Онлайн-сертификат может быть полезен при устройстве на работу

Most Helpful Free Online Certified Courses

When there is a desire to try your hand at mastering a new specialty, it can be difficult to choose the course you really need. Most are convinced that solid training is required to gain a high level of knowledge. This is true, but this option is only suitable for those who have already decided on their choice of a future profession.

If you have doubts about the correctness of the decision, then you should pay attention to free online courses in the chosen specialty. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the profession, try your hand, try on the requirements for your capabilities.

Someone disparages free education, as they think that it is a waste of time. But not everyone knows that there are free online courses with a certificate after completing the entire program. This is quite enough for the first steps in the chosen direction.

What are online courses and why are they needed?

Most users are accustomed to traditional forms of education – full-time and part-time. School, college, institute. It is necessary to be in the classroom in person, to pass term papers and exams. The training lasts several years and ends with the presentation of a diploma.

Now you can study in a comfortable environment, at a convenient time, remotely via the Internet. Online courses are the best way to get a new profession. After all, it is enough to have a computer, laptop or tablet.

  • All materials are sent along with a video lesson.
  • Students are taught at their own pace remotely.
  • In a personal topic at the training, each student receives a coach’s answer on the completed assignment
  • Each course includes only those subjects that will actually be needed in practice.
Онлайн-курсы – это лучший вариант получения новой профессии

This approach saves a lot of time for mastering the chosen profession within the course.

For a superficial acquaintance with the chosen specialty, you can do self-education. Read professional books, watch available videos, try to master something on your own.

But unlike online courses, self-education is chaotic. There is no consistency in the study of subjects, a good theoretical base and the recommendations of an experienced teacher.

Online education is gaining momentum right now. This is a very convenient form of education, popular among students of all ages. After all, there is no stress when studying the material, but only help and support from the trainers.

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Online certificate – do you need one?

In any educational institution, graduates receive a diploma confirming their qualifications. This document gives the right to apply for a higher salary in the specialty.

Online learning is a little different. Not every paid course guarantees students graduation after completing the entire program. The diploma must be earned by completing all the tasks of the course. Participants do not always receive certificates after completing free online courses with an orientation program.

Онлайн-сертификат может быть полезен при устройстве на работу

An online certificate is needed for newcomers to the profession, as it confirms the qualifications at the declared level. He received not chaotic knowledge during self-education, but solid skills fixed in practice. But even without a certificate, you can develop further if you like the direction.

Free courses vs paid courses

Online courses can be divided into several types depending on the cost and duration of training, the availability of feedback from the trainer and the receipt of a document on the completion of the program.

Each type of online course is interesting in its own way:

  • Free courses provide an introduction to the profession and a little basic knowledge. Even according to the short course program, you can understand how suitable or not the chosen direction is. These courses help save money if the profession is not suitable. Or try several specialties and decide on a further direction.
  • Paid courses help to master an already chosen profession in detail. Here, practical skills and a portfolio are already formed, if provided by the program. A diploma is issued as a confirmation of qualifications.

Benefits of free and paid courses:

Free course

Getting to know the school and the coaches

Choosing a coach and direction within the school

Course syllabus


Deep Learning

Basic knowledge for understanding the specialty

Solid knowledge for professional work

L course performance

Short period

Long Term Learning

Tuition fees

Monthly payment, installment plan or full payment at once

Support during training

Support for course curators

Working closely with the trainer or curators

Trainer feedback

Analysis of the main errors of the entire stream or individual feedback from the curator

In most schools, one-to-one work with a trainer

The best free courses with a certificate

Some online schools, after completing a free course, guarantee the issuance of supporting documents. The programs are for informational purposes, give an idea of ​​the profession and help beginners to understand the terms.

Online schools guaranteeing the issuance of a certificate after free courses:


Has been working in the online education market since 2011. Training programs have been developed in eight areas. During this time, more than 35 thousand specialists graduated.

Online courses are designed for different levels of users: beginners can choose a direction to master new specialties, professionals take courses to improve their skills.


The online school has been on the market since 2010. In 2014, the Gickbrains training platform was formed. Already in 2017, more than 2 million users were registered in Gikbrains.

Now on the Gickbrains platform there are training courses in eight areas. There are separate programs for schoolchildren and companies. In order to choose a suitable course, you must take a test. Based on it, several training options will be offered.

Courses with a certificate:

Start in SMM

The course is suitable for beginners who have just heard about this profession and would like to learn more about it. Those wishing to work remotely will find for themselves new knowledge in a demanded specialty. If you have experience in writing texts or in design, then additional knowledge will help expand the list of your competencies.

Provides basic knowledge about what SMM is, what tasks a specialist performs. Career growth of an SMM specialist is considered in detail, options for how you can grow to a project manager are shown.

The total duration of the course is 5.5 hours. The duration of practical training is 1.5 hours.

Basics of Internet Marketing: Start in the Profession

Immediately after filling out the application, training begins. Every beginner will learn from the course materials how to get started as an internet marketer and what skills are needed to do this.

As a result of training, in addition to familiarity with basic terms, students gain knowledge on how to analyze marketing data. They will try to solve the problems of a marketer using a special simulator.

Basics of contextual advertising: Yandex.Direct

The course was created especially for beginners. But this does not mean that the information is for informational purposes only. As a result of the training, each student will have solid knowledge of the collection of semantics and even experience in setting up advertising campaigns.

The course program is structured in such a way that each student goes through it at his own comfortable pace. All lessons are recorded. After the theoretical lesson, you need to take a test and complete a practical task.

How to create content for business

The course is suitable for beginners in the profession and introduces how to create content and analyze its effectiveness. This is very important for solving business problems of promoting goods on social networks.

The right content can shorten the journey from company to customer. And this will help not only creating good texts, but also analyzing its effectiveness.

The course consists of three meetings of 1.5 hours each, at which students will receive information on the choice of tools for solving specific business problems. They will learn how to correctly highlight the harm of competitors. Explore the possibilities of web analytics.

Yandex.Direct: preparation for certification

The course is recommended for graduates and current specialists in contextual advertising. It prepares students for exams in Yandex.Direct with proctoring. Certification is required when working for large agencies and companies.

The course is structured in such a way that after each lesson it is necessary to pass a test on the material covered. The program includes all relevant information based on the latest exam updates.

How to create a one page website from scratch in 1 day using the Tilda builder

A short intensive helps to understand the advantages of a one-page site compared to a multi-page site. All participants will receive a step-by-step plan for creating a website in the Tilda builder. All blocks of the constructor will be analyzed in detail. On the intensive, you can ask the coach a question and get an answer.

SMM strategy: development example

The main steps for working with a brief for developing an smm strategy were announced at the webinar. It is described in detail how to determine the target audience, use social media tools, conduct analytics of the content plan.

Step-by-step algorithm for launching ads for your Instagram blog

Working with the Facebook advertising cabinet, the stages of creating an advertising campaign from scratch, is examined in detail. Recommendations for creating advertising layouts are given.

How to become a contextologist from scratch?

In an hour and a half, each participant will simulate a training case and understand the basic tools of contextual advertising. Understand what skills are needed for a contextologist.

Where to start in internet marketing?

Intensive helps to understand the basic tools of online promotion and understand the principles of setting up business processes. Identify competitors, find attraction channels, create a promotion strategy.

Best Practices for Facebook and Instagram Advertising

In two hours of intensive, participants will learn how to create advertising campaigns and choose a bidding strategy. Make effective creatives and analyze the progress of an advertising campaign.

Formulas and methods for planning in Excel

During the webinar, participants will learn how to apply all the basic formulas for working with dates. Will be able to create a working calendar and plan project work using Excel spreadsheets.

How to make an infographic in PowerPoint from a boring report?

Key principles of constructing clear and beautiful slides are given. Described how to work with icons and illustrations and turn a boring report into a beautiful infographic.

Useful life hacks: How to write a good resume for a job, How to become a targetologist yourself, How to become a proofreader.

Frequently Asked Questions

All lessons are recorded. You must complete a practice activity and take a self-assessment test.

A computer or laptop and a good Internet connection are enough for learning. You don’t need any special knowledge to complete the program.

After the free course, a career guidance test will be offered. Based on its results, it will be clear which direction is better to choose for paid education.

Briefly about the main thing

So, free online courses with the issuance of a certificate help to determine the choice of a future profession. Training takes place in a comfortable rhythm. All course materials are available without restriction.

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