В объеме услуг в 1 кворке обязательно прописывайте точные цифры

The volume of services in 1 kwork: how to make money and not lose money

Many people are concerned about where to sell their services online without cheating, or where to find a decent freelancer to get the job done. There are many resources on the Internet, but it is not so easy to find one that meets all expectations.

One of the exchanges with inexpensive but high-quality services, which is already catching up with the foreign giant Flifer in terms of work volume, is Kwork. Here, remote workers offer customers a specific task for a fixed price.

Below we will talk about the scope of services in one site, how to create them and attract the attention of buyers.


What is Kwork and how it differs from other resources

Kwork is essentially a freelance shop and exchange for remote workers. Here, buyers can find thousands of ready-made kwork (offers) that just need to pay and wait for the task to be completed within the specified time frame. Convenient, isn’t it?

Kwork – what does it mean? This is a unit of service on the exchange that customers can buy and freelancers can sell. If the buyer does not find the desired product on the site, then he can create tasks himself and wait for responses from the performers.

The cost of one kwork is 500 rubles, but this is not a hard price limit. Freelancers can charge higher prices if they value their service more.

According to statistics from Similarweb, Kwork is currently the leading remote work exchange in Russia in terms of traffic consumption. How to understand this? It turns out that Kwork has a great demand for both the purchase and sale of freelance services, which means there will be work for everyone.

Beginner’s Getting Started Guide

Step # 1. Account registration

It is very easy and fast to do this on Kwork. You need to click on the “Registration” field and select the type of profile: “Seller” or “Buyer”.

Attention! This choice essentially does not matter, because in the future, the account can still be used for both roles.

Then you should specify an active email address or use profiles on Facebook or Vkontakte to register.

Регистрация на Kwork с помощью Вконтакте или Фейсбук

After that, do not forget to go to the mail and confirm the registration by clicking on the link from the letter.

Подтверждение электронной почты

Step # 2. Filling in the profile

A well-designed account on Kwork increases sales, like any other freelance exchange. Think for yourself who the buyer will have more trust? To a profile without a name, surname and with a flower in the avatar, or with a real account with a verified photo?

Your real name and photo always make you want to cooperate and get in touch.

To enter your account information, go to the settings and the profile section, and then fill in the proposed fields as detailed and informative as possible. Here you can and should use all the marketing tricks to attract and retain customers.

Be sure to add a high-quality photo, it inspires trust and customer satisfaction.

Then, in the Finance section of the settings, add a withdrawal method. Today, money can be received through WebMoney, Qiwi wallet or bank cards.

Step # 3. Creation of a kwork

This stage will be discussed in detail below. In the meantime, check out some examples of kwork and see what you can write in their name.

Объем услуг в 1 кворке - создаем

Step # 4. Moderation

After creating a kwork and saving it, you should send it for review. But before that, read everything you wrote and examine for errors. If everything is in order, then send for moderation, it takes from a couple of hours to three days.

Once approved by reviewers, the kwork will go to your store and become available to potential buyers.

How to create a kwork?

On this freelance exchange, you can find thousands of offers from many other users. Before creating a new site, study the product offered by the best performers of the resource.

You should not copy your favorite description or pictures from the covers, buyers will not appreciate plagiarism for sure. You can use the design ideas and rewrite the text, the main thing is not to place an exact copy. Otherwise, service administrators will block 100% plagiarism.

To start creating a kwork, open the main page of your account and click on the green button indicated in the screenshot below.

Создаем новый кворк

On this freelance exchange, you will have the opportunity to create an unlimited number of corks that will make up your range of services. You can delete them at any time, so post as many offers as possible to understand what is in greatest demand.

At the same time, do not create curls of the same type or those that you physically cannot do. Unsuccessful “products”, poor quality execution or refusal to work will understate your account rating and lead to the loss of regular customers.

You should be responsible for each task and remember that the exchange is extremely competitive and it will not be easy to break through among thousands of worthy freelancers, especially immediately after registration.

To find the first buyers and earn positive reviews, it is important to learn how to create well-designed corks. This will be discussed below.

Kwork cover

Any 600 × 400 pixel image can play its role.

The easiest way to choose a cover is to download a picture you like from the Internet. But this approach is wrong and erroneous. Why do you ask? And all because the image most likely will not carry a semantic load and “will not tell” about the essence of the offered service.

In addition, such pictures are not unique, which means that the confidence of buyers will be significantly reduced. This is especially true for proposals for graphic design and design.

For clarity, below are two examples of covers. In the first case, it is an individual, simple layout. Yes, it is not designed very aesthetically, but it was made by the author independently and clearly reflects the subject of the curtain.

Пример обложек Кворка

In the second case, it’s just a photo from the search network. And despite the fact that in the description for each offer everything is described in detail about the service, the second contractor has several thousand fewer customers (8000 versus 13000).

Important! There should not be a lot of text, small characters and complex pictures on the cover of the curtain. The oversaturation of details leads to the loss of the main meaning and makes the image unpleasant for perception.

Перенасыщенная обложка кворка

A well-thought-out individual cover will not only attract many buyers, but also allow you to create your own “brand”. If you style your entire profile in the same style, then clients will recognize your quorks without even reading the descriptions.

This principle is also observed in the work of ordinary stores, because buyers much more often choose branded goods that have long been known and proven. An unknown product is purchased with distrust and much less often.

Kwork name

The name should be as concise, concise and accurate as possible. Options such as “write text”, “wind up subscribers”, “draw an image” are unlikely to work and bring clients. For a kwork to shoot, you need to be specific.

For example, “I’ll write 5000 ZPB on medical topics”, “Draw a portrait in a realistic style”, “Get 100 Instagram followers in an hour.”

The name should be no more than 70 characters, so it is so important to think it over in order to fit the main meaning, decorating it beautifully and concisely.

Kwork description

In order to tell potential customers about the nuances of the proposal, you will have 1200 characters. If there is more information, it will have to be cut down and fit exactly into this volume.

Весь объем услуг 1 кворка надо уложить в описание

Here you will need to not only describe in detail the details of the order, but also indicate what is not included in the cost of the work. This is necessary so that later there will be no misunderstandings with the buyer or to refuse to work with a client who will have high expectations.

In principle, you have the right to refuse any of the clients and not fulfill the order, but it is important to indicate the reason by choosing it from the list offered on the resource. It should be remembered that most of them are disrespectful and lead to a decrease in the frinser’s rating on the exchange.

В описании услуг в 1 кворке обязательно опишите, то с чем вы не работаете

The only really good reason for refusing to work is the discrepancy between the buyer’s order and the seller’s offer. Therefore, the more you can write down the details of the service, the better it will be for you.

This section should be filled out as carefully, responsibly and specifically as possible. The scope of your work should be indicated in exact numbers, even if the service is not directly related to numbers (recruiting, legal assistance, selling goods, etc.).

В объеме услуг в 1 кворке обязательно прописывайте точные цифры

It is also important to be literate when writing a description for a cork, even if your proposals are not related to the texts. Errors and misprints will drive potential buyers away, creating the perception of you as an uneducated and irresponsible performer.

What does the volume of services in 1 kwork mean?

Each performer independently evaluates his work, but the amounts on this exchange are fixed and cannot be arbitrary. Any offer can be equal to the cost of one or more kworks, which are equal to 500 rubles each. At the same time, a freelancer earns 400 rubles, and the exchange takes 100 rubles for intermediary services.

That is, it turns out that the volume of services in 1 kwork is an indivisible unit of measurement of payment on a given resource.

For many beginners, this form of work seems not rational and not convenient. It is not always clear how much of a service to indicate for this fixed price; it is especially difficult to form a price for small orders. Acceptance if the buyer wants to purchase an article of 1000-2000 characters.

The nuance is that the exchange was originally created for cooperation of remote workers with wholesale customers and intermediaries. For example, if a designer is ready to design one catalog page for 1 quork, and the buyer needs 20, then he needs to purchase twenty identical quorks from the seller at once.

If the service itself is not significant, for example, an article with 1.5 thousand characters, you can offer the customer to write 3 texts of this volume at once for a price fixed on the exchange.

What to do if the cost of a service on Kwork exceeds 500 rubles?

One cannot but agree that not every service costs 500 rubles. For many products, this is too low a price. How can you solve this problem?

The easiest way is to look at the text example again. Let’s say you are ready to write an article in the size of 5,000 characters for one kwork, but the buyer needs 20,000. How to proceed? In this case, the customer just needs to buy 4 identical curls. As a result, he will receive the desired text, and you will receive a decent payment.

Also, in a number of sections, you can specify service packages, in which performers independently indicate the price for each additional action.

Benefits of working with Kwork

Performers who have been cooperating with the exchange for a long time have highlighted a number of main advantages:

  • No time spent discussing the nuances of the order.
  • Ability to plan your income for a month or even a year in advance.
  • Guaranteed receipt of funds provided that the work is done well.
  • The ability to independently evaluate your work and clearly write the details of each kwork.


Kwork is a freelance exchange where you can buy or sell almost any type of service. It is an indispensable service for self-employed and remote workers, as well as for employers who do not want to keep highly specialized employees on their staff.

After studying this article, you know what is the volume of services in 1 cork, how to correctly draw up an offer and sell it profitably.

Sincerely, Irina Trofimova
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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