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The most popular hashtags on Instagram: a detailed guide

Hashtags are a powerful tool for promoting pages on Instagram. Correctly selected hashtags help to get into trends and expand the audience, including by geolocation. Let’s take a look at the most popular hashtags on Instagram now and beyond (learn how to choose the right hashtags).

A hashtag is a keyword or a set of words by which people search for the information they need. It is written with a hash sign.

For example, if someone is looking for a psychologist in Moscow, then using the hashtag #PsychologistMoscow or #Psychologist_Moscow, he can satisfy his request. And those psychologists from Moscow who put such a hashtag under their publications will be included in the search results.

This is how you can declare yourself with the help of a hashtag. It is free advertising, a powerful tool for SMM promotion.

How to put hashtags correctly

To put spaces between words or not? Write in English or in Russian, with a capital letter or with a small letter? These and similar questions torment all people who decide to understand the hashtags. Let’s figure it out.

How to put hashtags correctly:

  1. The key is always preceded by a # sign. After it, the key is immediately entered, you cannot put spaces or other characters. You can write words with an underscore or together, starting each word with a capital letter, or writing everything in small letters.
  2. If you need to enter several hashtags, it is better to do it through a space. This spelling is easier to perceive and looks more beautiful. However, this does not matter for the search engine – you can write everything together, only separating the new tag with a # sign.
  3. The number of words and characters in one hashtag is not limited. SMM experts recommend entering 1-3 words or 10-15 characters in one hashtag.
  4. You can use Russian and English letters or symbols of any other alphabet. You can combine letters and words from different languages, you can combine lower and upper case. But you cannot use special characters.
  5. Hashtags can be inserted at the beginning of a post, in the text or at the end.
  6. For other users to find a post by hashtag, the page with this post must be open.

It’s important to remember literacy. The rules of the Russian language have not been canceled, but if a popular hashtag has already become infected with an error, then it is better to write it in that way, and next to it you can add another one – the correct one.

And we must not forget about forbidden hashtags: those that violate the rules of Instagram, from the topic 18+ and extremist words or something else illegal. You can get a ban for such tags.

How to choose hashtags

First of all, it is worth noting that hashtags can be thematic and geographic. If your post or your entire business is related to a specific location, for example, you are promoting a cafe, home services, a beauty salon, then you must specify the city.

If your business is international in nature, then you can specify the countries and write hashtags in Russian and English. If you are focused only on Russia, then only Russian hashtags can be used.

As for thematic hashtags, they should be used to comprehensively highlight the specifics of each post and your activity.

For example, if we are talking about the services of a psychologist, then under each post you can write the following hashtags: #Psychologist, #Psychologist_Moscow, #Psychologist_FIO.

Как правильно выбирать хештеги

And also under each individual post it is appropriate to indicate its topic, for example: #time management, #self-motivation, #Exit ToxicRelationships, #How to IncreaseSelf-esteem, #Exercises for Memory Development.

And you can also indicate the general focus, so to speak, the specialization or profile of a psychologist. For example: # Toxic_relationships, # Self-development, # Motivation, etc.

In addition, it is important to understand the type of hashtags by frequency.

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Hashtag types by frequency

Types of hashtags on Instagram:

  1. High frequency. More than 100,000 publications can be found on them. These include words and expressions of a wide variety, for example, # couple, # cat, # nature. Only on these hashtags you can’t go far, since the post is quickly lost in the general feed. But you can draw attention to yourself, you can collect some likes.
  2. Mid-frequency. From 10,000 to 100,000 publications were posted on them. This group includes words and phrases of a narrower focus, focused specifically on the target audience. For example, if we take the high-frequency key # earnings on the Internet, then the following hashtags will be medium-frequency: # earnings on the Internet, # Earnings on the Internet to a copywriter, # Earnings on the Internet for women, etc. As a rule, people compose such hashtags themselves based on the semantic (key) core of their profile.
  3. Low-frequency. Up to 10,000 publications. These are hashtags of an even narrower focus. They are focused on a specific profile, services of a specific person or company, and a specific city. For example: #WeddingMoscow or #HandworkPeter’s Toys.

To check the popularity of a hashtag, type it into an Instagram search. The total number of posts with this key will appear next to the list of results. It is recommended to combine all three types of hashtags, so your promotion will be more balanced and effective.

Number of hashtags

I think you’ve seen that there is a huge list of hashtags under one post. Now you understand why this is due: you need to use as many different keys as possible. And the more popular the hashtags, the more views the post will receive. Well, in general, you can use any words.

SMM experts recommend entering most of the popular keywords and 1-2 hashtags that are unique to you, your brand.

In general, it is better to specify 10-15 keys in different variations. And select the keys individually for each publication. Of course, most users do not follow this recommendation and are guided by Instagram restrictions – no more than 30 hashtags under a post.

True, there are those for whom this is not enough. Such people write 30 hashtags before the post and up to 30 in the first comment to it.

By the way, if you swap words in one key, they will be two different keys. This will not change the meaning, but the reach of the audience will expand.

For example: # Online Earnings and # Online Earnings. The same principle applies to the register of letters: # Earn Online and # Earn Online.

Popular hashtags

Hashtags are used not only by people who promote their business. Many Instagram users want to get more followers and likes. Other people, such as mothers on maternity leave, want to learn more about parenting and share their experiences.

And someone just wants to keep abreast of all the latest events, to be an active participant in challenges, modern movements and discussions. Let’s take a closer look at some of the tag categories and sets of the most popular Russian hashtags.

For likes and subscribers

Exchanging likes, comments and subscriptions on Instagram is normal. People actively support each other. And to simplify the search and automate the process, special hashtags were invented by which you can find a person in need of help.

An approximate list of Russian hashtags for subscriptions and comments, as well as for finding interlocutors:

  • #comments,
  • #subscription reciprocal,
  • #likesinstagram,
  • #nextameric ,
  • # comment,
  • #likes,
  • #comment,
  • #review,
  • #comment,
  • #comment,
  • #subscribe4subscribe,
  • #write me,
  • #likes mutually,
  • #likesname,
  • #likesinstagram,
  • #LikesNew,
  • #LikesLikes,
  • #subscribe mutually,
  • #subscribe replaces,
  • #follows,
  • #subscriptionsubscription,
  • #mutual_subscription,
  • #subscribe.

Submit similar tags under your post and possibly those who write such a key in the Instagram search will look at your page. Do not forget to comment on something, like or subscribe to this person in response.

However, keep in mind that these hashtags are unlikely to gather the target audience for the business. If you are not just gaining popularity, but promoting something (especially if this “something” is limited by geolocation), then this method can only be used at first to recruit extras.

For promotion

Any hashtags themselves are an element of promotion. As we already said, you need to combine different keys: narrow and broad profile, general and thematic, strictly professional and invented exclusively by you.

The more accurately the hashtags are selected, the more trends they have and, in general, the more hashtags are written, the wider the audience reach. I suggest looking at several lists of popular hashtags.

For travel blog

For a health and beauty blog

For a blog about children

For nature blog

For artist blog

Most popular hashtags in Russian

For a blog about life, personal diary

# life # good morning # selfies # life # happiness # my plans # friends next to # happy together # being sick # life pain # war neighbors # happiness little things # thinking night

For business blog

# business at home
#business promotion
#business idea
#business project
# business2020

# love to travel
#life on the road
#the whole life
#Bus tours
#travelling by car
#family travel
# travel to Russia

# health beauty
# PP
# correct nutrition
#women Health
#pregnancy health
#home workout
#Beauty requires sacrifice
# health of our hands

#children happiness
#the joy of motherhood
#children health
#child education
#secrets of motherhood
#happy motherhood
#children is the meaning of life

# nature
#mother Nature
#Fresh air
#nature of Russia
#the weather pleases
#day offnature
# love nature

# art
#artist’s weekdays
#canvas, oil
#painting oil
#creative process

In 2020, the hashtags # sidimdom, # self-isolation and # home are popular. These tags are used both by entrepreneurs, musicians, coaches, photographers and people of other professions in order to support their business, and by ordinary users in order to find new friends, like-minded people, interlocutors.

Programs for generating hashtags

It is very difficult to select tags manually. It takes a lot of time, and there is a risk of missing out on something important. Therefore, webmasters have developed special programs and applications for generating hashtags. Let’s take a look at the best of them.

This is not so much a program as an online directory with hashtags already generated and distributed by topic. Firstly, in each category you will see tags in Russian and English, as well as mixed options.

Онлайн-справочник по самым популярным хештегам для Инстаграм

Secondly, you can see the universal and most popular hashtags all over Instagram, as well as by topic. Click on the desired category and copy popular hashtags.

This program helps not only generate and search hashtags, but also analyze hashtag statistics, search for local tags by city.

Программа для генерации  и поиска хештегов

And also the system searches for related, similar and combined hashtags. It is enough to enter one or several keywords in the search bar and the system will select a list of relevant hashtags by itself.

Another online resource with the most simple interface. To generate tags, you need to write a keyword in the search bar and select a language.

The system generates popular and low-frequency tags. After the service offers a list of hashtags, opposite each of them you will see the number of posts on Instagram for this key.

So you yourself can determine the frequency of requests and choose a balanced set of hashtags. You can even use an additional filter and set a range for the number of posts with one key.

Онлайн генератор тегов

You can find out the most popular hashtags on Instagram not only with the help of generator programs. To keep abreast of trends, follow the posts of media personalities, the feed of top recommendations, and the pages of your competitors. Follow the news in your professional area and do not forget to respond to rating events.

On Instagram, trends change very quickly, the competition is growing every day. To maintain and increase the demand for your services, you need to monitor the pages of other people every day, change hashtags according to the general trends and topics of your specific posts.

Sincerely, Svetlana Troshina
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