Обучение профессии таргетолог

Targetologist: what is this profession and how to become a targetologist from scratch

Targetologist – what is this profession? This specialist is engaged in setting up targeted advertising on social networks. Everyone, from small shops to giant corporations, needs a competent targeting specialist.

The article contains the most important information about the profession, as well as a clear scheme for finding a job and courses for quality training.

The essence of the profession by examples

In 2021, almost every serious company has a social media profile. It is important to develop a page to increase brand awareness and increase sales. The targeting specialist is in charge of setting up ads on social networks.

The peculiarity of the target is that not everyone sees the ad, but only those who fit the parameters (age, gender, place of residence, interests) and refers to the target audience.

Let’s look at the algorithms using simple examples. Alexander uses the social network Vkontakte. He is interested in foreign languages, fitness and nutrition.

In the first screenshot, there are two blocks with unsuccessful advertising campaigns. Alexander is not looking for work on the Internet and is far from SMM. And bed linen is the last thing he will buy for himself.

Неудачная реклама: её настраивал непрофессиональный таргетолог

The second screenshot is an example of a successful campaign. Alexander spends a lot of time in the office, he does not have enough time to prepare healthy food. Delivering the right food is just what you need.

Правильная таргетированная реклама - работа профессионального таргетолога

It turns out that the main task of the targeting specialist is to correctly set up advertising.

Incorrect target setting – draining the advertising budget. The ad must appear in front of a person who is potentially interested in the product / service. The banner should encourage a purchase so that the page visitor immediately clicks “Buy”.

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Job responsibilities

The duties of a specialist in setting up targeted advertising include:

  • Setting up and launching advertising;
  • Determining the target audience;
  • Selecting and testing hypotheses;
  • Implementing new work tools;
  • Analysis of campaign performance;
  • Price reduction for each lead and real client;
  • Writing reports, reports.

Targetologist should be focused only on attracting users. Further work is done by SMM-specialists, sales specialists, consultants, etc.

Key skills and abilities

A targeting scientist is not just a person who sets up ads. He is an experienced marketer and psychologist, a bit of a designer and programmer. This profession unites the incompatible: creativity and analytics.

Accordingly, a candidate for the position must have skills and knowledge from polarly different areas. For example:

  • Read the thoughts and understand the “pain” of the audience (psychology);
  • Know how to sell any product or service (marketing);
  • Make beautiful advertising layouts (design );
  • Understand how sites are created and work (web development);
  • Be aware of everything that happens on social networks (SMM marketing).
  • Strong, right? It turns out that the targeting scientist is a real superhero. Let’s talk about the specific skills required to get started. A specialist needs to be able to:

    • Analyze advertising campaigns (SWOT analysis, mind mapping);
    • Know the programming language;
    • Create landing pages and funnels;
    • Work in photo editors;
    • Understand SMM;
    • Use CRM;
    • Use MS Office (especially Excel).

    Note that skills you need to constantly pump, because everything on the Internet is changing very quickly. Follow the latest trends and delve deeper into the topic to become a real pro.

    Targeting Tools: Essential Services

    Since the target researcher works on social networks, the main tools are personal accounts on Instagram (or Facebook), Vkontakte. Clients are less likely to apply for settings for Odnoklassniki. In 2019, TikTok (a Chinese app for shooting short videos) was added to the above social networks.

    It is important to be able to work with additional tools that make the target’s life easier. To automatically set up an advertising campaign, use the following services:

  1. Parsing sites. Parsers collect a whole database of accounts and segment it. You can find the most active subscribers in the thematic community, who “liked” a certain post of a competitor, members of several similar groups, etc. Thus, scraping sites allow you to collect the maximum number of target accounts and test various hypotheses.
  2. Resources for analysis. For successful work, the targeting specialist must follow the posts and advertising campaigns of competitors, count the conversion using Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica.
  3. UTM tag generators. The company’s tracking module (UTM) allows you to find out the effectiveness of each ad, identify the most popular post or relevant sales. Use a custom generator that will compose the labels. Генератор UTM-меток - инструмент профессионального таргетолога
  4. Services for creating creatives. Yes, a designer can also come up with layouts for advertising. However, marketers do “it” too. Use popular photo and video editors, websites with templates in PSD. Do not forget about copyright, run ads only with the client’s materials. If the customer does not have them yet, download photos from free stocks.
  5. CRM. A system for customer relationship management (CRM) of the company is necessary to form a common base of contacts (leads, customers) , quality control of the sales department. Information from CRM can be used to plan a marketing strategy. CRM - один из инструментов таргетолога

A targetologist who works only with advertising accounts on the social network is an amateur. You need to have a lot of tools to run it powerfully.

Choose a schedule: state or freelance

The targetologist’s work schedule depends entirely on where he works. The specialist who works on the staff must be on site during working hours. It has a standard schedule (for example, from 10:00 to 18:00).

However, many employers offer flexible start times. If this is an option for you, look for the word “office” in the job title.

Вакансии таргетолога

A freelance artist (read freelancer) feels comfortable at home. Work as a remote targeting specialist with customers from all over the world.

By the way, a staff member can also run ads from home and only come to the office for meetings. You can search for vacancies on freelance exchanges and independently adjust the workload.

How the targetolog works: 9 steps

Let’s analyze a detailed plan of the targetologist’s work:

  1. Studying the project (getting to know the page, defining the client’s goals, writing a brief).
  2. Account / group analysis (recommendations for the client and his team, what can be changed and why).
  3. Target audience definition.
  4. Database collection (parsing).
  5. Creating UTM tags, working with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica.

  6. Working on banners and headlines.
  7. Approving advertising and launching a test campaign.
  8. Test campaign analysis.
  9. Main ad start.

After successful launch, you can start split testing. The target researcher constantly needs to try different ways (to attract a new target audience, transform the advertising layout and delivery), change the strategy depending on the results.

About salary in numbers

How much does a targeting specialist working for a company get? Consider offers from the popular job site HH.ru. In Russia, the smallest salary is 10,000 rubles, the largest is 250,000 rubles.

Пример зарплаты по России

In Moscow, they offer from 15,000 rubles. up to RUB 500,000

Пример зарплаты таргетолога в Москве

Work in the state requires a salary and bonuses. They are calculated separately every month and depend on the KPI of the employee. The targeting analyst’s performance indicator consists of:

  • The level of audience coverage (How many people saw the post? How many went to the profile / account / link? What is the cost of one application).
  • The level of engagement (How many people subscribed after advertising / left an application / registered on the site?).
  • Payment level (How many goods / services were sold?).

Note that the final result does not always depend only on the ad setup specialist … Targetologist is a team player. The effectiveness of the promotion is in the hands of everyone involved in the business. Let’s explain with simple examples:

  1. The advertising campaign was successful. There are thousands of messages from potential customers in the directorate, but the sales department is slow and responds not earlier than in a couple of days. As a result, hot leads are not converting into customers.
  2. Great ads generated a lot of sales. But most of the buyers were dissatisfied with the quality of the goods. A lot of negative reviews appeared on the page, but employees do not work with objections. Result: a drop in sales.

Who is to blame for what happened exactly like this? Definitely not a targeting specialist, but it is he who will receive a lower salary.

Freelancers don’t think about complex KPI calculations. Most often, a fixed amount is paid for setting up advertising on freelance, which was agreed in advance. Newcomers are promised from 300 rubles, professionals – from 25,000 rubles. and more. You can manage entire projects and set up a target for several clients on an ongoing basis.

Useful life hacks: How to write a good resume for a job, How to become a proofreader, How to write a letter of recommendation.

Complete instructions: training and job search for a targetologist

What to do to become a targeting specialist? First, master the basics of the profession, and then start exploring vacancies. Let’s talk in detail about training and job search below.


Universities don’t teach you how to set up a target. The applicant does not need to study for 4 years and take an exam. The amount of information required to start can be mastered in one calendar month.

Naturally, it is important to initially have enough background knowledge and understanding of social media, marketing and programming. A beginner targeting specialist has two options: go to courses or start training on their own.

There are a million webinars, marathons, and related workshops on the Internet. In general, lecturers talk about the same thing. However, the price for a standard 30-day course can jump from 2,000 rubles. ad infinitum.

You can buy individual lessons to work on a complex topic. Many schools conduct face-to-face video conferencing, where the student speaks with the targeting guru one-on-one.

Обучение профессии таргетолог

Before purchasing a course, read the reviews about the school. Read comments on social networks, search for information on Google and Yandex.

You should not choose the cheapest option (even if there is very little money), it is better to save up and invest in quality education. Employers know about the most popular schools and value their certifications. Still, the most important thing is knowledge.

The main advantage of digital professions is that they can be fully studied directly on the Internet, and absolutely free.

For example, there are many useful videos on the topic on Youtube. There are a huge number of sites that write about targeting. In addition, most online schools regularly offer free seminars on a specific topic. Take this opportunity.

Those who have made a choice in favor of special courses need to study free resources. Knowledge is never too much!

Job Search

If an applicant wants to work in the state, then everything is clear: you need to look for a job on a website with vacancies. For example, on HH.ru, Rabota.ru, TRUD.com. Submit your resume on popular sites or search for a dream job yourself. In social networks (Telegram, Vkontakte), there are also decent offers.

What should a freelancer do? There are 5 options:

  • Personal brand. Make an account in the same style and write several posts about your activities. Make the most “delicious” page that instantly grabs attention. Start small: tell your friends about your new occupation, ask them to click on the repost. Promote the page to attract customers.
  • Search in the base. Choose 5-7 areas that are interesting to work with (eyelash extensions, sneaker sales, Spanish courses, weight loss, expensive cars). Build a base of potential customers with scraping websites and run ads. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: find customers and create cases that you can use further as examples of work.
  • Freelance exchanges. Register on freelance exchanges, where at least 50 vacancies are published daily. Consider the most popular resources with a live audience (FL.ru, Freelance.ru, Kwork.ru).
  • Websites for recruiting specialists. These pages (Youdo.com, Profi.ru) are also similar to exchanges, but the search for performers is carried out according to the customer’s criteria. You can attach examples of work, diplomas and certificates.
  • Portals with vacancies. It also publishes offers for freelancers who want to work remotely.

Use all 5 methods, but pay the most attention to developing your own brand. It will help you stand out from the crowd and show your personality.


This longread fully reveals the question “Targetologist: what is this profession?”, gives an idea of ​​the specifics of the work. Today this is a promising direction for development, since promotion through social networks will remain the main method of brand promotion for a long time to come. If you decide to become a pro on target, invest money and time in knowledge, constantly improving your skills.

Sincerely, Anastasia Dmitrieva
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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