Очистка истории поиска людей

Remove search history for people, tags and places on Instagram

Want to delete the list of accounts, places, and tags you’ve recently visited? In this article, we’ll show you how to clear your Instagram search history. We’ll also talk about how to hide profiles of people individually and where you can view search queries.

All described methods work in 2020.

Why delete search history

The main reason is privacy. We don’t want anyone to see the list of people we were looking for on Instagram. These can be stars, old acquaintances, athletes, bloggers.

By looking at the search history, you can find out the interests of a person.

Common scenario: you are looking for a wristwatch as a gift for your significant other. To do this, enter the search term “watch” to find an online store.

After placing an order, delete your search history so that the other half does not guess about the upcoming surprise.

Clearing history will also help increase the speed of Instagram. The list of requests is saved in the memory of the mobile application. For this reason, errors appear when uploading videos; photos are loaded not in 0.5 seconds, but in 1-2 seconds.

The ads that will be displayed in the feed depend on the search history. If you are looking for accounts of confectionery factories and photos by hashtags #cakes, #confectioner, etc., then advertising posts in the feed will be devoted to this topic.

Removing search terms will help get rid of intrusive classified ads.

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Where to see the list of requests

To see your Instagram search history, open the app. Go to the “Search” section – the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the interface.

Поиск в Instagram
Opening the Instagram search section

Here is the “Recent” section – a list of accounts, places and hashtags that you have visited recently.

История поиска в Инстаграм
This is how Instagram displays your search history

You can sort the list by category. For example, go to the Tags section. The # hashtag search history will now be displayed.

История поиска тегов
# of hashtags

The “Places” section displays a list of geo-locations: cities, countries, attractions.

История поиска мест в Инстаграм
Geopoints are displayed here

The Near Current Location feature will determine your location. After that, a list of all tags nearby will open: the name of the settlement, shops, cafes, stadiums.

How to clear your Instagram search history from your phone

Open the app on your smartphone and go to the Settings section.

Настройка учетной записи в Instagram
Opening account settings

Next, go to “Security”. Here are the security parameters: password, authorization, two-factor authentication.

Настройка безопасности в Instagram
Go to the section for managing security settings

Go to the “Clear Search History” section.

Очистка истории поиска в Instagram
Deleting all Instagram search history

This method works on Android and iOS smartphones.

After clearing the history, the accounts you were looking for may appear in the “Recommended” section. They need to be removed separately.

Hide individual searches

The functionality of the mobile application makes it possible to hide the accounts of people separately.

Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the interface. A list of Instagram profiles will be displayed:

  • Featured – a list of users who may be of interest to you. It is formed on the basis of subscriptions.
  • Recent – Shows the accounts, tags, and locations that you have navigated to for certain requests.

Click on the cross icon to hide your profile, hashtag or location.

Очистка истории поиска людей
Hide profiles of people, brands, tags, places individually


Now you know how to quickly clear your Instagram search history. To do this, you do not need to delete the cache on your smartphone or download additional applications. All the necessary tools are available on the social network.

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