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Personal brand on Instagram: how to create in 9 steps + promotion and examples

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is a personal brand on Instagram and why is it needed.
  • How to create a personal brand.
  • Ways to promote “I-Brand”.

What is a personal brand and why is it needed?

A personal brand is an image of a person associated with his professional activity. These are reputation, competence, character and appearance.

Here you can draw an analogy with student wisdom: “First you work for a student’s record book, and then the student’s record book works for you.” So with a personal brand – first you spend years creating an image of an expert in your field, and then this image brings you dividends: customers, money, popularity.

People stop believing large and “soulless” corporations. They trust people. Therefore, the owners of these corporations are busy building their own strong personal brand.

You don’t need to look far for examples: Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos … All these people are owners of large corporations. But when we hear about Tesla electric cars, an association with Elon Musk arises in our head. This is the power of a personal brand.

Why do you need a personal brand:

  • Increase sales.
  • Increase audience loyalty.
  • Detach from competitors.

The main advantage of a personal brand is that you are creating your active “fan base” – people who are interested in you as a person and an expert. Therefore, even after changing the field of activity – for example, now you are a copywriter and have decided to become a targetologist – then your audience will “follow” you.

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Who needs a personal brand?

Reading this article, you might think that you don’t need a personal brand, because you are not the owner of a giant corporation, not a musician or an actor. This means that you don’t really need recognition.

In fact, things are a little different. Everyone needs a personal brand: owners of small online stores, SMMs, Internet marketers, psychologists, manicurists, photographers, designers.

The list is endless. So just substitute the name of your activity. Yes, you need to develop a personal brand too.

How to create a personal brand on Instagram: 9 steps

Now let’s talk about how to create a personal brand on Instagram from scratch. Let’s look at this process step by step. This will help you create a strategy for promoting your “I-Brand”.

Account preparation: design and goals

First you need to set a goal. To do this, answer the question: “Why do I need a personal brand?” The answer can be simple: earnings, sales, looking for partners or investors, creating a community of interest.

Then start creating and registering an Instagram account. Come up with a nickname – it should be short and memorable. Read about how to come up with a nickname in our article.

The next step is to design an Instagram profile. Upload a beautiful and colorful avatar (for a personal brand, your photo is the ideal choice), add a description, add buttons and links (for example, a multi-link).

Read more about the design of the profile in our article.

Positioning and USP

The second step is positioning. You need to tell your subscribers about yourself: what you are doing and what benefits you will bring potential customers. This information should be added to the profile header.

Make a USP. This unique selling proposition is what sets you apart from the competition. For example, if you are a copywriter, then as a USP you can specify “I will write a selling post on Instagram with a complete marketing analysis of your product for 900 rubles.”

Who is your target audience?

Create a portrait of your target audience. You need to know who your potential customers are.

To compose a portrait of the target audience, answer the following questions:

  • How old is the client?
  • Who are my clients: men or women?
  • What are the interests of my audience?
  • Where does my target audience live ( country, city, village)?
  • How do customers make a purchase decision?

You will need a portrait of the target audience at the stage of positioning and content creation. Let’s talk about content further.

Working on the external image

In some niches, your appearance should match the external image. For example, if you are a fitness trainer, then your appearance should also be athletic.

Another example is a stylist. For each photo, you need to select bright and unique images, because this is a kind of portfolio.

Expert Content

Expert content is the foundation of a personal brand. You need to write helpful and engaging posts.

Share your knowledge with subscribers: for example, if you are an internet marketer, then publish different “chips” to promote your business.

You can release a free informational product – for example, a mini-book. It will also allow you to create the image of an expert in your field.

Content design

Don’t forget about beautiful content design. Pick or take a striking photo for the post. Try carousel posts – this is a trending post format that increases audience engagement.

Stick to a consistent style in your design. This will make your Instagram account look more stylish.

Stories and live streams

Share Stories. Stories can be published every day. This is a great way to increase audience engagement as more people watch Stories than posts and videos.

Broadcast live – communicate with the audience, answer their questions. Also do thematic broadcasts: share useful tips from your field.

This also helps in shaping the image of an expert.

Communicate with the audience

Don’t ignore your followers. Answer their questions in the comments. You can sometimes go to their accounts and like posts. Be sure to reply to messages in Yandex.Direct.

You can also send welcome messages in Yandex.Direct. When people subscribe to your profile, then write them a small message: for example, with a story about yourself, your services.

In the welcome message you can also give a link to your free information product – mini-course, book, manual.

Sending welcome messages can be automated. The Zeus service will help you with this.

Collaboration with other experts

Arrange collaborations with other bloggers and experts in your niche. Conduct joint live broadcasts, engage in mutual PR. This will attract a large audience to your Instagram profile.

For more details on how to recruit an audience, see our article “32 Ways to Get Instagram Subscribers Without Cheating”.

Personal brand promotion

A few words about personal brand promotion.

The most effective Instagram promotion strategy in 2021 is high-quality and useful content. But don’t forget about hashtags.

Use 25-30 tags under each post. But choose them wisely: the hashtags should be relevant to the topic of your post. For example, if the publication is about what content marketing is, then you do not need to insert tags about psychology, clothes, etc. into the post. By using thematic tags, you will engage your target audience.

Try mass following and mass liking to promote your account. This will help the service for safe and automatic promotion on Instagram Tooligram 2.0.

He himself likes and subscribes to your target audience: you only need to indicate your competitors, hashtags or geolocation. The online service “processes” more than 300 live people every day.

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Personal Brand Examples

Let’s look at some examples of a strong personal brand on Instagram.

First example – famous Russian marketer and best-selling author Igor Mann @mann_igor.

Игорь Манн в Instagram

Second example – Russian entrepreneur, investor Oskar Hartmann @oskar_hartmann.

Оскар Хартманн в Instagram

Third example – British photographer Jack Harding @jackharding.

Джек Хардинг в Instagram


Now you know what a personal brand on Instagram is. Use the guidelines from the article to create your strong “I-Brand”. You can create a checklist based on the steps discussed. This will help you shape the image of an expert in your field.

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