İnstagram üzerinden satış. Tavsiyeler ve püf noktaları. Bölüm-2

Selling on Instagram. Tips and tricks. Part-2

Instagram offers new opportunities to businessmen and entrepreneurs, but don’t forget to follow the advice of those who have gained the right experience to sell well.

İnstagram üzerinden satış. Tavsiyeler ve püf noktaları. Bölüm-2

  1. In the continuation of the section, let’s start with the visual content preparation.

For quality photos, it is better to work with a professional photographer. If you do not have experience, it would be better not to risk your luck.

If your target audience is children aged 10-12 and their families, all your posts should be beautiful and reflect good feelings.

However, this is not very attractive for a company that sells food for cats.

Photoshop is the weapon of every experienced instagram user, with its help you can create a masterpiece from an ordinary photo. However, you only need to make sure that the text is bright and vibrant. If you can create positive emotions, the audience will follow you easily.

Trick №-12. Your subscribers should always see the logo in your photos, so leave some room for company style details, even if it’s personal images. Logos should always be recognizable.

Useful : «How to make a promotional promotion on Instagram TOP-5 Secret»

Trick №-13. Let your followers see how your products are built. Everything must be visible, many customers do not understand the features of the product. The main task of sharing is to give confidence to the customer. If you work in the service industry, take and share business photos.

İnstagram üzerinden satış. Tavsiyeler ve püf noktaları. Bölüm-2

More tricks for reference

Trick №-14. Do not leave your comments unanswered. Never. For example, if it is a criticism, then you can delete it. If you cannot answer the question, it can be written as “we will answer you later”.

Tip №-15. Reciprocity always helps, so thank the audience, give them gifts, and show that you care.

Tip №-16. Do an encouraging survey. For example: “What do you choose – a blue or purple scarf?”. This helps the customer feel helpful.


Trick №-17. If the customer has made a purchase from you, be sure to ask if they can leave a comment on their tag. Initially, make reposts of these recordings. To do this, you need to use special applications or take a screenshot.

Don’t be lazy, use the 15 second video function.

Video on Instagram is a very interesting format, with its help you can promote new products, save small comments, share your news, etc. you can share. Your followers don’t want to spend too much time in front of YouTube.

Trick №-18. Check all videos multiple times. They must be beautiful.

Tip №-19. If you have an adult or student audience, try subtracting the posts from 18-00 to 8-00 because they need to watch the video at another time. It will be difficult.

Remember, the main goal of your activity is sales. That’s why you need to be generous to make giveaways and contests often.

Trick №-20. An interesting idea for promoting your product could be a photo contest invitation. For example, you can ask your Instagram followers to take selfies with your product.

İnstagram üzerinden satış. Tavsiyeler ve püf noktaları. Bölüm-2

Trick №-21.Reward your followers, not in monetary terms, of course. For example, you can share their photos in the comments. You get the ad for any customer who is happy with their purchase, because it increases the loyalty of the audience. Mention the most active of your users. @ with the help of. You will also be notified that you mentioned them. You can make encouraging entries “She came to us today (name of the person with the link). And she quickly left the store. Yes, I went to buy such a product. Like..(Enter Tag at the end).

UOI Boutique – very popular store among women. It has a distinctive feature. This includes private people posting their best photos, both on the personal site and on Instagram.

Trick №-22. Promo codes also work well, according to the survey. Giveaway is a popular promotion. It is used when a competition is desired. Followers put likes, you specify the end date. After that, choose the winner with the help of special services, for example

Many different situations are possible on Instagram, when this campaign brings good results and new followers for the company. For example, the most popular terms are:

– Like, repost, subscribe to a profile and make an open account, at least, during the promotion. If the person has done everything, the number required in the draw is given.

Trick №-23. Allow potential customers to pre-order or book directly through live reviews.

Tactics – The most important weapon

Of course, some buyers do not want to be mentioned in any store. So, get the Instagram Direct app. It will help you to communicate with the client or a group of clients.

Somewhat Funny it is necessary to use.

This is one of those difficult moments. You can always diversify the content with an anecdote or joke.

However, this should be your decision. Very absurd texts will not be appreciated and will easily scare the audience away from you.

On your profile IHow to make money from Instagram.

If you need hot (ready to buy) followers, listen carefully:

– paid publications or advertising. In other words, find the places where the target audience lives. For example, a professional manicure master does not have vacancies for the next two weeks, but there are clients. Offer help with a percentage or a set amount. – PR-work can be used to reach new audiences.

– A self-publishing (but not supposed to) system –

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