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Selling post on Instagram: how to write (TOP-12 ways) + 7 chips (2021)

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to write a selling post on Instagram: TOP-12 formulas and structures.
  • What hashtags to use for publications.
  • 4 important criteria for selling posts.
  • What mistakes beginners make.

All tips for writing sales posts are relevant in 2021.

How to write a selling post – TOP-12: formulas and structures

First, let’s look at formulas and structures for selling Instagram posts. These are 14 examples of how you can write texts for the sale of goods or services. There will be examples for each structure and formula.

AIDA Formula

The first formula is AIDA. It is used to quickly sell simple and inexpensive products. The formula can be used if you want to sell your products without preliminary warming up the audience – as a rule, people buy such products right away, without much hesitation.

Explanation of the abbreviation AIDA:

  • A – Attention. This is the part of the text that should grab the reader’s attention. In our case, the title. Example: “New headphones from Audio-Technica for only 5,000 rubles.”
  • I – Interest. This part of the post should be of interest: here we describe our offer, talk about product features, as well as the availability of discounts and promotions.
  • D – Desire. Part of the text that should make you want to make a purchase right now: for example, say that there are only 10 items left in the warehouse and customers need to hurry.
  • A – Action. A call to action – for example, your phone number in WhatsApp or a call to write in Direct to place an order.

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SVP Formula

The second formula of the SVP. It involves describing a product using techniques that are often found in literary texts. The purpose of the post, written according to the SVP formula, is to keep the reader’s attention and bring it to the last paragraph, where the sale is taking place.

Explanation of the abbreviation SVP:

  • С – a situation that is designed to arouse the interest of the reader. At the beginning of the post, we tell a story and describe a problem: for example, a short story about how the client’s hair began to fall out.
  • B – conclusion of why the product or service solves the problem described in the situation above … Here we offer a solution: your product helped to get rid of hair loss.
  • P – an offer to buy a product / service. We tell you about the price and conditions of purchase.

PAS Formula

PAS is a formula where we, without long stories and stories, go to the user’s problem. And immediately we offer a solution. For example: “Are you tired of acne? We propose a solution to this problem “- and further disclose this problem in detail, and at the end we offer a solution.

Explanation of the abbreviation PAS:

  • P – Problem. Everything is simple here: we immediately write about the problem of a potential buyer.
  • A – Agitation. Here we begin to aggravate: to talk in more detail about the problem, as well as about the possible consequences.
  • S – Solution. At this stage, we offer a solution – your product or service.

CPU formula

CPU is a formula designed to increase consumer confidence in your product or brand. As a rule, through some value: for example, a successful case of using a service / product.

Explanation of CPU abbreviation:

  • C – Value. Here we give value to the buyer: we talk about how a product / service can solve such and such a problem.
  • P – Appeal. At the end of the selling post, we write a call to action: for example, have time to take advantage of our offer before August 15 – write to Direct or on WhatsApp.

VLOOKUP formula

VLOOKUP is a formula where we also need to tell a story about the product: with a deeper understanding of the problem and its solution. But here you need to focus on the title – it should catch on from the first seconds of reading.

Explanation of the abbreviation VPRP:

  • B – Attention. Capturing the attention of Instagram users with a headline. Do not forget about a bright and catchy picture – you can duplicate the title from the text on it.
  • R – Problem. We describe the problem and press on the potential client’s “pains”.
  • R – Solution. We offer our solution to this problem.
  • P – Call. We are talking about how you can buy a product / service.

DIBABA Formula

DIBABA is an effective technique for selling complex and expensive goods. The main “trick” is the formulas – the maximum and deep study of the client’s problem. You need to apply as much pressure as possible on the client’s “pain”. And, of course, suggest a solution.

Explanation of the abbreviation DIBABA:

  • D – Definitieface. The introduction of the selling post where you need to identify all the client’s pain points.
  • I – Identificateiefase. At this stage, we offer a solution to the problem – our product / service.
  • B – Bewijsfase. Now we need to nudge the user to make a purchase.
  • A – Acceptatiefase. Predict the buyer’s reaction. Here you need to handle objections: for example, if at the previous stage a person thinks that your product is expensive, then in this part of the post tell why he should pay for the product – justify the high price.
  • B – Bezitsgrandfase. Now you need to create a desire to buy a product: for example, offer a discount.
  • A – Afsluitinngfase. Simplicity. Tell us that the product / service is very easy to order: just write to Direct. Also tell us that we will deliver the product by courier to the door – the buyer does not have to go to the post office.

IOP Formula

IEP is a marketing post formula for Instagram, where you need to tell the client a story with a detailed description of the problem, and then share your experience in solving it.

Explanation of the abbreviation IEP:

  • AND – History. We tell a story where we describe the problem. We try to put pressure on clients’ “pains”.
  • O – Experience. We share our experience on how this problem can be solved.
  • P – Suggestion. We offer our product.

RRP Formula

PIU is a sales formula, where in the post you need to describe not the problem, but about the actions that the potential client takes. After reading such a post, a thought should appear in a person’s head: “I did everything wrong.” Therefore, he urgently needs to take advantage of your offer.

Explanation of the abbreviation RRP:

  • О – Errors. We describe all the mistakes that a potential client makes.
  • P – Solution. Here’s how your proposal will help solve the problem described above.
  • P – Call to action. We offer to buy a product / service right now. Specify contacts, delivery methods, etc.

Show the product in action

It is not necessary to use formulas for selling posts. Just show the product in action. The video format will help with this (in some cases, you can make a story).

Товар в действии
Show product in action via carousel

Tell us in detail how to use your product: for example, if you sell fence paints, paint the fence in the video. Then show the final result – when the fence is dry.

We show the product in action on the video, and write its characteristics and price in the text of the selling post. Don’t forget to tell us how to order the product.

Show results “before” and “after”

Another effective sales technique on Instagram is posts where you show “before” and “after” results.

Результаты до и после в продающем посте в Инстаграм
Example post with “before / after” results


  • Fitness Trainer can show the results of their students. For example, how a girl lost 15 kg in 3 months of training.
  • Beauty salon can show the results of facial cleansing.
  • Dentistry can show the results “before” and “after” teeth whitening.
  • Photographer can show the results of photo processing.

You can apply this post composing technique in any niche. The basis here is photography. At the same time, in the text, tell us in detail about the product / service that gave similar results.

Promotions and special offers

Don’t forget about promotions and special offers. They significantly increase sales.

Акция в Инстаграм
Example of a promotion

In posts describing promotions, you do not need to tell stories or put pressure on customers’ pains. Your task is to inform customers.


  • Discount in honor of the coming of spring.
  • Promotion “Two products for the price of one.”
  • “Refer a friend – get a discount on any product.”

Remember about it: The best way to notify customers on Instagram about a promotion is to post a story.

Five questions

The essence of this technique is that you need to predict 5 customer questions that the customer may have while reading the post. In the same publication, it is important for you to answer all the questions.


  • Question 1 – What is the post about? The answer is the introduction of a selling publication, where we talk in detail about the service. For example, teeth whitening.
  • Question 2 – How does it happen? The answer is, let’s talk about whitening technology.
  • Question 3 – Does it hurt? Answer – we say that the most modern devices are used for teeth whitening. Therefore, the patient will not feel any pain.
  • Question 4 – What is the experience of the dentist? Answer – we will tell you about a specialist who is engaged in teeth whitening.
  • Question 5 – How long does it take? The answer is, for example, we say that three procedures are enough. It will take a month.

Hashtags for Instagram Selling Posts

To increase the organic reach of selling Instagram posts, it’s important to use hashtags. Clients often come from tags. This is one of the most effective ways to attract buyers without a budget.

Хештеги для продающего поста в Инстаграм
Example # hashtags for a selling post

What hashtags to use for selling posts:

  • Describing activities. For example, # dentist, # copywriter, # interior designer.
  • Geolocation. For example, #Moscow, #Novosibirsk, #Khimki.
  • Product / service category. # jeans, #building tools, # men’s clothing.
  • Informational. For example, #chosen, #beautiful houses, #interesting places.

You can add 30 hashtags for one post. Try to use at least 25 tags. This will help increase the organic reach of your posts.

4 important criteria for selling posts

Now let’s look at the 4 main criteria for selling posts. It is important to follow these tips no matter what formula or structure you choose for your publication.

Engagement and Interest

Every post should involve readers. If after reading two paragraphs a potential client starts to “yawn”, then in 2-3 sentences he will go to competitors.

Therefore, try to write “live” texts. Without “water” and a bunch of introductory sentences. Try to get straight to the essence of the problem and the solution – no need to wander around the bush: list facts from Wikipedia; Also, do not dump paragraphs that are only numbers (such as research by scientists) at the reader.


Don’t forget about the benefits. Even in a selling post. It’s a mistake to talk about how awesome your product is and how great your company is in its niche.

A person should get some useful knowledge or practical advice after reading the publication. This will increase his trust in your product / service and he will order the product from you, not from a competitor.


There should be a call to action at the end of every selling post. This will increase conversions.

A simple example: to order a product, write to Direct or WhatsApp at +7 (545) 45-15-90. The fact is that not all Instagram users know how to contact the seller. And your task is to help them in this.

Catching photography

Don’t forget that Instagram is a “visual” social network. Sometimes a single photo can double your sales – even without cool text written using a marketing formula.

Фото товара в Инстаграм
An example of a good product photo on Insta

Rules for creating a photo:

  • All images must be of high quality. The person must see every detail of your product. Try to use as few or no filters as possible.
  • Choose a good background for your product. The product should not merge with the background, but, on the contrary, stand out on it. The environment in the background should be a great addition to the dominant subject in the picture.
  • Submit reviews. The “Carousel” format will help you with this. For example, the first picture shows a photo of your product, and the following pictures in the carousel show reviews.

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Additional tips for selling posts on Instagram

Let’s take a look at some additional tips to help you write good sales copy.

Determining the target audience

Before you start writing a post, define your target audience. Make a portrait of a potential client: what are his interests, how old he is, where he lives. Then think about his “pains” to push in your post.

Processing objections

Consider all the objections of potential customers. For example: high price, long delivery, small selection of colors. In the selling post, close all objections – so that after reading the text or watching the video, the user does not have additional questions.

Talking about competitive advantages

Tell us in detail how your product / service differs from competitors’ offerings. Show potential buyers why they should contact you for a solution to their problem.

Major beginner mistakes

Let’s consider the main mistakes that beginners make when composing selling posts on the Instagram social network:

  • Use low-quality images from Google.
  • Don’t write the price of the item in the post. Instead, there is a sentence in the text “Prices in Direct”. This significantly reduces conversion.
  • Do not show their product in action.
  • Cannot correctly formulate competitive advantages.
  • Write “fake” reviews for their products.

Try to avoid these mistakes when writing a selling post.


Now you know how to write a selling post on Instagram. Experiment: Use different formulas and structures for your posts. Create your ideal post structure that results in sales and leads.

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