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The best motivating books for self-development: a personal list of the best TOP-10

One of the ways to awaken interest in something new is to read relevant literature that helps to change stereotypical thinking. To this end, psychologists recommend getting carried away with books about self-development. They will help inspire, support and set the reader on the path of life.

Consider the best motivational books that can point you to the right way to prosper spiritually and financially.

What is motivational literature?

Literature on self-improvement and self-development is one of the most valuable sources containing information about the positive experiences of other people.

Most often, the authors show by their own example how to act in a given situation. By the way, each book has its own story, which is different from the stories of other successful people.

Such literature should definitely be studied in order to learn something new for yourself, to get an impetus for development and growth. Self-development books are designed for different categories of readers: everyone will find a lot of useful information in them.

It is important to choose for yourself exactly the literature that will help expand the scope of your own thinking and worldview. This will make your reading not only instructive, profitable, but also interesting.

Well-chosen literature will help awaken your creativity and stimulate personal growth.

Let’s consider the TOP-10 publications that can change a person’s attitude to everything that happens, to himself and can teach how to make money on the Internet.

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Best books for personal growth

1. “Super memory. Development of phenomenal memory “(G. Lorraine)

The famous brain researcher – Harry Lorraine based this publication on his own works on the development of a unique system for the development of mental abilities.

Successful application of this system is based on the use of no more than 10% of brain resources instead of the usual 95!

Mastering the algorithm described by Lorraine contributes to:

  1. increase creativity;
  2. increase observation;
  3. expand imagination;
  4. sharpen attention;
  5. improve memory.

The great advantage of the described technique is its availability and ease of use, including for working on the Internet. The researcher even calls his invention “a technique for lazy people”, as the book contains many useful tips on psychology.

Суперпамять. Развитие феноменальной памяти -мотивирующая книга

In the first part of the publication, the main methods and techniques of memorizing large amounts of information are discussed. The second part describes the experience of using the acquired skills in everyday life. The book is equally useful for both men and women!

2. “Fitness for the Brain, or How to Get Smarter” (Daniel J. Aimen)

Among the books on self-development, this edition should be noted. It describes the ways to improve the brain that every person can do every day.

Книга Д. Д. Эймена мотивирует развивать ум

So, as a result of daily worries and work on the Internet, brain cells can get tired, overexerted and tired. All this leads to depletion of the nervous system, which results in the development of depressive conditions. The latter can negatively affect your personal life and career.

A unique system of healing brain cells (neurons) created by D. D. Aimen will help to cope with this problem. It includes:

  • mental gymnastics;
  • proper nutrition;
  • physical activity;
  • staying awake and sleeping.

The book is equally useful for both adults and adolescents. With its help, you can train and develop mental abilities.

3. “Stress resistance” (Sh. Melnik)

This book is also included in the list of publications that are worth reading. It describes several techniques that can cope with constant emotional pressure and continuous mental stress. The publication is based on the work of Harvard researchers studying human stress tolerance.

Стрессоустойчивость - 100 методик для достижения спокойствия

The author describes about 100 techniques to help achieve equanimity and inner peace. Thanks to them, it is possible to maintain a sober mind and self-control in unforeseen cases.

Regular use of the described methods of resistance to stress in life will help to acquire psychological stability with the ability to see new opportunities in stress.

Sh. Melnik believes that you can get rid of stress by changing your level of physical activity, changing your attitude to what is happening and studying the problem itself.

The best books for online promotion and making money

4. “Promotion and promotion on YouTube” (S. Arkhangelsky)

This book is a practical guide to help you attract customers with video marketing. At the same time, the YouTube channel acts as a trading engine.

Раскрутка и продвижение в YouTube - книга С. Архангельского

The author describes different ways of promoting services and goods on sale on a well-known portal. This edition is the perfect guide to business for different segments of the population.

The publication gives detailed instructions on how to make money on a video channel using:

  • site logic;
  • advantages of placing information on the platform;
  • service parameters for business;
  • interface specifics.
  • The creator of the manual describes in detail the way of disclosing the developed “playlists”, their secrets and how to get into the popular “top ratings”. The expected result of all this work is an increase in the number of regular clientele and increased traffic.

    5. Contextual Advertising That Works (B. Todd, P. Marshall)

    AdWords is a unique platform for search and contextual advertising. This edition will become the reference book for many marketers and entrepreneurs who want to take the lead in advertising.

    Книга Б. Тодда и П. Маршалла

    This practical work will help you plan your own advertising campaigns, using the right keywords and analyzing your own activities. An innovative tool, AdWords, will be used in the “promotion” of personal business.

    6. “Battle for a VKontakte subscriber” (A. Senatorov)

    A well-known journalist in this book tells users about ways to get rich on the VKontakte platform. This site is quite popular on the territory of Russia, so its residents have the maximum chances to receive additional income without leaving their homes.

    Битва за подписчика

    In “Battle for a Subscriber” the author describes in detail the algorithm of actions to promote his own business on the pages of the “VK” portal. Also Artem Senatorov covers the following topics:

  1. TOP search engines;
  2. group functioning;
  3. secrets of popularity with users;
  4. creating selling content.

Thanks to such a book, users will be able to create “advanced pages” on the site of this server. By the way, in the publication the author describes in detail his own many years of experience in promoting information in this social network.

7. “Business on Instagram. From registration to first money “(A. Senatorov)

The popularity of social networks is growing every day. Today it is difficult to imagine your life without virtual activity, especially on the Instagram platform. This site is one of the most promising in the network, as it allows you to increase income without making a lot of effort.

Книга Артура Сенаторова про развитие бизнеса в Инстаграм

Not every user of the virtual space knows about success on Instagram, but many strive to achieve it. The basis of the site is photo themes, available for viewing by subscribers of each user. A large audience only needs to “like” the photos they like, generating a lot of activity.

In this book, the author describes in detail the structure of this Internet business, offering readers detailed instructions on how to create accounts on Instagram.

A. Senators describes in detail how to fill their own page, as well as specific ways to design it. This allows you to attract more users to your account.

The author also gives recommendations as to what information should be posted and what is the frequency of such actions. As a result, the user gains a large audience and also becomes popular with advertisers.

This edition helps you get rich on one of the virtual network platforms using proven and valid tools.

An important point for every user is to create a high-quality and catchy cover for your account that can attract more followers.

8. “Twitter Marketing. Use a tool that many underestimate “(M. Schaefer)

The main advantage of this book is the detailed description of the portal that can be used for remote earnings.


This is the perfect guide for women and teenagers who know a little about ways to promote their own business. The publication reveals effective mechanisms for easy enrichment of users through Twitter.

After reading a book, many have personal pages on this service and start making good money with it.

Markus Schaefer called his work “a good help” in the work of entrepreneurs looking for effective ways to promote their business. The development strategies presented in the book give the most positive effect with a short time of use.

9. “Internet Marketing Without a Budget. How to promote if there is no money or not enough money ”(N. Mrochkovsky)

An excellent guide for people who want to get the maximum income at the lowest cost. With a fortunate coincidence, the methods described in the book help you get rich without any investment! How so? Yes, more subscribers should be attracted, which increases the clientele of the project.

Николай Мрочковский рассказывает о лидогенерации

The book is written in a simple, understandable language, which is a big plus for many readers. The ways of earning money given in the publication should be used alternately and gradually, squeezing out the maximum benefit from each.

The publication provides over 50 lead generation options, the implementation of which requires a certain amount of time.

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10. “Lead generation. There are never too many clients “(R. Nazipov)

This book is designed for a different target audience:

  1. newcomers to business systems;
  2. those wishing to master the Internet profession;
  3. lead managers;
  4. corporate directors.
  5. The publication provides complete answers to many business-related questions. By the way, the tutorial can become a handbook for the creators of their own lead generation agencies, helping to find leads through the use of various marketing tactics. Compliance with the rules set out in the publication will help to attract a huge number of users to the intended business, regardless of the type of business activity.

    Книга Назипова Р. расскажет о привлечении клиентов

    The book describes many unique techniques that have been created and tested by experts from popular lead generation organizations.

    The above description of the best motivating books on self-development and making money in the virtual space will help novice users find effective ways to grow, both psychologically and materially. Many of the presented publications are available in electronic form for free use. Readers can only learn and dare!

    Sincerely, Svetlana Mokeeva
    specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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