Конкурсы и розыгрыши для привлечения подписчиков

SMM promotion what it is and how it works: detailed step-by-step instructions for dummies

As soon as a business owner goes to the Internet in order to find out the popular ways to promote a brand, he immediately encounters the concept of Internet marketing. Okay, SMM promotion, what is it?

The term “SMM” means a special set of measures aimed at promoting a product through social networks. This long read contains basic information on SMM, lists the most important stages of work at the beginning of the path and typical mistakes.

Just about complicated: SMM promotion, what is it?

SMM – the use of social networks to promote a product, service or site.

Most online communication platforms have built-in analysis tools that enable companies to track progress. Thanks to SMM, a business gets the opportunity to communicate with potential customers, collaborate with other brands and opinion leaders.

It has been proven that social media users trust online recommendations as much as reviews from friends and acquaintances.

What does this mean and why is this information so important to business?

There is more trust in social networks. People perceive any information on the websites of online stores as advertising. In social networks, viewers see real people who simply give useful advice (and also contacts for purchase).

As a result, today people are more likely to place an order on Vkontakte than on the website.

Let’s add that users update social networks several times a day. Even if people do not purposefully search, advertising posts regularly appear in the feed, after which people are seized with a desire to buy a new product.

Today, to promote a profile, it is not enough to “post” cute dog photos once a week. SMM is a serious job that requires a lot of time and knowledge.

Social media promotion is mainly used for:

  • development of groups, personal pages, blogs;
  • increase in sales;
  • attract a new audience;
  • increase traffic on the main site.

Social Media Marketing effectively works for all industries: trade, tourism, politics, construction, software, services, etc.

Most often, SMM promotion is carried out by an Internet marketer (SMM manager), who qualifies precisely at work in social networks. Of course, you can promote your brand or product on your own. However, most often, self-employment leads to financial losses.

Let’s look at how the CMM mechanisms work and what you need to do in order not to kill statistics.

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What is included in the concept of “SMM promotion”

Let’s analyze what is included in the concept of “SMM-promotion” and give brief information on each item for dummies and for those who already have knowledge of the topic.


Content is anything that the page owner posts. This includes: Photos, Posts, Stories, Videos, etc.

There are three main types of content:

  • Entertaining (contests, polls, games, interactive games, marathons, personal stories in the “storytelling” format and just funny pictures). This type of content works to attract attention, increase the level of engagement. Развлекательный контент в SMM продвижении
  • Informational (news, reviews, backstage, details, reviews). Use this look to build trust with your audience. Информационный контент для доверительных отношений с аудиторией
  • Selling (promotions, discounts, special offers, specific goods and services). Thanks to this type, sales are carried out. Продающий контент продвигает ваш аккаунт

Even if the main goal of a page owner is to make a profit, you shouldn’t publish only content that sells. In 2020, users only subscribe to profiles that benefit them.

Rely on information and entertainment content to maximize sales and audience loyalty.


Business develops faster and more efficiently if advertising is used for promotion. Let’s see what types of advertising work today:

  1. Targeted advertising. The target audience is searched for according to predefined parameters (age, gender, city, interests). Available in most popular social networks (VK, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok).
  2. Advertising in thematic communities / popular pages. Most often, this type of advertising is used on Vkontakte. For example, a well-promoted public makes a repost of a record of a promotion or an interesting product. Реклама и SMM продвижение

Target is the only type of official advertising, payment for each advertising campaign takes place in the user’s personal account. To determine the cost of advertising in a group or on a personal page, you need to negotiate with the owner, who will assign the cost himself.

Working with bloggers

People are actively responding to bloggers’ recommendations. Advertise on the Influencer’s Page to get as many sales as possible.

Рекомендации блоггеров - SMM тренд

To select a blogger, contact the services of a manager or find the ideal candidate on the site. Experts analyze blogger subscribers to weed out profiles with bots. They accompany the client at all stages, from negotiations to concluding a deal.


A page on a social network should look delicious. And this is also an SMM task!

Develop a consistent profile style, add juicy content, and keep an eye on how competitors’ profiles develop.

Единый стиль для профиля

Today, every potential buyer wants to receive aesthetic pleasure from content. Create a beautiful picture that will attract a crowd of interested subscribers.

Product Development

SMM specialists often help in creating information products (guides, instructions, manuals, collections, courses). They are also working on creating chat bots, auto funnels, newsletter texts.


One of the tasks of SMM is to manage reputation. Raise the credibility of the company and get rid of negativity using social media.

How does this tool work? To create the right image, you should actively communicate with the audience and listen to it. It is important to respond correctly to negativity.

You shouldn’t delete bad reviews, it’s better to offer a discount or change a defective product. Resolve conflicts openly.

Competition methods

Instagram, just like other social networks, hosts a huge number of contests and sweepstakes every day. Oddly enough, this method quickly attracts new subscribers and customers.

Конкурсы и розыгрыши для привлечения подписчиков

Practices are often held, organized by several popular bloggers at once. For small businesses, you can arrange a small competition with a guaranteed prize in the form of a discount.


Analytics allows you to assess how effectively SMM tools work. Business accounts have access to a personal account, where you can track the level of activity.

Pay attention to:

  • subscriber growth;
  • number of likes, comments, reposts, saves;
  • conversion;
  • mentions;
  • viewer behavior.

For deeper work, use special sites with advanced functionality:

There are many similar services on the Internet. Stop at 4-5 and follow the metrics on the page.

The most important stages of work

Let’s talk about the main steps that are required to start working on SMM promotion. Let’s get started!

Goal Setting

Decide what goal you are pursuing. Experts distinguish non-economic (increasing awareness, improving opinion about the company and its products) and economic (presenting a product and getting it to buy) goals.

Depending on the end goal, select the page format:

  • commercial (when the main goal is sales);
  • by interests (the goal is useful content);
  • mixed (a combination of the above two formats).

Commercial accounts contain product data (specifications, price list, delivery and return conditions).

There is a lot of useful and interesting information in communities of interest. Advertisements are rarely published. Subscribers come here precisely for the thematic content.

Pages with a mixed format post expert posts directly related to the activities of the firm. This format is often used by banks.

Site selection and target audience determination

Each social network has its own target audience. Consider this fact when creating your page. Today, the most popular are:

  1. VK. More than 50% of network users in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries have a personal profile on Vkontakte. Mostly VK is chosen by young people. You can share photos and videos on the social network. There is a “Store” application where a catalog with goods is placed.
  2. Facebook. Most of the profiles belong to people from 30 to 50 years old. On the site, you can create a company page, conduct an advertising campaign. There are analytics tools.
  3. Instagram. According to unofficial data, more than 40,000,000 active profiles have been registered on the territory of the Russian Federation. Instagram is used by people of different ages, with different income levels and different social status. However, most of the buyers are women.
  4. Classmates. This social network is popular among older people (40 and over). There is an analogue of targeted advertising.
  5. YouTube. Mostly representatives of the younger generation (18-25 years old) register on YouTube. However, the site contains not only entertainment content, but also videos on deeper topics. Accordingly, people from 30 to 45 years old are often registered on the resource.
  6. TikTok. A dynamically developing social network with 10,000,000 users in the Russian Federation. Most often, the application is used by teenagers who like to watch funny videos (vines, parodies, pranks, mini-clips).

Stop choosing the site where the largest number of target audiences are concentrated.

For example, it is better for a young brand of inexpensive sneakers to start SMM promotion with VK and Instagram. Why?

Let’s justify the position: fashionable sneakers are now worn by everyone, but budget models are more often chosen by adolescents (schoolchildren, students). Both social networks have sufficient functionality to showcase products (eternal Stories, storefront, etc.).

Instagram and Vkontakte also have targeted advertising and the ability to advertise from popular bloggers.

Strategy building

Build a strategy based on the main task and data about the target audience. Adapt SMM techniques for yourself, use as many tools as possible.

Develop not only a general but also a content strategy (or content plan). Decide what you will post in the next few weeks and create a detailed schedule.

Useful life hacks: How to monetize a video on Youtube, How to upload a video to YouTube, How to speak creatively about yourself.

TOP-5 key errors

Have you fully studied all the SMM tools, and the process is too slow? It is possible that mistakes were made in the course of the work. Let’s look at the main ones:

  1. Work with all sites at once. Often times, business owners decide to register wherever they can. At the beginning of work (especially if the budget is limited), stop at 1-2 social networks and gradually develop them.
  2. Irregular activity. Work to a clear plan and publish daily. You don’t need to add a thousand photos to your feed, you can get by with one Stories. Subscribers should not forget about your existence.
  3. Inappropriate content. If the audience does not respond to posts, it is possible that the account owner made mistakes in determining the target audience and their main problems. Be guided by the wishes of the viewers: write and publish what will be interesting to subscribers.
  4. Same publications. Different social networks have different audiences. Adapt the material for each site, or rather create content for each separately.
  5. Wrong work with negative. Fact: Everyone has negative reviews. However, some are starting to “clean” the reviews. This approach will not help resurrect a reputation; it has the opposite effect. Respond to negativity with courtesy, offer pleasant bonuses, and eliminate shortcomings.

Recognized yourself? Fix these bugs and work on high-quality promotion.


The article contains a detailed answer to the question “What is SMM promotion?” The longread also contains the basic tools and working methods for a full-fledged work.

We advise you to carefully study the material and immediately get to work. After all, while one stands still, the other gets maximum sales!

Sincerely, Anastasia Dmitrieva
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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