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Mutual PR on Instagram: what is it, examples, secrets

Mutual PR on Instagram helps budding bloggers to advance. This is a kind of advertising. But, in order to negotiate with a rated user, you must first make sure that his profile is related to yours. The only thing left to do is to agree on advertising. Read all the details here.

What is mutual PR and how effective is it

Mutual PR is a kind of advertisement. It works for free according to the following principle: one user with an existing audience is looking for a user who is promoting in a similar topic, who has more subscribers.

Agrees to put a link to his profile in the description of the posts or directly on his personal page. The person who applied, in turn, undertakes to do the same.

Взаимопиар сериала в Инстграме

Please note that if the audience is small (up to 1000 people), then VP (mutual PR) is not provided. An Instagram user applying for advertising must first acquire their own followers.

VP Features for Bloggers

Mutual PR, like other promotion tools, has its own characteristics. Let’s list the main ones that you need to pay attention to first.

  • When ordering mutual advertising from a more advanced blogger, be sure to ask him for profile statistics. It is important to make sure how many subscribers and daily visitors it is gaining. The LiveDune tool will help you analyze these metrics.
  • Your target audience should be as close as possible. For example, the perfect combination of blogs for hairdresser and makeup artist, SEO and web designer, copywriter and student writer.
  • The main thing is not to constantly mention the account that is being promoted. Overly persistent ads can scare away subscribers. Moreover, they can simply go to your close competitor.
  • Your account and the profile of someone else’s blogger who will be attracted to the VP should only be filled with live subscribers. Fake followers will not bring any results.

To be more effective, you can find several individuals who can promote you on Instagram. The main thing is not to forget to advertise in return.

Note The difference in the number of subscribers should be small. Maximum 2-3 thousand people.

Useful links: How to use Instagram from a computer: detailed manual, Instagram post titles: examples and rules.

Step by step start of mutual PR

As they say, at the initial stages a lot depends on mutual PR. The more subscribers you grow, the sooner people will know about you. This method is most relevant for promoting commercial accounts or brands: cosmetologists, makeup and manicure masters, sales representatives and others.

In order to start advertising as soon as possible, go through several stages.

  • Find bloggers with a close target audience (target audience). It is advisable to find several people.
  • Analyze your number of subscribers and potential “advertiser”. Differences should be minimal.
  • Compose a letter with a request / offer, send it to all selected people, preferably from the account you plan to promote.
  • If refusals appear or letters remain unanswered, keep looking. Someone will definitely be interested in your proposal.
  • After approving your letter, be sure to make a request for statistics and check how true his information about the number of subscribers is.

! If people subscribe to the selected account too often and unsubscribe after a short time, it is better not to “PR” with its help.

How to find a blogger account

To promote an account, they use two methods: free and using a promotion. The latter is not very good, since it is not people who subscribe to the profile, but robots or persons who do not conduct any activity on the social network. Let’s see how to find a blogger for mutual PR:

  1. Put the hashtags “mutual PR” in the description of your page or posts. You can also leave comments on the publications of those accounts that you want to attract to cooperation.
  2. Write to Instagram administrators in a personal message. A lot of people go to the meeting and help in finding profiles that also target VPs.
  3. Subscribe to accounts yourself, ask people to mutually subscribe to you. So there are more chances to meet a profile with a similar topic.
  4. You can write in Direct, today this method has no restrictions and is not confidential.
  5. You can contact forums and thematic blogs, search users on message boards on the Internet.
  6. It is allowed to use subscriber exchange services: Instime, Instagame.
  7. Use mutual PR chats in WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber messengers, here you can find users who are looking for VP for quick promotion.
  8. Visit sites that offer work or collaboration.

Free search of profiles similar in the field of activity can take a long time. During this period, you can manage to reach the TOP of the best accounts if you order PR for a cash reward.

Methods of mutual advertising of Instagram bloggers

Placing a link in your account for promotion is an outdated method. Now the main focus is on quality and originality. Here are some techniques to help you make your ads as engaging as possible.


Bloggers unite into one team and talk about the organizers. That is, about each other. For those who view these reviews, the condition is that they subscribe to accounts using the links that will be indicated under the marathon.


Each participant composes the original text for the post, publishes it on a personal page or in a story. A link to the advertised account or hashtags is also posted here. This method is considered the most common. It is very likely that he will be noticed. You can see an example of stories with VIs in the screenshot below.

Сторис взаимопиаром


It is done more often with the help of special programs. Send the publication using their account to other networks: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook. Mailing to groups by messengers WhatsApp, Viber is also available.


In translation it means “mention for mention”. That is, your subscribers talk about you in their posts, leaving a clickable link. You, in turn, recommend them. This option is also free, but it is suitable for those who already have their own follower base.


Translated as information per mention. In their posts or stories, a person is obliged to mention each subscriber who share information about his profile. Sometimes they even offer a symbolic payment for this.

Guest Blogging

What should be done? Invite a blogger to your profile, ask him the questions that interest your followers. The user responds to everyone and does the same in his account. You can also record a joint video, and then add reciprocal links to each other’s profiles.

Reciprocal feed and story posts

To post to the feed, you must send the PR manager several pictures or one photo that should be posted. A selling description is drawn up for the image, the text contains a call for users to take action: like, leave a comment, ask a question, subscribe.

For promotion through stories, a slightly different advertising format is provided:

  • in addition to the photo, a link to the promoted account is also used;
  • personal video with a story about another page;
  • repost execution, under which the author’s name is written (usually link to the profile).

Such PR has a significant disadvantage. The story disappears a day after it was published.

Бизнес профиль Орифлейм

Note! VIs use Stories to target business profiles best, and there are very few such advertisements for a traditional informational or entertainment blog.


The format represents mutual likes and comments. Participants in mutual PR evaluate each other’s publications, ask something, leave intriguing and even provocative comments. It is important not to ignore them, but to respond.

The other side of the VI does the same. For this purpose, you can use the 1gram service, set the appropriate hashtags, comment on each other’s posts.

A vivid example of a template or how to make a VI correctly

Let’s answer the question of how best to write a post for mutual advertising by template:

  1. Use free pictures and graphics. Images should be vivid and memorable. They can be edited, supplemented with quotes.
  2. Eye-catching title. The title should contain the essence, reflect the idea of ​​what will be said in the post.
  3. To compose a brief information about the publication, you can take some information from the “About me” column in your profile.
  4. Indication benefits in the form of a list, then write a link to the profile that is promoted in the post.

Important! In addition to the link under the post, you also need to mark the person in the photo attached to the post.

When composing a publication, you can draw the attention of subscribers and readers to action with the following phrases: “like”, “share the post” and others.

Common mistakes bloggers make when doing VP

It is highly advisable to avoid mistakes. First of all, it is worth listening to the opinion of the customer, in case of disagreement, discuss the details with him. He knows what is best for him. Novice mutual PR people often make the following mistakes:

  1. Make posts based on their personal opinion. You may think that this would be more correct. Nevertheless, the customer himself knows better, so listen to him to get a good result.
  2. The effectiveness of attracting new followers depends not only on the ability to write beautiful text for mutual PR, but also on the correct preparation of your profile. First of all, it must be completely filled.
  3. Bloggers often delay publishing. It shouldn’t be like that. Give it up and rather start looking for a new one. Trust me, waiting is a major mistake that can cost thousands of subscriptions.
  4. Don’t drop the VI right after a failed attempt. It happens that the result does not come immediately. You shouldn’t give up, but attract new people.
  5. Don’t be greedy. Many users, having received hundreds and thousands of subscribers to their profile, start ordering VPs again. However, the Instagram administration disapproves of such activity. You can only repeat mutual advertising after a month.
  6. Every detail needs to be discussed in advance. It is even advisable to choose a time when the publication will be released. To do this, they calculate statistics, analyze in what period more people visit Instagram. If you post a publication at 3-4 in the morning, it is unlikely to be of any use.
  7. Some people are engaged in cheating inanimate bots before mutual PR. This is fundamentally wrong. In statistics, all visits and PF (behavioral factor) are perfectly tracked.

Advantages and disadvantages

Having figured out the essence of mutual PR on Instagram, it’s time to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this method of promotion. Let’s start with the positives:

  • fast and free audience growth (people do not unsubscribe after subscribing);
  • behavioral factors improve when viewing your feed;
  • gaining practical experience in compiling advertising publications (this may come in handy later).

As for the cons:

  • the process is delayed indefinitely;
  • you need to be able to attract a partner;
  • you must have your own (not fooled) audience;
  • there are risks to go into negative territory and lose some of your followers.

Let us summarize results

Without mutual PR on Instagram, it is difficult to advance in the initial stages. The main thing is to be able to think creatively in order to get the appropriate return from partners. This is a real way to go from 10 thousand subscribers to 50. But remember, questionable or low-quality content from the user with whom you are collaborating can cause distrust of your Instagram account.

Sincerely, Victoria Chernyshenko
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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