Создание QR-кода в генераторе кодов

QR code what is it, why is it needed and what to do with it

QR-code is a two-dimensional barcode that stores information for quick object recognition. It can be scanned using a smartphone or tablet. The abbreviation “qr” comes from the phrase “quick response”, which means “quick response”.

The QR code was first used in Japan in 1994. It contains a variety of information, including encrypted numbers and symbols.

QR code makes everyday life much easier. It can be used to encode business cards, pay utility bills, pay fines, and even earn cash back. There are a number of applications and services for reading and generating QR codes.

In business, it is used as an additional tool for promotion and advertising. In some countries, he managed to gain distribution in the transport industry. That is why, in such a progressive age, everyone should learn how to use it.


QR code: what it is and where it can be used

QR codes are ubiquitous in everyday life. They represent a dark barcode in the form of a square with encrypted information. The QR code can be found on receipts, price tags, business cards, advertising brochures, etc. Sometimes it is found on the facades of buildings.

QR-код на чеке, ценнике, визитке, фасаде

A link, email or website address, phone number and other important information can be encrypted in it. Many are interested in how this intricate abbreviation is pronounced. In fact, everything is simple – just like it is written: “QR Code”.

To decrypt, you need to point the phone camera at the barcode. On some models, the QR code is read automatically. In other cases, you have to install a special application.

The history of the emergence of QR codes goes back to the 90s. They were invented in Japan for product labeling. Their creation is based on the Denso company. The main goal of introducing QR codes into common use was to automate various production processes.

In recent years, they began to be used not only in advertising and trade, but also in everyday life.

A VK QR code can be created using a special constructor. It becomes easier to get acquainted with him or share interesting information. When meeting people, there is no need to name your nickname or personal data. It is enough to show the QR code so that the interlocutor can scan it.

There is a similar system on Instagram. It is often used by business account owners. A barcode with a link to the profile is placed on the business card. Besides, it is very convenient to download movies and music using QR codes. You don’t need to make any additional gestures for this.

Having a scanner in your mobile phone can come in handy when traveling to an unfamiliar country. QR codes can be used as an alternative to paper tickets.

In the transport infrastructure, they are often used as a replacement for online scoreboards. This eliminates the need to spend money on pendant displays.

For example, in Germany, QR codes can be found on the walls of carriages. They contain coded information about routes, ticket prices, etc.

In restaurants and cafes, you can use them to study the menu without calling the waiter. They are also involved in tourist routes. QR codes can be found at major landmarks.

This practice is especially common in Japan. At one of the cemeteries, it was decided to transfer all information about the deceased into a matrix code.

Pros of using QR codes

A significant advantage of QR codes is their capacity. It can encrypt not only a short phrase, but also a whole text. A standard QR code contains about 4,000 characters. If we are talking about images, then their size should not exceed 4 KB.

This is not so much, so often a link to a site with the necessary information is encrypted in a barcode. QR code can be used to send messages. It can fit up to 7,089 digits, 1,817 hieroglyphs and 2,953 bytes.

Another advantage is the intensive implementation of QR codes in everyday life. They began to meet almost at every step, which greatly simplifies the usual things.

Plates with bar codes are often located on popular landmarks and memorable places. The encrypted symbol may contain the history of the object’s creation.

QR-код на достопримечательностях

The introduction of QR codes into production has reduced the cost of some goods. Manufacturers began to save on paper for making instructions.

Now, in order to learn about contraindications, method of application and composition, you just need to scan the product.

In China, using the popular WeChat application, QR codes are used to pay for goods. Surprisingly, they even give alms with their help. In Russia, the latest development has long been introduced into the payment process for housing and communal services. Today, any receipt can be paid through the phone without leaving home.

QR-код на квитанции ЖКХ

Today, the use of a matrix code system is considered the newest way of interaction between a manufacturer and a consumer.

In the past, label labels had limited space. The manufacturer had to downsize the font or shorten the product information. With the advent of QR codes, this problem has completely disappeared.

Scope of QR codes

Social networks

Convenience and speed of communication, saving time

Advertising effective, saving on paper

Online earnings

Passive and quick earnings on your own purchases

Automate the purchase process

How to Scan QR Code Correctly

You don’t need to have any special knowledge to understand how to use a QR code. It is enough to have a phone with a pre-downloaded application with you. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  1. You need to open a barcode reader.
  2. The phone should be pointed at the QR code in the same way so that it falls within the frame that appears on the screen.
  3. The code should be read automatically. If this does not happen, then you need to click on the button responsible for photographing.

After passing all the stages, an invitation to follow the link will appear on the phone screen or a text / image will open. The principle of reading a barcode with a tablet is exactly the same. The whole process takes only a few seconds.

The most common code reader applications include:

  • QR Code & Barcode Scanner (by Green Apple Studio);
  • Lightning QR Scanner;
  • GeeksLab QR Barcode Scanner.

Making a payment

Recently, the QR code has become actively used by payment systems. People who save their time should familiarize themselves with how to make payments with it. This eliminates the need to queue at the bank.

Today, the matrix code reading system is built into most ATMs. With their help, it is possible to pay bills without entering any data. All you need to do is attach the receipt to the laser strip and pay.

Payment by QR-code can be carried out through the mobile application of the payment system. It will have a separate section with a corresponding icon.

After a special frame appears on the screen, you need to direct the phone to the receipt.

Problems with reading can arise when the barcode is located on paper – a check or receipt. For example, in the case of paint fading in the sun.

The main advantage of paying with a matrix code is that there is no risk of making a mistake. With manual data entry, the probability of making a mistake is much higher. Plus, it takes too long.

TOP 5 ways to use QR-code

Those who understand how a QR code is read will want to get the most out of it. This tool is really very useful and necessary. It will allow you to get rid of unnecessary waste paper and save a huge amount of time. There are the following popular ways to use QR codes:

  1. Earnings from scanning receipts. Its essence is to receive a cashback for a purchase.
  2. Application of QR-code as the main carrier of information for business promotion. It acts as an innovative business card or home page of the site.
  3. Activation of messengers designed for smartphones on a computer. This allows you to easily transfer Whats App, Facebook or Instagram to your PC along with all your chats and contacts.
  4. Getting discounts in the store. Typically, QR codes are placed on coupons.
  5. Purchase an e-ticket or Japanese visa.

Surprisingly, some people get barcode tattoos. They encrypt important messages or names of loved ones in them. The less daring and eccentric make applications in the form of a matrix code on their clothes. In some countries, matrix images are being introduced into architecture.

What opportunities do QR codes open in business?

The latest technology has become ubiquitous in marketing. QR codes began to be used as a promotion tool. Its presence at the company indicates that it keeps up with the times. This is automatically credible.

In addition, using a QR code, you can easily and succinctly convey the necessary information to a potential client. The main thing is that a call to read is placed next to the QR code.

Every smartphone user with basic skills can create a QR code. To do this, you should use specialized services. They function online.

Below is the process of creating code in the first generator that comes across. To generate dynamic code, you can use the qr-code-generator.com service. In this case, the QR code can be corrected.

Создание QR-кода в генераторе кодов

In the settings of some generators, you can set the color and size of the code. Creative personalities often prefer a gradient design or the use of a non-trivial picture as a background. The number of design options is limited only by a flight of imagination.

If the matrix code is placed on a print advertisement, then its width should be at least 1.5 cm. The optimal ratio will be 1.5 * 1.5. This makes scanning easier. If we are talking about outdoor advertising, then the parameters should be much larger.

How to make money by scanning receipts?

Earning money on cashback, in which barcodes are involved, has gained immense popularity in the network. Its principle is quite simple. You need to download the application and record each receipt with it.

The personal account will display the money returned for the purchase. Many are interested in what will happen if he is absent on the check. In this case, the purchase will simply not be counted. You need to keep those receipts that have a barcode.

The advantages of such earnings include the ease of completing tasks. There is no need to take unnecessary actions. Despite this, over time, a tidy sum can accumulate on the account. The most popular apps for making money include Edadil, Disconto and Biglion.

Withdrawals can be made to a bank card or mobile phone. In addition to receiving a regular cashback, you can take part in affiliate or promotional programs. To earn more, it is advisable to use several applications at once. In this case, it will be possible to receive cashback several times from each check.


What is a QR code, and how it is read, you need to know, at least for general development. In the modern world, its distribution is only gaining momentum, but it already brings a lot of benefits in everyday things. To use this simple system, it is enough to have a modern phone and a scanner application. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to have an expensive device. The only condition is the presence of a camera in it.

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