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Services for promotion on Instagram: rating of the best

Every blogger and webmaster understands that creating your own website or public on social networks is not enough. They need to be promoted. How to do it? With helper tools, of course.

These are exactly what we’ll talk about today. In this article, you will find out what services there are for promoting on Instagram. All details on them in the rating review below.

Useful Instagram tools and their functions

There are handy tools that allow you to control posting on several social networks at once and publish posts at the same time. Using such software, a webmaster or administrator will no longer need to “jump” between accounts to publish the same post.

In addition, the helper tools have a number of additional, very useful functions, including:

  • deferred posting for standard Instagram posts and Stories;
  • connecting a personal proxy server (this improves social network connectivity);
  • adding geodata and hashtags to personal posts ;
  • editing photos, images and adding new ones to existing posts;
  • setting UTM tags, which allow analyzing transitions and activity for a publication;
  • adding watermarks to materials that are yours. This manipulation will save you from theft of personal materials.

Please note that if you use official sites for automatic posting on Instagram, then there are tips and instructions that will help you create a more suitable version of the post and the format of its components (images, quotes, polls, graffiti), etc.

Tooligram is a service from a trusted developer

Popular tool Tooligram 2.0, which helps in quality promotion through massliking and mass following. In addition, additional features are also provided.

For example, with the help of the Toligram Club extension, you can go through a fairly detailed training that will help you earn even more on your social network page. With the present Tooligram Academy, you can learn how to create business accounts professionally, for their further promotion.

The price for use is small – 690 rubles per month. Moreover, the developers offer various bonuses for regular users.

Benefits of using:
  • tracking every like;
  • attracting new customers by sending a message;
  • following and liking a competitor’s customers;
  • promoting through competitive accounts.

As of today, Tooligram has already been updated to version 2.0, thus becoming more efficient and reliable. The tool meets all security requirements, so every user is insured against account blocking.

GetCommeent is the leader by ordering likes

Лидер по заказу лайков - GetCommeent

Convenient Getcomment extension that allows you to order absolutely any number of likes and comments to promote your Instagram account.

They note the fact that real people, not bots, are responsible for this work. The monthly subscription fee is 490 rubles. The user simply launches and pays for the services of the tool, after which he receives activity in relation to the registered Instagram account.

  • prompt registration;
  • no pitfalls;
  • attractive cost;
  • no strict requirements.

With regular use of the GetComment application, there is a high probability of moving to the TOP for all hashtags provided in posts, accordingly, to motivate users to buy through the social network.

Spam Guard is an effective cleaner

This extension is easy to register. Allows you to clean unnecessary posts on your account wall, remove spam, viruses, links that do not correspond to the promoted topic.

In addition, during the entire period of use, the tool continues to monitor suspicious activity, clean the page from bots and traces that remain behind them.

Spam Guard - эффективный сервис чистильщик для Instagram

The cost for using the service varies, but it all depends on the number of subscribers. For example, up to 1,000 – the service is free.

  • full account cleaning;
  • discounts and gifts;
  • interesting offers for users with a large customer base;
  • registration for multiple accounts;
  • the presence of black and white lists.

For every user promoting their pages on Instagram, there is a nice plus – the opportunity to test the service for free, and then enable full access if you like.

Epicstars – a service for earning

The service is suitable not only for promoting Instagram, but also for YouTube, Vkontakte, Twitter accounts. A user-friendly application with a flat free rate per use. It has a small number of extensions, but this is enough for the first stages of account promotion. It is essentially an exchange.

  • well-deserved popularity;
  • pleasant and intuitive interface;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • driving traffic to a personal blog, website or online store .

Using the calculator provided in the online service, you can make calculations of personal spending on promoting a product or project using social networks.

Instashpion – with the availability of one account to connect

Instagram offers users a trial version of the account, helps to make a detailed analysis of which pages your subscriber left his activity on. Also, within the framework of using this tool, you can track which user sent a response like or comment.

An account is inexpensive and useful for business. Its cost is 190 rubles per month, while testing immediately after registration is free of charge.

  • no complex tasks;
  • exceptionally live target audience (target audience);
  • promotion on autopilot;
  • profile security;
  • 24/7 technical support.

The Autodirect tool will help you increase your own sales from your social network account. It will also provoke the attraction of a new audience.

Lamem is a free tool

Free use of services for promotion in social networks does not always mean limited functionality. With the help of this service it is possible to control how recognizable the photo of your brand will be.

Полезный сервис для продвижения в Instagram
  • user-friendly menu with clickable tabs;
  • there is nothing superfluous;
  • there is a download option;
  • the ability to change filters and select images by subject.

The only drawback is that the demo version works on an ongoing basis, and if you download the file for free, you will see the watermark of the online tool.

Displaypurposes is a valid hashtag generator

With the help of such a tool, you can easily find out which hashtags in the selected niche are most in demand. Also, with the help of the English-language tool, you can also analyze the tags that occupy the leading places in the world.

  • no useless features;
  • works for free;
  • convenient search bar with a button;
  • high-quality personal profile scanning;
  • you can log in using a social network.

The service also provides the ability to use the world map, which opens using the button located in the upper right corner.

SMMPlaner – c wide functionality

SMM glider is a convenient site specializing in auto-posting for the Instagram social network. Differs in a large-scale set of functions and work at paid rates. A handy tool for working with Instagram Stories is built into the system.

Сервис автопостинга - SSMPlaner
  • easy and quick registration;
  • the ability to choose tariff plans;
  • deferred posting and deletion;
  • correct formation of posts in the archive for publication;
  • built-in photo editor;
  • the ability to set geotags.

The disadvantage of this service is that it does not work in Crimea. Therefore, the audience that could use the tool is significantly reduced.

Feedspy – focused on finding viruses

A quality online tool that will help with promotion in the field of SMM. The action of the tool is aimed at finding suitable content on social networks and identifying viral posts on your account page.

  • free provision of 5 downloads;
  • user-friendly menu and Russian-language interface;
  • the ability to hide already viewed publications;
  • comfortable tag management created by interests.

Registration for the service can be done both from the phone and using a browser on a PC. It’s also easy to work from any type of device.

Mssg – made for communication

With the help of the declared tool, it is easy to establish communication with your clients and subscribers through a system convenient for them: a social network, instant messengers, mail. The tool does not require any special knowledge and settings.

Сервис для общения с клиентами

Able to work for free, but without personalizing the page. This service is paid.

  • operational support and answers to questions;
  • simple management, respectively, there are no questions how to use;
  • the ability to choose a tariff: free or paid;
  • business development takes place in chats and is based on contact communication.

It is precisely because you can easily find contact with a client directly at the moment of communication and choose this service to promote business on Instagram … The disadvantage of working in this program is that it does not function in all regions.

Buffer is a convenient publisher

A reliable service that is easy to use. He specializes in the periodic publication of posts on social networks, in particular, he focuses on Instagram. The user is offered three advantageous starter packs.

  • publish updates and schedule posts using a convenient panel;
  • a distinctive yet simple interface;
  • unlimited publication schedules are allowed;
  • analytics is configured that prompts when the maximum coverage occurs;

  • content planning is carried out for several months in advance.

The declared service works with many platforms and applications, among which WodPress, Instapaper, Zapier.

Kuku.io is a great option for marketing and promotion

The service has the ability to create an automatic posting for a selected period of time. Ideal for keeping your Instagram account active.

  • Cross-posting. This option allows you to avoid duplicating content for pages in different social networks, since the tool will do everything automatically;
  • provides for the creation of headings for content plans;
  • automatic shortening of links;
  • attaching up to 10 images to a publication at a time;
  • the ability to collaborate on and plan content.

Using the application, you can easily put likes and repost. Moreover, you do not need to navigate to the social network to personal pages. The online system will do everything automatically.

Onlywire – the original management platform

A good tool for various social networks, including Instagram. The system works for free with 30 variants of social networks at the same time.

If you need to connect additional accounts, you need to pay a monthly fee. The minimum rate for the tariff plan is almost $ 10.

  • cross-posting feature;
  • great for bookmarking;
  • a scheduled post will be sure to notify you of an upcoming content release.

With the help of this service, you are offered to schedule posts in the amount of up to 1,000 pieces per month.

Summing it up

In today’s article, we have analyzed what services are available for promotion on Instagram, introduced you to the rating of the best. We figured out what functions are used by different kinds of applications and how efficiently they do their job.

According to our editors, the most optimal online services are Kuku.io and SMMplaner. They not only contain a useful cross-option, but also a ton of other recommended useful things for managing your posting.

Sincerely, Victoria Chernyshenko
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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