Новая функция Инстаграм - Прямой эфир в комнате

New rules, algorithms and tips for promoting on Instagram in 2021

Many people dream of promoting their brand on Instagram quickly and inexpensively. But this social network is constantly changing. Now it is no longer enough to write interesting posts 2-3 times a day in order to appear more often in the feed. Much depends on Instagram algorithms.

Find out what has changed in the network in 2021, and which brand promotion strategy will now be the most effective.

How Instagram works in 2021: TOP-8 updates

The social network Instagram is constantly evolving, and since the beginning of this year, the developers have already added a lot of updates to the network. Let’s dwell on 8 of them, the most significant.

1. Professional Resources panel

This panel brings together all business tools. The new section contains:

  • statistics ;
  • tools for working with branded content;
  • the ability to promote publications and stories;
  • means of communication with the community.
Обновление в Инстаграм - панель Профессиональные ресурсы

A link to the panel has appeared in the profile. The function will be useful for both authors and business accounts.

3. Multi Shot Mode

Instagram renamed the previously existing Multi-Source Mode to Multi-Shooting.

Режим Мультисъёмка - новое в алгоритмах Инстаграм

The difference between the two is that it is now possible to record and edit up to 8 stories at the same time without closing the editor.

3. Recently Deleted Feature

This is analogous to the recycle bin for deleted files.

Функция Недавно удалённые - аналог корзины

In this section, you can view and restore previously deleted content: videos, photos, stories, IGTV and Reels.

4. The new lightweight Instagram Lite app

Facebook’s new app takes only 2MB of memory and uses less bandwidth. This is especially true for owners of tablets and old models of smartphones.

Новое облегченное приложение Instagram Lite

The functionality of the application is poorer than the standard version of the program.

5. “Photo booth” on Instagram

Storis has a new shooting mode called “Photobooth”. It allows you to take instant photos with a difference of a few seconds. Pictures are stored in stories as a slideshow.

6. New Pi Day Stickers

A set of new stickers dedicated to girls engaged in scientific research, mathematics, technology has appeared on the Instagram network.

Новые стикеры

The new stickers were designed by artist Amanda Pingbodhipakki.

7. Live in the room

Previously, it was possible to broadcast on Instagram by inviting only one person. Now the number of invitees has been increased to three.

Новая функция Инстаграм - Прямой эфир в комнате

During the live broadcast, viewers will be able to buy the product that the host is talking about or take part in fundraising for something.

8. Story navigation update on PC

Network organizers have updated the navigation through stories on the computer. Now stories on PC are shown as a gallery. It’s now convenient to switch between them.

This is interesting! Forced self-isolation last year forced business owners to explore the online space to develop their business projects. This year the trend continues.

And today we can say that it will continue in the coming years. Unfortunately, the Instagram network has not yet opened up opportunities for Russia to conduct online purchase and sale transactions on its site. Although in European countries this innovation is already in effect. Hopefully, this will soon be available in our country as well.

What to look for for successful promotion: chips and secrets

Now it is becoming more and more clear that a large number of subscribers and the promotion of likes are not the key to success on the Instagram network. New promotion tools have appeared.

There are also several recent trends in this area worth considering. Let’s figure out what is currently attracting an audience on Instagram, and what promotion chips can be used to quickly promote your business project.

Content Authenticity

In 2021, truthful and candid posts and live photos of page owners are gaining more and more attention from the audience. The more credible a post looks, the more trust and response it gets from users.

People like to think that a blogger is a living person who is not alien to weaknesses. He has the same problems and joys as everyone else. His openness and honesty are welcomed by the audience.

If a blogger talks about his failures, shares problems, then he becomes closer and more understandable to his subscribers. Here we can say that this trend directly affects the increase in audience engagement.

The friendliness and friendliness of the blogger plays an important role. There is a lot of negativity on social networks today, from which people are already tired. At the same time, they are ready to pay for a good service, to feel comfortable making a purchase.

Therefore, advice: you need to communicate with your subscribers more often, thank them for their activity and orders, comments and likes, advise and help make purchases.

Another new trend on the web is the publication of live photos of page owners. It attracts users in the same way as truthful posts. This does not mean at all that photos of Instagrammers do not undergo computer processing.

Photos are corrected, but at a more professional level. Or a whole staff of stylists, makeup artists and photographers are working on creating the image of the blogger. They help to create images that look very aesthetically pleasing and require adjustments before publishing.

Improving content quality

Just a couple of years ago, online promotion experts assured that posts should be written regularly: the more often, the better. Now the situation has changed dramatically. According to the new rules in 2021, the emphasis is not on quantity, but on the quality of the material.

And the point here is not at all in the new system algorithms that underestimate organic coverage. The situation is such that it becomes more difficult to stand out from the crowd.

This is clearly evidenced by statistics. The number of posts and stories is growing. Following them, the total audience engagement in viewing them is also growing, but at a somewhat slow pace. It turns out that, on average, each blog gets less attention.

The only way to keep your audience’s attention is to stand out from the crowd. This can only be done with quality content.

Will quality content require a larger budget? Definitely yes. How can you promote effectively without increasing your budget? There is only one way out – to make fewer posts, and to use the saved energy and money to improve the quality of the content.

Short Story Videos by Tik-Tok

Instagram Stories has long been an attractive tool for brand promotion. And its popularity continues to grow. Stories increase audience reach and engagement.

In 2021, short videos with a maximum length of 1 minute are becoming more and more popular on the Internet. These are videos similar to those posted on the Tok-Tok network. With the help of such a clip, you can quickly convey information to the audience. The user has time to watch the video until the moment when his interest fades away.

For a blogger, a separate task is to shoot high-quality trending material that can interest the audience. If we talk about a company that promotes its brand, then with the help of short videos you can show the “wrong side” of your business. This increases the audience’s confidence in the product. You can also arrange a mini master class.

Hashtags at the peak of search queries

In 2021, hashtags are still at the peak of search queries. This web tool helps you find your target user. Hashtags need to be used to attract new followers to your blog. Due to this, the audience of the site will grow. You can use up to 30 tags in a message.

How to get into “Interesting” taking into account updated algorithms

The Instagram network tries to select the most interesting and useful content for its users. According to the system, these are publications that have received many views and likes. Previously, in the “TOP” and “Interesting” tabs, one could find mainly posts of celebrities with a multimillion audience.

But now publications of ordinary users also fall here. For the “Interesting” tab, the publication selection algorithm was formed in such a way that the user in the feed is shown the popular posts of his friends and accounts, which he likes most often.

How Instagram algorithms in 2021 select content for the Interesting tab? What do you need to do with the new rules in order to get into this section?

At the moment, there are several topical techniques for making content super popular:

  1. Publish at the correct time. This factor still matters. The algorithm pays attention to when the material was published. Determining the “correct” posting time is easy. You need to select the “Most active” section on the “Statistics” tab in the “Overview” section and analyze the data.
  2. Use of hashtags.
  3. Audience engagement (likes, reposts, comments, views) .
  4. Using Stories. Bloggers have already appreciated this great tool for brand promotion. There is very little such content in the “Interesting” tab. This must be used to carve out a niche.
  5. Mention famous brands and popular personalities. This will allow you to win the first few hundred subscribers.
  6. Placing full-fledged longreads, detailed reviews and ratings in the feed. In the near future, the textual content of the web will be more meaningful. It attracts users.
  7. Publish a carousel of snapshots. A series of photos and videos in one post helps to increase audience engagement.

Some of these content promotion techniques are time-tested and still valid. And there are also ways that bloggers are just starting to use, for example, longreads and a “carousel” of pictures.

Interesting! In 2020, 3 new types of stickers appeared on the network: “Support small business”, “Write to me” and “Veda order”.

Stickers allow you to add variety to your story posts. They help draw attention to posts. To get maximum coverage, you need to regularly repost relevant information, using, of course, stickers.

Instagram promotion strategy in 2021 from scratch to result

The success of the entire enterprise depends on the choice of a strategy for promoting the network. Given the emergence of fresh trends in this area, the Instagram promotion strategy in 2021 looks like this:

  • Niche analysis.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Target audience analysis.
  • Profile design.
  • Publish content.

  • Stories and IGTV.
  • Launch targeted ads.
  • Promotions and contests.

For First you need to analyze your competitors and target audience. It is worth considering who will be interested in the product and how best to present it. Now you can start designing your profile. Instagram has many tools that you can and should always use.

The next step is content publishing. It is important not to forget that the material, be it text, photo or video, must be of good quality. You also need to use a story to tell about yourself, your company, and your product. The final stage is the launch of advertising and attracting buyers by holding promotions and contests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course it is. You need to answer as quickly and fully as possible to all questions from subscribers. This increases activity in the public, which directly affects the increase in audience engagement and reach.

Yes, important. Taking into account the latest trends, you need to try to be as close to consumers as possible. After all, there are real people behind every company. Let them talk about their work, new products, and their benefits. Live broadcasts and master classes arouse a keen interest of the audience. People are imbued with great confidence in the company and its product.

There should be so much information about the product that a potential buyer has as few questions as possible. Don’t be afraid of long posts.

It is important to tell everything about the product: description, conditions, prices, assortment, reviews. It will be convenient for the buyer. And in this case, you do not have to spend a lot of time answering user questions.

Briefly about the main thing

Now to summarize.

The Instagram network is changing rapidly. In the past and this year, many new tools have appeared in it for the implementation of user projects: new stickers, a photo booth, a live broadcast in the room. To understand which of these will be useful specifically, you need to test them and apply them in practice.

In 2021, there are new trends in Instagram promotion:

  • focus on quality content;
  • a lively image of the company, a personal approach, reducing the distance between blogger and subscribers, positive communication;
  • the popularity of short videos posted in the main feed and stories.

In the future, the ability to make purchases and pay directly on the site in Instagram should be added.

Instagram promotion strategy in 2021 looks like this:

  • analysis of competitors and target audience;
  • profile design;
  • content publishing;
  • advertising launch;
  • bonuses and “goodies”.

The decisive factor for the success of an account is still the number of its subscribers. Increase coverage, increase audience engagement will help more active use of stories, reposts, active commenting, quick response to audience questions.

Sincerely, Elena Lenskaya
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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