Insert” button will appear, press it.
    • The second photo can be placed on the first anywhere at any angle.

    A collage of two photos is ready. You can go back to the gallery and add other pictures to the first photo.

    How to make a photo collage for Instagram in Canva

    You can also make a collage of photos for the Instagram social network using third-party resources. There are many of them. One of the most popular collage maker apps on Instragram is Canva’s free e-service.

    The advantage of the service is that you don’t need to install anything extra on your smartphone or computer. There are many beautiful and varied templates for image design in the application. At the same time, the process of creating a collage does not cause difficulties even for novice users.

    The entire process of creating a collage in Canva looks like this:

    • Login to Canva.
    • Choose a template for your collage.
    • Upload your photos or images from third-party photo stock sites (for example, from Photobank Depositphotos).
    • Add filters, frames, decorative elements.
    • Configure the graphic option.
    • Download the resulting collage in PNG format.
    • Post a collage on Instagram.

    Now let’s take a look at each step in detail.

    Before starting work, it is recommended to register in the application by entering your email address. You can also simply log in instead of registering if you have a Google or Facebook account.

    Template selection

    Go to Canva, in the Create designs field, click on More, then select the Photo Collage tab.

    On the left side of the window that opens, there are many different templates for creating a collage. On the right is the design window in which we will create.

    Делаем фотоколлаж для Инстаграм в Canva

    Select any template you like and drag it to the design field. Now we need to click on the element that we want to change.

    Once we do this, a toolbar appears at the top for making changes. Here you can change the direction of the pictures and their sizes. The text can be changed by double-clicking on it.

    Create a beautiful and vibrant photo collage in Canva in just a few minutes.

    Important! To prevent the user from wasting precious time looking for the necessary information to create a collage in the service, a window with tips will pop up here at each stage.

    Upload your own photos

    After we’ve formatted the template, it’s time to upload your own photos to the service. Also here you can download any pictures from third-party resources, from which we want to make a collage.

    To do this, you need to open the “Downloads” tab or simply drag and drop images from your desktop into the design window. If you click on the image on the left, then it will immediately appear in our active design window, where we collect our collage.

    Загружаем свои изображения в Canva

    You can upload as many pictures as you like. If you want to make a collage from ready-made photos presented in the service, you need to go to the menu of the “Photo” window. This will open up a lot of pictures of various topics.

    Adding filters, frames, elements

    If you go to the “Elements” menu, you can decorate your collage with decorative inserts, lines, shapes. There are both static images and animated stickers. On the Animations tab, you can select additional elements to decorate your finished composition.

    Украшаем коллаж различными элементами

    Important! If you do not like the changes made, you can click on the arrow in the blue box at the top of the window and remove additions made.

    You can add a phrase or word to the finished collage. To do this, go to the “Text” tab on the right side of the window, select the phrase you like and click on it. A second later, she appears on the collage. By dragging it with the mouse, you can change its location. If you double-click the text, you can change it by writing your own words.

    Добавляем надписи к коллажу через вкладку Текст

    The next Audio tab allows us to add our favorite track to our photo collage. The Video tab will add a video file to our image. Video is best used as a background for a collage.

    You can also choose a background for the collage in the special “Background” tab. There are many different backgrounds, among which you can find the best one.

    Сделать фон для коллажа в Инстаграм можно во вкладке Фон

    You can also select appropriate filters or effects and format our collage.

    After our photo collage is ready, you can save it and post it to your Instagram account.

    To do this, click on the arrow at the top of the active window and select “High quality PNG image” from the list that opens. After that, all that remains is to upload the finished collage to your social network page.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, it’s free. True, it is proposed to buy a Pro account, which opens up additional opportunities for image editing. The free period lasts 30 days. But even without a Pro account, the service has a lot of free options for designing images.

    On iOS devices, you can make collages of 10 shots, on Android devices – 6 shots.

    The easiest way to make a collage is on Instagram itself using the tools offered, but such compositions look simplistic. It is more difficult to create photo collages on third-party resources, for example, Canva, due to the fact that the functionality is much richer here. And such compositions look much more presentable and varied than those created in the Instagram application itself

Briefly about the main thing

A photo collage on the Instagram network is an original composition of several photos superimposed on one another, allowing you to decorate and diversify your feed or story. It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to make a collage.

You can create a collage in different ways: using the tools of the Instagram network itself or using third-party resources. The technique of creating a collage from photos on devices running on iOS and Android operating systems is somewhat different.

One of the most popular photo collage makers on Instagram is Canva. It allows you to compose compositions both from your own photos and from uploaded images from various photo stocks. The service has tons of useful design and photo editing tools. In just a few minutes, you can create an original and colorful collage in Canva.

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