SMM glider Instagram: the most detailed overview of a useful service

SMM Instagram glider is a partially free service for running and promoting business on Instagram and other social networks. Most users appreciate it for its deferred posting feature.

What is it? This is the creation of posts with a delayed publication time (after creation, the publication occurs automatically at the time and day you specify).

However, this is far from the only function of the service. Let’s take a closer look at everything. First, let’s define who needs this service and why? It is indispensable for those who independently maintain one or more accounts on Instagram or various social networks, as well as for SMM specialists.

Registration and login

How to register in the SMM glider system:

  • Go to the official website of the service.
  • Press the “Login / Register” button at the top right.
  • Switch to the “Register” form.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Come up with and enter the password.
  • Confirm the password.
  • Enter the invitation code, if there is one (we will talk more about this after the registration instructions).
  • Check the consent box with the privacy policy.
  • Click “Register”.
  • We go to the mail and confirm the linking of the address.

The invitation code is a kind of promotional code, giving some kind of bonus, for example, a discount on a subscription or a few weeks of free use. If you do not have it, then do not specify anything. In general, you can look for a bonus for this service on promotional code sites, for example, on Promokodus.

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How to enter the SMM glider service and start work? In much the same way as when registering, follow the instructions:

  • Go to the SMM glider website.
  • Click “Login / Register”.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Click “Login”.

Or you can enter without registration through one of the social networks: Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Vkontakte. However, then you will still need to link the mail and confirm it. Please note: when registering or logging in, you can switch the language of the service to English. The default is Russian.

How to use the service: step by step instructions

After registration, you will receive letters with tips from the service itself, but let’s figure out how to work here.

So, after registration you are assigned the “Initial” tariff. It is active for two weeks from the date of your registration. With this plan, you can work with an unlimited number of social networks and schedule posts simultaneously for 5 pages.

What else is included in this tariff:

  • unlimited posting and deletion of posts on a schedule;
  • posting videos, pictures and gifs;
  • 5 watermark slots;
  • working with schedule;
  • geotag selection;
  • access to the photo editor;
  • the ability to work as a team on one project;
  • other.

How to get started? By connecting your Instagram account to the SMM glider service. How to do it:

  1. On the main page, right after login, on the right or in the center, click “Connect account”.
  2. Select the desired social network.
  3. Enter your Instagram username and password.
  4. Click “Connect”.
  5. Done. The account has appeared in the “Connected accounts” section.

I think it’s time to go through the sections of your personal account.

Management in your personal account

This is what we see when we go to the SMM glider website in the personal account:

СММ планер Инстаграм: личный кабинет

The menu is located on the left (click on three strips to expand it). It contains the following blocks:

  1. Posts. Here you can schedule posts or posts to Stories. We’ll talk about this in more detail below.
  2. Projects. Here you can combine accounts and posts in one task. You can apply watermarks and utm tags to such posts, set certain fields for posts and stories. To create a project, go to this section and click “New Project”. We write down the name, indicate what it is (personal or team) and click “Create project”.
  3. Accounts. All accounts with which you work will be here. In addition to Instagram, here you can work with Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, Twitter, Viber, Vkontakte.
  4. Teams. Within the framework of the SMM glider service, several specialists can work on one project. To create your own team, go to this section and click “Create a new team”. Give her a name and click Create Team. We’ll talk about how to invite people and manage a team a little later.
  5. Billing. This is a system for calculating and managing tariffs. Here you can see what tariff is currently connected to you. You can also change the tariff at any time, activate the promo code, study the payment log and connect to the affiliate program.
  6. Promo pages. This is a tab with useful resources. For example: an SMM school, an analytics service for social networks with the ability to create and upload reports, a blog on SMM, recommendations for creating beautiful and high-quality videos, a calendar of ideas (examples of top posts for a specific date or occasion).
  7. Help. Here you can find answers to popular questions, contact support in the chat. And also here are the contacts of the service: social networks, phone, mail.

Consider the settings of your personal account separately. At the top right next to your email address you see an arrow, click on it and select the “Settings” section. Here you can change your name, change your password, set up notifications and two-factor authentication, and change your email address.

How to schedule a post or story

To schedule a post, go to your personal account in the “Posts” section. What to do next:

  • Click “Schedule Post”.
  • Enter text (maximum 2,200 characters).
  • Add smiles, photos and videos, location, links (all that is needed).
  • We put hashtags (maximum 30).
  • Select the desired action or several actions: automatic deletion after a certain time, notification of post exit, disabling comments, publication in IGTV and publication in Stories, adding a comment (an additional window will open here).
  • Select the date and time of publication.
  • Click OK.

This is how the post creation window looks like:

Окно создания поста в СММ планере

As you can see, in addition to what we have already covered, image editing is available here via Canva (collages, photos, post and cover design for social networks).

And you can also create polls: anonymous and open, with a choice of several options or one. Files can be uploaded directly from your computer by dragging and dropping into the editor window.

How to schedule a story for Instagram:

  1. Go to the “Posts” section.
  2. Click “Schedule a story”.
  3. Set up the background, add stickers and links (what you need).
  4. Record the story.
  5. Click Schedule.
  6. Select the time and date of publication.

This is how the editor looks like for stories:

Редактор для сторис в СММ планере

How to edit or delete a post

Can I edit and watch scheduled posts? Yes, for this, on the right in the calendar, select the desired day and click on it, all publications for this date appear, find and open the desired publication, edit.

Similarly, you can delete posts. Below the calendar, you can filter posts by project, and select featured posts or posts from stories.

Фильтр постов

In the “Change view” tab you can see what posts are planned for the week or see the general list. You can also see how it looks in the Instagram feed.

Вкладка Изменить вид

What is it for? When maintaining a profile on a social network, it is important to keep the same color scheme, adhere to the general concept and logic. Looking at the planned posts in the Instagram feed format, you will understand how harmoniously they combine with each other, and, if necessary, adjust the plan.

How to work in a team

So, we have already figured out how to create a command. Now let’s see how to invite participants to it:

  1. Go to the “Command” section.
  2. Find the created command and click on it.
  3. Select the desired action, in our case – members and roles.
  4. Click “Invite a new member”.
  5. Enter his mail and specify the role: observer, manager, editor. An observer can only view scheduled posts. The manager has full access to post editing and scheduling. The editor has partial access, can control the dates and times of posts, but cannot edit the posts themselves.

Click “Send invitation”. Later, in the same way, in the team management section, you can delete any member.

Вкладка Мои команды с СММ планере для Инстаграм

As you may have noticed, if you want to mark the geolocation of a team, delete or rename it, you need to click on the name and select the appropriate action. And to add a project to a team, you also need to click on its name, and then on “Add project to team”.

A little about tariffs

As we have already found out, upon registration you get limited access within the “Initial” tariff. This is a basic paid plan, but new users get it for free.

However, this does not mean that the system does not have a permanent free plan. It is called “Trial”. In terms of functionality, it is even narrower than the free “Starter” one, but it may be enough for you. Here’s what’s included:

  • unlimited posting;
  • 10 simultaneously scheduled posts;
  • posting video files;
  • access to story editor;
  • 5 social pages at the same time;
  • 5 watermarks.

If this is not enough for you, then choose any of the other five tariffs. For example, beginner or professional.

Тарифы: начальный и профессиональный

There are business rates for large-scale projects: small, medium or large business.

Бизнес-тарифы для СММ планера

Is it safe?

I think this question worries all potential users of the service, because no one wants to leak personal data or access to the customer’s business to third parties. So how safe is it to use this service? Absolutely safe.

Why? First, the service uses SSL encryption. Secondly, you can work through personal proxies. And also you should know that the SMM Instagram glider does not store personal data of clients (logins, passwords, photos, other materials and access to social networks).

Reviews of the SMM glider

I went through the popular review sites and picked up a few opinions that relate to the SMM Planner:

  • Stanislav Romanov is satisfied with the service, notes that it is a good, adequate and inexpensive auto-posting system. The user especially likes the ability to switch between different accounts within the same personal account.
Отзыв об СММ планере
  • But Diana Zaydieva is not very happy with the work of the service and support system. The girl notes that the site does not download photos and videos from iPhone, and support does not respond to requests.
Отзыв Дианы о сервисе
  • Maxim Kilyakov is satisfied with the service. The user likes the terms of the tariffs, but the lack of analytics is frustrating. And yet he does not plan to abandon this site yet, as working with it saves time.
Окно создания поста в СММ планере0
  • Elena Pomogaeva is also pleased with the resource. The girl uses it only for Instagram. Like other users, she notes some shortcomings, but considers them insignificant against the background of significant advantages of the site.
  • Окно создания поста в СММ планере1

    You can find other neutral, negative or positive reviews on the Internet, but there are still more positive responses among them.

    The average rating of the service according to the version of the Otzyvmarketing website is 4.1. I, like most users, recommend the SMM planner for Instagram.


    SMM planner for Instagram is an indispensable tool for any SMM specialist and business owner. With its help, you can optimize and simplify work in social networks, save time for launching new projects.

    Many users are interested in the question: “Does SMM Planner have an application and can I download it?” The original resource works only in website format. However, there are similar applications that you can download and use for free.

    For example, a program for Android called SMMPlanner. You will not find it in official app stores – only on third-party resources. On Google Play, you can find similar planner services: “Post Builder for Social Networks”, “Preview: Planner for Instagram Feed”, “Photo Planner for Instagram” and others.

    However, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the SMM Planner site is perfectly adapted for the mobile version, so I see no reason to look for some kind of analogue.

    Sincerely, Svetlana Troshina
    specially for the project

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