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Overview of TOP apps for composing an Instagram feed

Every Instagram user wants to make his account attractive, come up with something original and recognizable. Create posts and stories in the same style, release new posts at a specific time. To do something differently from competitors.

But not every user is ready to pay attention to and develop their account every day. After all, even preparing and publishing one post requires a certain amount of time. In addition, it’s important not to skip your content plan, as each post affects reach and visibility.

It is quite difficult to do this without special applications. However, not all applications need to be used. It is important to choose only those that will help in solving a specific problem. What are the most useful apps for scheduling your Instagram feed?

Instagram feed planning: how, why and why?

The social network Instagram is based on visual perception: high-quality photos, interesting stories, account design in general. All of this grabs the attention of potential subscribers. It is important already at the stage of creating new posts to understand how it will look in the feed.

Only from the outside it seems that it is easy enough to maintain such a blog on Instagram. After all, a theme has been chosen, there are sketches of new posts, beautiful photos are ready. The only thing left to do is publish at the same time. But in fact, there are much more pitfalls than meets the eye.

For effective blogging, you need to plan your posts in advance:

  • Analyze posts that are interesting to subscribers.
  • Make a list of in-demand topics that you can write posts for during the month.
  • Timely adjust the prepared plan, if necessary.
  • Track statistics for each post: the number of likes, comments and recommendations.

Preparation and planning will save time. After all, even a small change in the Instagram feed can make it a little more attractive or, conversely, alienate subscribers. All this and additional visual elements must be foreseen in advance. It is important for a blogger to decide how to do it: independently or using special applications.

Popular Instagram feed apps

Various applications will help the blogger to work more effectively to promote his Instagram account. In addition, planning will save you from the daily activities of filling the profile with content, free you from routine. Posts will be published without the blogger’s participation, according to a predetermined schedule.

Analysis Applications

Before scheduling publications, it is necessary to conduct analytics and find out the current state of the profile. It is quite difficult to perform such actions on your own. Applications will make the task easier and display the analysis results in a matter of minutes.


The application effectively analyzes the profile and indicates the missing information: the presence of an avatar, description, links to the site. In addition, it analyzes the audience and reveals the number of inactive subscribers.

Automatically purge bots from profile subscribers. You can set the deletion options in two ways: delete selected accounts at once or delete a certain number of unwanted subscribers every day.

Profile monitoring will clearly show the reaction of subscribers to certain posts, an increase or decrease in the number of subscribers. All information is provided in tables and graphs.

Приложение для анализа профиля Инстаграм - InstaHero

A blogger can enable protection of his profile from spammers, unwanted requests and comments. Set different criteria for filtering subscribers.

For example, if there are no posts on the wall, there are many subscriptions or there is no avatar, then the owner of such an account will not be able to become a subscriber.

The application is paid, depending on the required functions. But there is a free period for profile analysis.


The application allows you to increase subscriber engagement without additional labor costs. Every hour, competitors’ accounts are analyzed and statistics are collected. Based on this data, you can see points for promoting your account. All statistics are displayed in clear graphs and diagrams.

Notifications of new comments will be sent to Telegram, so it is impossible to miss a single response to the desired post. Uploading comments to Excel is provided.

You can schedule posts for a week in advance and respond only to comments. It is enough to set aside one day for brainstorming to think through all the topics and analyze the past posts.

Для увеличения вовлеченности подписчиков приложение LiveDune

Bloggers don’t need to worry about their account, they are safe. No passwords need to be entered anywhere.

An account report is generated monthly. Only 5 minutes of time and all data are ready for analysis.

The application is paid, but you can choose a suitable tariff and work in a team. There is an opportunity to get a trial period for free. Immediately after registration, 7 days are available for testing the application.

Photo Editing Application

In fact, there are various applications for processing photos, applying filters and some special effects. But free apps still have limited functionality.


Users are used to Canva in the free version, which is enough for image processing. But in the paid version, the possibilities are much wider.

You can create and upload your own logos and even fonts, resize photos and use add-ons daily.

Сервис для оформления ленты в Инстаграм - Canva

However, the paid version has a huge plus – the ability to create and schedule posts for social networks. In addition, teamwork on design and 100 GB of cloud storage is available.

Paid version. The cost is determined depending on the selected functions and the number of members in the team. A free trial period of 30 days is provided.

Universal services for work

It is very convenient when all the necessary functions are available in one application. It is enough to log in to the service and get all services at the selected tariff.


Popular service for working with social networks. Allows you to schedule not only the publication of posts, but also their deletion strictly according to the specified schedule.

Works with multiple social networks. Before the post is published, it is possible to edit the photo, text and specify the date and time.

Сервис для планирования ленты в Инстаграм - SMMplaner

The service is paid, but the trial period is 7 days. During this time, you can try all the functionality of the service.


A universal service that facilitates the work of maintaining accounts on Vkontakte, Facebook and Instagram. Allows you to create a content plan, schedule posts on social networks.

There is advanced functionality for Instagram. The service helps to fully work with the social network: create posts, postpone their publication for a certain time, edit stories, view statistics and comments. In addition, direct correspondence is available.

Универсальный сервис для работы с соцсетями

The service is paid, there are several tariff plans. A free period is offered to test the work.


A convenient service for filling communities with content. Works with several social networks. In addition to the standard posting, there are additional functions for deleting posts and editing.

Allows you to find content by specified parameters not only in your community. To publish the most suitable material, it is enough to make adjustments and add the necessary elements.

There is a built-in image editor where you can create unique images for posts.

SmmBox - для наполнения ленты Инстаграм контентом

Adaptation of images and text according to parameters of various social networks is provided. The posted post will look good on any network.

Additional promotion tools help analyze and automate work.

The service is paid, there is a trial period of 2 weeks. All functionality is available for testing.

Comparison of the main functions of services

Photo editor

Deferred posting

Profile Analysis / Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions

When a blogger connects various applications, questions always arise. It is very unpleasant when there is a possibility of account blocking for cheating or some other automated actions.

When analyzing a profile, you do not need to provide your data. It is completely safe for the owner.

The published post is visible to all subscribers. But likes and comments can only be left by real people, not bots. If you remove dead accounts, then the activity under the post will be much higher. It is for this that Instagram increases reach, considering the post interesting.

Briefly about the main thing

In order to stand out from competitors and attract the attention of potential subscribers, you need to work on promoting your Instagram account. Develop a unified style for posts, stories and additional elements.

It’s very important to create content ahead of time and post regularly. There are special applications for scheduling an Instagram feed with additional promotion functions. It is important to try the applications in work and choose the appropriate tariff.

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