SMM trends 2021: TOP 18 working ways to promote in social networks

We present the most complete TOP-18 “SMM Trends 2021”, which will help determine the strategy for the next year. Read here: How to build a successful strategy to succeed and conquer social media.

The latest technology to help

1. Development of new social networks

In 2018, teens from all over the world started installing the new TikTok app. Users shoot short videos with music and vivid effects. When the social network became popular among young people, the older generation became interested in it. For example, Grandpa Kolya is actively shooting short vines and has already “grown” to 530 thousand subscribers.

Дедушка Коля в тренде инстаграм

Social networks are emerging quickly and unpredictably, but users are showing great interest in new things. Use all modern platforms to promote your brand and attract a new audience.

Useful links: Who is a CMM specialist, What is collaboration, Bot Constructor.

2. Video content

В тренде видео ролики

Social media users are increasingly choosing videos. It’s more convenient to watch a video than to read a long post about a product. You can post videos up to 60 seconds on Instagram. This time is enough to show the product from all sides.

Create a strategy: come up with a scenario, find a location, use additional inventory, add music and effects.

High-quality video content will help increase engagement, increase trust and improve perception.
Promote your personal page or brand with a short video. Video advertising will surely “hook” the client, because the majority of viewers choose video content. The RedBull team is clearly familiar with this trend.

3. Smart Feed

The social network chooses what to show. The system adapts to the interests of the user and selects thematic publications. The feed is generated depending on what the account owner views most often.

The ranking of the post is also affected by: communication between the author of the post and the viewer in private messages or Direct; popularity of the author; post format (posts from media make their way to the TOP).

Don’t post too often. It is worth focusing on the quality of the content, its compliance with the interests of the target audience.

4. State-of-the-art chatbots

In 2019, the chatbot market has tripled. In 2020, chat bots will reach a new level: they will be able to advise and solve customer problems, and make sales. Artificial intelligence will learn to recognize desires from the first message.

A smart assistant has already been created for the BMW Vkontakte group, which will help to understand the car models and characteristics. The bot will explain how to set up the adaptive suspension.

Чат-бот помогает выбрать машину

5. Development of trade tags

Instagram Shopping Tags allow you to tag a product on posts. By clicking on the tag, the user receives full information: cost, description, link to the seller’s website, etc. Shopping Tags make it easy to create a complete store within a single social media profile.

Tags increase the flow of traffic to the site. Connecting the function also solves users’ questions: there is no need to ask for prices and other characteristics.

Tags are not officially available in Russia yet. However, you can create them by filling your Facebook store and writing to support.

Individuality in trend

6. Focus on personality

It’s no longer interesting to look at commercial accounts. People like to watch people. The audience wants to know:

  • Who is behind the brand?
  • What does this person look like?
  • How does he live?

Show backstages, share personal stories, record interviews and videos about the whole team. It inspires confidence.

Что осталось за кадром

7. UCC or user content

UCC – content created by users. Publish on your page reviews, reviews, unique photos and videos, works from contests. This is really beneficial for the brand, because UCC provides:

  • Increased loyalty and level of trust;
  • Self-replication (the user, having seen his review on the page, is likely to click “Share with friends” or “tweet” the post);
  • Hidden impulse to buy.

How to use for promotion? Simple: run a contest with prizes for the best design or offer a discount for a product review.

Starbucks often publishes the UCC in its account:

Starbucks активно использует UCC

8. The influence of microbloggers

Microbloggers have a relatively small (up to 50 thousand), but very active audience. People trust popular stars less and less, as they understand that another “honest review” is an advertisement, for which the millionaire will receive a good fee.

Subscribers are more likely to listen to the recommendations of micro-influencers. Accordingly, the advertising campaign in such accounts will be more effective than in one well-known profile.

Small blogs are dedicated to a specific topic: personal growth, cars, business, children, fitness. Followers come here deliberately, as they are interested in content.

9. Communication with the audience

It is important and necessary to communicate with the audience. The more often a user interacts with subscribers, the more likely their content will be noticed. Respond in Direct, write comments under posts, participate in discussions, tag users in photos. Arrange interactivity and polls. It is enough to ask about personal experience and ask a question from the series:

  • How was your morning?
  • How do you like to have breakfast?
  • Cats or dogs?
Задавайте вопросы своим подписчикам

Meet the needs of your subscribers to increase engagement.

10. Storytelling

Storytelling is an important persuasion tool. When a person listens to a personal story, both hemispheres of the brain begin to work. The listener sees vivid images and perceives information more easily. This often acts as a direct call to action. Stories help build trust with your audience, grab attention and change someone else’s mind.

Use storytelling to promote products.

Write a compelling story about your life. You can publish a follower’s story by combining two CMM promotion trends in 2021 at once.

11. True, simplicity, naturalness

Perfect Facetune selfies are no longer a matter of admiration. Excessive processing, unnatural postures, staged shots are obvious anti-trends of 2021. It is important for the audience to see real life.

Large bloggers “post” photos without retouching, directly talk about mistakes and failures. Brands publish not only photos of models, but also of ordinary customers. Fashion for naturalness and sincerity manifests itself in all directions.

Естественность в моде

Ephemeral content or full creative

12. Atypical typography

Typography deals with design: positioning text on paper or screen, setting indents / spacing, choosing fonts. Typography rules help you build great layouts. The text, which is successful from the point of view of design, is easier to perceive. Besides, it is better remembered and literally “catches” the attention.

Intense colors, big letters, bright illustrations are in vogue. Experiment with fonts, change position, add animation. Do whatever you have imagination to do.

Нетипичная типографика

13. Ephemeral content

Content that is available on the web for a certain time (for example, 24 hours) is called ephemeral. Stories and other direct inclusion options can help build trust and engagement with your followers.

Our brain is subject to the FOMO principle (fear of missing important information). Followers understand that Stories will disappear in a few hours, so they pay special attention to “stories”.

14. Game approaches

Most of the audience comes to social networks to relax. Use this information and entertain your followers with interesting games. Viral content will drive engagement and loyalty. Most played games:

  • “Do a tap” – ask followers to tap the screen to get a prediction, etc.
  • “Was / was not” – arrange polls, and then give the correct answer in Stories.
  • “The Sims” – let your subscribers manage their decisions: ask what to wear / where to go / what to cook and act according to their decision.

Don’t be limited to these examples. Make creative decisions.

Развлекаем играми

15. Augmented reality

Virtual reality has become a new promotion tool. For example, masks are very popular on social networks.

Маски тренд этого года

Creating your own branded mask will help increase awareness, get content from users and increase conversions.

В тренде видео ролики0

The introduction of augmented reality into social networks is not limited to the creation of masks. Modern technologies allow you to select furniture, try on clothes and apply virtual make-up.


16. Disappearance of “likes”

In 2019, Instagram officially announced that “likes” would disappear from publications. First, the update was tested by large companies, then entire countries (Canada, Italy, Japan).

The test mode in Russia was supposed to start in December 2019, but “likes” still remained on the pages of most users.

When the “hearts” finally disappear, it will become more difficult to assess the level of subscriber engagement. The account owner sees the exact numbers and can count the number of “likes”. However, it cannot be ruled out that unscrupulous bloggers will want to fake this indicator in Photoshop. Now, when analyzing your account, you should look at the number of real comments.

17. Target bid

Tightening the rules on social networks leads to the fact that targeted advertising is becoming the only effective method of promotion. Popular “Giveaways” remain in 2019.

For example, the social network Instagram has removed posts from Timati’s Giveaway. Yes, the number of subscribers increases during the drawing. But more than half of them leave immediately after the results are announced. The account stops growing organically. In addition, social networks oppose such methods and in every possible way prevent the promotion of the account in the future.

Among all the ways to promote a profile, targeted advertising is becoming the most effective and safe method. This method allows you to recruit your target audience.

Useful life hacks: How to make a preview for a video on Youtube, How to put hashtags correctly, How to monetize a video on Youtube.

18. No spam and bots

Mass following is a thing of the past.

In 2021 it is no longer possible to become popular by “winding up” thousands of subscribers.

Firstly, viewers are aware of the existence of such services and immediately recognize insincerity.

Secondly, social networks are tightening the rules, which entails a number of consequences: removal of bots, blocking of dubious publications. You will no longer be able to create the visibility of the pumped-up page.

Having studied SMM trends in 2021, we can conclude that society is tired of the concept of “successful success”, the fashion for being perfect in everything has faded.

People want to recognize themselves in the stars, to look at life without filters and what is happening behind the scenes.

Promoters should also come to terms with the harsh rules of social media. Clandestine methods like mass following don’t work anymore.

Another important trend: viewers’ interest in the new and the modern. Get creative and generate new ideas, keep your nose down the wind and follow the latest SMM trends. The audience is delighted with the unusual presentation, exciting formats (for example, gamification) and the latest technology (virtual reality).

Sincerely, Anastasia Dmitrieva
specially for the project

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