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Success story: How Desinchá used Instagram to revolutionize the market

When launching a new product, we should always think about who will consume it. When two young men decided to sell tea in Brazil, a country that represented 1% of the world’s tea market, some people doubted that this product would be a success story.

But the reality was different. Today, Desinchá is the number 1 tea in Brazil.

Learn this story here and see what you can learn from it.

Market Opportunity

caso de sucesso oportunidade

Brazil represented only 1% of the world’s tea market by the end of 2018. It was at this time that the 26-year-old Eduardo Vanzak and Lohran Schmidt, 25, from Minas Gerais, decided to launch a tea national, the Desinchá.

Looking at this context, it is understandable why people questioned young people’s investments. After all, the market was basically non-existent.

However, the miners had a much more enterprising look. Vanzak, for example, had more than 220 branded domains registered. He had an idea and registered it without even knowing what it could be.

It was then, on a trip to Silicon Valley, California, that the long-sought insight came.

There, they discovered how the proposition for healthy living was getting high. Both restaurants and supermarket products were adapting to this consumer demand.

That’s when miners saw an opportunity in the market.

What was the big idea

As much as tea was barely consumed among Brazilians, a healthy lifestyle was already present.

It was with this in mind that the young people created their first healthy product: a gluten, sugar and lactose free tea that easily enters the lives of Brazilians who want to have a balanced diet, Desinchá.

Troubles in paradise

caso de sucesso problemas no paraíso

Even with a good idea, the entrepreneurs made a big mistake: they launched Desinchá on the market at Christmas 2017, one of the most popular times. hottest of the year.

Result: no one wanted to have a hot drink, as is customary when it comes to tea.

In order not to let the brand fall due to the slip, they decided to go after influencers to promote the tea.

Gabriela Pugliesi, blogger with more than 4 million followers on Instagram, made a post thanking Desinchá after receiving the product.

From then on, it was a success.

The initial stock of 3500 cases was sold out in just 3 weeks.

The growth was so great that the company hired Bruna Marquezine as a poster girl, after discovering that she also drank tea.

Today, 200 thousand units are sold per month, with an average ticket of 86 reais. There are more than 16 thousand sales outlets throughout Brazil, with more than 100 employees in the company.

In addition, they started an operation in New York, in the United States, which corresponds to 10% of the company’s revenues.

Desinchá: the consumer at the center of decisions

We can learn from Desinchá’s case that putting the consumer at the center of decisions is the best choice when building a business.

After all, it’s not for nothing that it manages to compete heavily with its competitors Lipton, from Pepsi, and Mate Leão, from Coca-Cola.

Instead of accepting the dismal tea market numbers, they visualized that the current demand for healthier living could impact this metric.

After all, tea is totally related to health, but it is viewed negatively.

How many times have you heard someone ask for hot tea when they have stomach problems? And how many times have you not taken it because you feel bad or chose to take medicine?

So, they brought to Desinchá’s communication that people could deal with their problems in more natural and healthy ways. That’s where Desinchá solves people’s problems.

In addition, the name itself carries a sales driver: the direct disassociation with the word “tea” and the play with the verb “desinchar”, which is related to this search for a healthier life.

Thus, using a pain that was already present in society, Desinchá was able to fill a need and generate value for the brand.

And this value is so strong that it allows the value charged by the box to be 89 reais, while other common teas are sold for lower prices.

Now it’s your turn!

caso de sucesso sua vez

The brand was born from the idea of ​​2 young people from Minas Gerais and became a great national success.

It’s quite a story, isn’t it? After all:

  • No one drank tea in Brazil;
  • It was a poorly associated drink;
  • We live in a tropical country where hot drinks are not very successful.
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    And yet they:

    • They managed to get the target audience to start drinking the drink;
    • Resignify what tea is;
    • It is the product with the highest average ticket and yet it is a of those that sell the most.

    The importance of building a strong brand, knowing the market and learning to have good strategies for boosting is visible.

    And you can learn to do all of this in your own business.

    Watching our free class, you will learn about the successful method of Bruno de Oliveira, founder of Ecommerce in Practice.

    Everything that made Desinchá work, such as brand building, boosting, audience building, sales and much more, you will learn.

    So, check it out now and develop your business for good!

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