Площадка для продвижения бизнеса

Pinterest: what kind of site it is and how it can be useful

Any creative person must have visited Pinterest more than once. What kind of site is this and how can it be useful to everyone? Let’s talk about an inspiring resource that should take an important place in the phone tabs of every Internet user.

Creation of visuals and selection of personnel are not easy tasks. At such moments, a relatively new resource comes to the rescue – Pinterest.

What is Pinterest and who uses it?

Pinterest is a visual social network for finding beautiful pictures and photos. They are also called pins. Posts on Pinterest have a wonderful property to spread across the web. You can rest assured that every third photo in a series of aesthetic images started its way of reposting on this platform.

On Pinterest, all publications can be divided into “boards” – playlists with pictures, which you can combine according to one principle or another.

Сайт Pinterest

Speaking of the interface. The resource is very similar to any search engine: when you enter a site or application, you see recommendations based on saved publications and a search bar with a history of requests.

Most of the site’s users are women. If you believe the statistics of Pinterest itself, there are a little more than 80% of them. Men, as you might guess, are 4 times less and most of them use the website to visit the resource. Girls prefer a free app with a simple yet bold burgundy design.

As for the age of the audience, the majority of users are young people from 14 to 35 years old. Not surprisingly, Pinterest is one of the first sites to create trends. This is especially true of the fashion world. Here you can find stylish bows for every whim for free.

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How to customize the site for yourself: what are the advantages of the resource?

Pinterest is outwardly similar to Instagram, however, the latter is familiar to anyone, and not everyone knows about the former. I must admit that www pinterest is still very popular with media personalities.

This is the second most important visual social network, in which the main focus is not on videos and messages, but on photos.

This feature gives rise to the main advantage: in Pinterest, you can create a popular blog without much investment. Success Secret: Stick to a harmonious profile visual. This is also helped by the rapid distribution of frames on the network, which we talked about earlier.

Experts believe that in the future, Pinterest will prove itself as an advertising platform for promoting influencers.

The largest number of pins are dedicated to the topics of handicrafts, cooking, fashion, cosmetics and personal care.

This means that the bulk of Pinterest businessmen in a year or two will be selling buns, knitted scarves, jeans and washing foam on the platform. These are exactly the products whose sale depends on the wrapper and bright advertising.

If you know how to customize the feed and take beautiful photos, you can earn a thousand or two on Pinterest. And if such skills are not given, you can look for specialist tape designers who sit on freelance exchanges. Worldwide Pinterest is a very inspiring social network.

Even on your first visit to the site, you will probably notice hundreds of photographs of notes and books. A simple interface and the absence of embedded ads make the resource even more convenient.

Application vs site: where is it more convenient?

The functionality of the platform does not depend on how you use it. All properties are available both in the mobile version (app) and on pinterest.com. However, a couple of differences can still be found.

Autosave login credentials in app

The main advantage of the mobile version is accessibility. You can open Pinterest at any time and view the boards. When you log in with a laptop or computer, you will have to log in and solve captchas every time.

If On your phone or tablet, you have turned on notifications in Pinterest, then you will receive system notifications about new pictures for the boards. Plus, Pinterest can cheer you up at the most unexpected moment. For example, I often receive notifications about excellent taste (in fact, this is a signal that someone has saved a pin from my board).

Adding new accounts

This function can be used both in the application and on the website. You can ask why I listed similarities in the list of differences. And it’s all about convenience. It takes several times longer to authorize two accounts on the site, unlike a phone, on which all accounts are side by side.

Paid and free Business Account extension

Again, it’s all about comfort and design. In the application, reports and graphs look much more visual than on a site that deforms all curves and straight lines.

Pinterest for influencers: a parody of business – Instagram features or really powerful functionality?

At the end of 2019, Pinterest appeared such a function as maintaining a business account. The way to manage a business using social networks came into life not very long ago, about 2 years ago.

At first, everyone tried Instagram buns, then pro accounts appeared on other popular platforms (WhatsUp, TikTok and others).

In order to switch from a personal account to a business page, you need to go to the settings and find the line that directly says about your desires: “Free business account”.

Площадка для продвижения бизнеса

When connecting, include your platform newsletter email address, profile name, website, your product category, or your interests as a blogger.

Interest will also ask if you want to receive news about ads on the platform. I advise you to be interested in this offer, so you can find many business partners. Now about the benefits that the business account guarantees:

  1. Detailed pins. You will be able to publish Pins with a link to your website, app, or other image-related platforms. In addition, the author can add a recipe to a culinary photo or a product card taken from any source. Don’t forget that plagiarism doesn’t catch on to anyone, so design your Pins according to your company’s guidelines.
  2. Advertising on Pinterest. Each Instagram user, according to the platform’s policy, faced advertising campaigns on the vastness of the social network. Simply put, you must have seen advertising posts and stories that are promoted by the site itself at least once. Do not confuse such publications with blogger advertising and mutual PR, we will still have time to figure it out. You can also use the site’s targeting on Pinterest, albeit for an additional fee.
  3. Pin carousel. Another similarity with Instagram algorithms, however, it does not need to have the privileges of a business account in order to upload photos in a row. On Pinterest, you can post several photos at once in one post only for the purpose of promoting products.

Pinterest Business Features

Than help in promotion

Detailed pins – publishing photos with advanced features to describe the post

Creation and management of projects in FB, VK, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. Understanding the specifics of each of the social networks. Users will be able to learn more about the product, familiarize themselves with its characteristics and other products of the company.

Using advertising from the resource itself

Reach and impressions will increase. Posts will appear in the main feed more often.

Carousel – the ability to put several photos in one post

Increase the information content of the profile.

There are only 3 functions for promotion, but here it is like in a nesting doll. From one way to improve the performance of your business, there are several more. I will share a couple of tips for those who do not know how to work with the platform’s functionality:

  • Define the goals and objectives of your project. It would seem that this phrase is trivial in any business. It may be trivial, but how necessary!
  • Bring together all the contacts. Link Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and other platforms to your account on Pinterest. Firstly, this will significantly increase the number of subscribers in all social networks, and secondly, the risks of losing an audience when blocking an account will be minimal. Do the same with Pinterest. Leave your nickname on the platform in all other social networks.
  • Make a content plan for the next 3-6 months. This is the optimal time to promote on the platform. Design your visuals and match your content with platform trends.
  • Work with the clues in the post. By systematizing publications, Pinterest can be defined as a search social network. In order for your publication to get more repins and saves, you need to be able to concisely and concisely sign a pin, first of all, not forgetting about the topic and purpose of the publication.
  • Use the Pin it button (fix it). This function is designed to attach articles to Pins. So you can promote your blog or website on third-party platforms.

Some More Tips for Comfortable Swimming on Pinterest

Let’s say that we figured out the functionality. But in any business, at any time and on any platform, there are little secrets for the convenience of users. I’ll tell you a couple of life hacks that will help you promote your account without an extension or find winning photos on the platform.

The first tip is about promoting on Pinterest. Instead of chasing the new, mix the old. You can build an audience of millions by creating boards.

Think of Spotify users who are not singers but are good at combining tracks and creating playlists. It’s the same on Pinterest. You can create public boards from photos that are already on the site.

In order to create interesting and popular Pins in the future, you need several sources of inspiration. Agree, if these sources are in one place, much less time is spent, and the desire to create wakes up much earlier. If Pinterest is not a platform for creating and implementing your ideas, then what?

As soon as you download the application or visit the site, subscribe to accounts on the topic of interest. This way you can avoid boring Pins in the main feed. Here’s a list of generic master accounts:

  • Wattpad is all about travel, food, culture and aesthetic photography.
  • Disney is about all the famous Disney characters, as well as fairy tales that you can turn into a daily routine.
  • >

  • BuzzFeed is a leisure page with mini-activities: tests, selections of films and books, facts about celebrity.
  • Urban Outfitters is a paradise for those who love laconic design among many incendiary design chips.

Briefly about the main thing

We can conclude that Pinterest is a site behind which are inspiring bloggers, motivational coaches and ordinary users who have been leafing through aesthetic photographs for the second hour in a row, creating boards from them and writing reviews with 5 stars in the AppStore.

The platform contains both paid content (buying a target and advanced analytical tools) and free functions. It should be noted that the latter still prevail, and using the unique capabilities of Pinterest, you can build anything: from a bright blog to a cozy coffee shop in the center of a provincial city.

Regards, Maria Vishnevskaya
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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