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Qcomment ru: exchange of reviews, or making money effortlessly

There are plenty of exchanges on the network for making money. One of these, which allows you to really earn pocket money for various little things, is the Qcomment.ru service, which offers a wide range of all kinds of tasks.

Both beginners and more experienced freelancers can work here. As part of this article, we will consider all the features and get acquainted in detail with the service interface.


Divorce or not

This is perhaps the first question that may interest every newly registered user. In fact, it is quite possible to make money on the service, not big, but fast money. In most cases, they will be enough to cover the cost of communication services once a month.

All monetary rewards are held within the framework of the exchange, so there are no risks that you will not be paid for the work done. The only reason why you may be denied payment for an assignment is that the completed assignment does not meet the requirements specified by the customer.

You do not need to work with the customer directly on this resource. All transactions are carried out strictly within the framework of the project.

If you don’t trust the site very much at first, you can complete 1-2 small tasks with little time to check the solvency of the exchange.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Qcomment.ru

You can work on the comment and social promotion exchange from any region. It even assumes the use of several accounts from one provider, but several hosts.

In other words, if you have another computer or smartphone, you can earn more. And that is not all. An online exchange has several more advantages:

  • nice and intuitive interface;
  • suitable for making money and laying out tasks;
  • there is an affiliate program;
  • there is a choice of ways to register for earnings;
  • all transactions and clicks on links are absolutely safe;
  • accessibility and ease of assignment.

There is also a small list of cons:

  • limited execution time;
  • customers can check the issue for a long time;
  • for more expensive orders, you need to take an exam.

At the initial stage, making money on the Internet using the Qcomment.ru service does not imply any difficulties. Therefore, as soon as you have a personal account, you can immediately start earning your first money.

Where to start

To get started, you need to go through the registration procedure and a few more simple, but very important steps. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Registration: step by step instructions

The process of registering on the comment exchange is not complicated and will only take a few minutes. We offer a step-by-step algorithm with screenshots especially for you so that you don’t get confused by a large number of buttons and links.

Registration finished. Let’s move on to the next step.

Profile setup

Setting up a profile is a mandatory step that must be completed immediately after registration. Complete filling of each field, indicating information about yourself opens up advantages: it makes you, as a user, recognizable and serious.

Customers trust more freelancers who leave complete data on the wall in their personal account.

  1. At the top of the page, click on the three horizontal lines, in the list that opens, select “Settings”. When you go to them, you will see a list of mandatory fields. Заполняем информацию о себе на Qcomment.ru
  2. Change the standard nickname to a human one, indicate information about payment data, on the right in the column, set the checkboxes of notifications, if necessary. At the bottom of the page there is a column “Show projects in the category for adults”. You can put a mark here too. For tasks like this, they usually pay more. Заполняем профиль дальше
  3. Open the “Social networks” tab. Next, click the “Add” button. Добавляем социальные сети
  4. In the list, select the profile that is available and regularly active. That is, we go online at least once a day. You can connect accounts from several social networks at the same time. Подключаем аккаунты
  5. Go to the “Profile” tab. We fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk. We put the photo at will. After entering the data, press the button “Save, located below. Заполняем вкладку Профиль

Try to include extensive information in the “About Me” field. Just saying that you don’t know much enough. Try to give a detailed description of every task you have ever completed.

  1. Go to the “Exams” section. Press the button opposite the selected item “Pass the exam”. Нажимаем Сдать экзамен
  2. Section “Account verification”. It is equally important. It is necessary in order to protect the user’s personal data from intruders who often break into personal accounts. Верификация аккаунта на Qcomment.ru

A few words about balance replenishment and withdrawal

In the service, both balance replenishment and withdrawal of funds from it are available. First of all, we are interested in the method of transaction in order to transfer the money earned to a personal account or wallet.

It should be noted that the system supports several payment systems. Among them is YuDengi (in the old way Yandex Money).

  1. At the top of the screen, click on the balance.
  2. On the right, click on the link “Top up balance or withdraw money”.
  3. Select the required currency, type of wallet, enter the amount.
  4. Click the Withdraw button.

Do not forget to read the amount of commission for each payment system. And remember that you can withdraw funds only to the wallet from which the balance was replenished, or vice versa. Otherwise, the transaction will be automatically refused.

How to start making money

After successful registration and successful passing of the exam, you can start making money. Better to start with easy tasks. This can be earnings from likes on Instagram, likes, reposts, comments, video views. Let’s take an example of how this will all happen.

  1. Returning to the main page of the site, we see a list of available tasks.
  2. Select the one you like and at the bottom of the page click “Start project execution”.
  3. We have 20 minutes per task. The timer on the right shows how much time is left.
  4. We register the necessary information in the fields: link, additional information about yourself and click “Send”.
  5. If, for some reason, you cannot submit the task on time or the links do not work, you will have to abandon the execution.
  6. It will take five minutes to get back to work after a cancellation.

Specifics of passing the exam: details

It is also important to take the exam seriously if you plan to earn more and do it all the time. Let’s explore all the features of this process.

After clicking on the “Pass the exam” button, you must carefully read the assignment. A certain amount of time is given to it. It all depends on the complexity. In most cases, the first question is aimed at obtaining information about the literacy of the author.

Often you need to take a test in which you should choose the correct version of a written sentence with all spaces and punctuation marks. The first test will consist of three simple questions. It is important to give the correct answers here.

If you answered the question correctly, then you will be able to write a review or comment. Choose the most relevant topic for this purpose: feedback on earnings, travel, an exciting problem, commenting on a movie or something else.

Here it is important to pay maximum attention to the object you want to talk about. Write in such a way that the text is expanded.

Once you have passed these steps and verified them successfully, you can start working.

Note! To earn more, you need to change the language to English or Ukrainian. Such comments are more appreciated. For one review, you can earn from 15 rubles or more. And it’s just a few minutes.

Requirements for comments and feedback

If such types of work as comments, posts, reviews have already become available to you. Then strict requirements apply for them, even if they are not spelled out in the task.

  • Uniqueness for Tekst.ru service – from 90%.
  • Full compliance with the specified topic.
  • No mistakes: punctuation and grammar.

In order to avoid problems with writing: the appearance of incorrectly built sentences, a fall in uniqueness, you should write in shorter phrases. Try not to use general phrases that do not carry a specific meaning: like “cool”, “cool”, “I liked it.” The reader will not understand you.

And what if there are a lot of similar reviews, for example, under the product in the online store, then the client will completely close the page. Thus, the target action will not be performed. The customer will be negative.

The importance and opportunity for career growth

If you constantly cooperate with the service, you can develop well. There are several steps for this, which each time allow you to earn more. There are five ranks for performers. To achieve the highest, you need to accumulate points.

  1. Level zero. Opens immediately after registration. At this stage, you can earn from 0.4 to 4 rubles for one task. Agree, this is very little, considering how much time should be spent.
  2. Exam passed. Now tasks from 1.5 to 22 rubles are opened. The skill level is growing, the performer can already look for regular customers or reusable tasks.
  3. 50 points. The rate for the task starts at 49 rubles. When these tasks are completed, they will continue to be credited, as a result, the next stage opens.
  4. 150 points. The cost for one task starts from 17 rubles and ends at 50. Here the task is to write more detailed comments. Sometimes you even need to attach your own photos to it.
  5. 300 points. Even more expensive tasks become available — up to 58 rubles. However, the requirements will also be more stringent in relation to tasks at previous ranks.
  6. 600 points. This is considered the highest and most prestigious level. Having reached this rank, the user will be able to open tasks that cost from 70 to 100 rubles. Performers with a high level are often offered permanent cooperation.

Note! If the exam is not passed, then the number of points will not be counted, even if you have completed more than a hundred tasks.

Penalties and blocking

The use of fines is practiced. Often they are imposed on the author if he removed likes or repost from the wall, changed the rating of a video or comment, left the group earlier than three weeks after the customer accepted the task.

Sanctions are imposed through warnings. If you earned 1-3, the remark will be removed up to 150 points. Each time, the number of points withdrawn increases up to the deduction of funds and even a lifetime ban. After that, re-registration from the same provider will be unavailable.

Summing it up

Having figured out what the Qcomment.ru website is, we recommend you start earning now. This is small, but nice pocket money. Moreover, such a side job does not require special education and appropriate skills. The main thing is to know the basic rules of the Russian language and be able to build oral speech.

Best regards, Victoria Chernyshenko
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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