İnstagram üzerinden satış. Tavsiyeler ve püf noktaları. Bölüm-1

Selling on Instagram. Tips and tricks. Episode 1

Instagram is a social network with a paradox: Photos of a nice meal or beautiful nature can increase sales by 50-60%. In this article we will talk about Instagram. The subject will be discussed in terms of channel flow traffic. Originally, this app was created for the purpose of sharing photos. However, time passed and people discovered that they could use Instagram as a business tool.

An instant share can get 400-500 likes. Now imagine that there are many potential customers among them.

Instagram is a visual-based program. This has both pros and cons. If you are into cake making or flower business, the job of taking beautiful photos is practically in your pocket. What if your job is to sell truck parts?

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İnstagram üzerinden satış. Tavsiyeler ve püf noktaları. Bölüm-1

According to 2018 statistics, popular areas on Instagram are:

– areas related to accessories and beautifying the person;

– unique products;

– handmade products;

– shopping malls and showrooms;;

– Business places such as restaurants and cafes;

– order food.

There’s no need to fret if your business isn’t on this list. If you do the right packaging, you can sell well. There are many cheats available. You can find them a little further below.

At the beginning of the article: account creation, standard settings, Tags, etc. is coming. First you need to install the program from the link below

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Instagram is a social network that is easier to use from mobile devices, so we highly recommend installing its official mobile app.

Initially, the service offers to fill out your social profile; so people can follow you.

If you are using Instagram for income, then make sure to indicate how to reach you and put your logo as your profile picture. Important! A clickable link (highlighted in blue) is just 1. This means that you are giving the customer a resource that they cannot refuse.

İnstagram üzerinden satış. Tavsiyeler ve püf noktaları. Bölüm-1

Trick №-1. If your audience is Turkish speaking population, make a profile in Turkish and try to create a good design in other languages ​​similarly depending on the country you live in .

Trick №-2. Notice the Tags – create a custom Tag that will contain the company name. If the name is already used by another person, do not worry, you need to show a little more creativity. Also add English words to make the tag unique.

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Trick №-3. If there is a need for segmentation of products, use a custom tag to help customers search for what they need. For example, #fashionbags#opportunity. A tag like this that potential customers use to find the collection they need.

Trick №-4. Spend some time and create an Insta-business card and post it on your own site.

Trick №-5. Check your privacy settings! Nobody likes closed profiles. It should be on.

Beware of visual effects.

Instagram is a social network where the focus is only on the visual field. Create 20 quality photos that describe your product. The profile should appear as friendly as possible.

If your business area is not entertainment or the areas we mentioned above, then use visual colors. Photos from the working day, photos of the holiday and rest day, and event photos, etc.

Create a specific structure for Shares.

For example, immediately select some blocks: product advertising, useful information for the consumer, life outside of work, discounts, etc. Initially, you can add a few more types, but you should understand that followers evaluate each type differently, for this you need to cut it out some months.


If you need a Piar product and you are absolutely sure you will sell it, you can make direct offers.

İnstagram üzerinden satış. Tavsiyeler ve püf noktaları. Bölüm-1

Trick point №-6. You will need statistical analysis tools to create a full profile at the maximum level. Actually, there are a lot of them. Using them, you can independently analyze the business plan and draw conclusions, so that future results will be even better.

Create a content plan that clearly states what, where and when.

The followers are human. You should always remember this. This is one of the reasons why it is not shared very often. The number depends only on the audience. For example, most companies do not do more than 2-3 posts per day. This indicator is most often chosen by the audience. Identify when they are best active and set the broadcast schedule accordingly.

Pay attention to the technical components.

Every advertising professional recommends to associate the account with all possible social networks. This is necessary to ensure the visibility of the shares is higher.

Use hastags.

For example, a well-known blogger solved the problem of unanswered questions, often skipping even the most interesting ones. He just wanted a special hashtag to be made.

Why are tags needed:

– to search Instagram more easily by entering a short word;

– You can use them in competition campaigns and events like these.

However, you should know the size.

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İnstagram üzerinden satış. Tavsiyeler ve püf noktaları. Bölüm-1

Trick №-7. The ideal amount of patient is between 2 and 5. If it is used more, followers can be obtained, but they are not from the target audience. For example, make a custom tag for the Ferrari – car brand. Do not add anything to the share, this car brand fans will be attracted to you. If you add car stickers, less likes will come from the target audience.

Tip point №-8. To quickly notice and correct errors in the tags, write them in the introduction, not on the photo in the comments.

Trick №-9. To get followers, use the so-called «mutual» tags, because users can access their own accounts.

Trick №-10. – this site is vital if you have problems choosing the right tags. The service will choose the right one for you.

Trick №-11. Instagram following and likes. You can use promotional services to increase followers and get more likes, using this is very popular lately, the main thing is not to exceed the current limits. Our website is . You can order promotional service.

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