Longread: examples, types + how to write a cool longread

In today’s article, we will understand the question of what a longread is, consider examples of it and why it is so popular. If you create an interesting publication, then it will attract more attention from the readers. Let’s try to figure out how to write really engaging text that will keep the user longer.

What is a logrid, what types are there

Longread is an entertaining post or text that is at least 1,200 words or 8,000 characters in length. This post is fully structured and easy to read. For more disclosure of the topic, additional content is used: videos, pictures, screenshots, photographs, quotes, footnotes.

Лонгрид - это длинная статья

In order to study a longread, the reader needs to spend about 10-40 minutes. It all depends on the subject matter and the correct design. Translated from English (deep read) means “deep reading”. This translation literally explains the specifics and objectives of the Longread.

Articles in this format are usually divided into several types:

  1. Portrait. This is an exciting story about a certain hero. For example, a discourse about a poor student or a reliable story in simple words about businessmen will always be relevant. In such articles, each step that a person has gone through is considered in detail. Believe me, such information will be of interest even to readers for 40-50 years.
  2. Report. This type of presentation is more relevant for journalists or those who are trained in this profession. This version of the longread implies the participation of the author himself in the story. Be sure to conduct a story with real heroes, their words are quoted. This longread can be found in news headings.
  3. Reconstructor. Events that took place many centuries ago are described here. For the most part, they became turning points in the history of a particular city and state. These topics attract the audience. But, it is important for the author to be able to correctly present information. For such a longread, it is necessary to select rare photographs. If a person is able to correctly present the material, then his lines will be able to revive a long-forgotten story.
  4. Multimedia longread. This is a kind of interactive article that contains more media (photos, screenshots, videos) than text. Oftentimes, text in such content plays a cohesive role. As a rule, the collection of collected images is only described.
  5. Commercial longread. In fact, these are selling descriptions of a product or service, supported by photographs, real reviews. The product is disassembled with maximum detail, and accordingly the customer’s confidence increases. He is ready to place an order. A similar tactic is used when selling on social networks or online stores.
  6. Analytical longread. It is an article that analyzes various chains of events. This type of content also collects data from experts and specialists, links are made to verified, even official sources.

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Examples of the best works on the Internet

In fact, a longread is a small one-page article site, designed with interesting photos and images. Here are some spectacular examples of sites with a quick overview. You can check them out at the link under each example.


Generation is a joint project of Lenta.ru and LiveJournal, developed in Russia. It tells about what generation of people grew up and how it developed during the reign of Vladimir Putin.

Everything is discussed: what goals were achieved, how dangerous existence was. There are several logical blocks – headings. They assembled the most relevant and “screaming events”. At the end, the results of the entire large-scale project are summed up. You can get acquainted with it in more detail by the link.

“The day the war began”

Another ambitious project in Russian, which you want to revise and re-read repeatedly. The most interesting information from that fateful event is collected here, all supported by facts, photographs and newspaper clippings.

Яркие примеры лонгридов на сайте День, когда началась война

The moments that happened at that time, stories about real events from eyewitnesses and first persons are considered. People shared information about their reactions to the outbreak of hostilities. You can learn more about the project here.

“Chernobyl. Land of Alienation “

Ideal project from the newspaper “Komersant”. The simplest example of design. It tells about everything that happened in this city, as well as how it was founded and what caused the tragedy.

Пример лонгрида на сайте Чернобыль. Земля отчуждения

The longread contains only real photographs of the places of poisoning, as well as settlements, in what form they are now. It also examines what measures were taken to eliminate the explosion. Read more on the website.


This is a special project owned by American developers. The longread deals with the protected parts of the country and various objects. The resource provides for the use of real photographs.


Get acquainted with all natural conditions and interesting landscape compositions.

End of tips: 20 years

This project was launched using the Lenta.ru resource. The project examines the events of Russia in 1993. This publication has set itself the task of recreating the entire mosaic of what is happening in this difficult time.

The project will help the reader to study the past period and look at it with a modern fresh look. Detailed information can be found here.

Benefits of Longreads

Longreads are design landing pages that are interesting to read and visualize. It makes sense to create them to increase the number of readers, since they have a lot of advantages.

  • High content efficiency. Articles with panoramic and high quality media are always interesting and get a lot of views. They will be an ideal source of income.
  • Search engines have a positive attitude to this format of materials, and accordingly increase the rating of the site on which such content is posted.
  • Multimedia landing (longread) is much easier to optimize from the point of view SEO, moreover, you can publish such voluminous materials in the media, of course, after their permission.
  • Longread solves the task at the expense of correctly collected materials and arranged in a single structured article.
  • If place a ready-made longread on the website of an online store, then the number of sales on it increases rapidly.
  • A good way to attract more Internet users. It is enough to come up with a competent title and write the text correctly.

You need to be able to create a quality longread. For this, it is important to know what elements the text should contain. We’ll talk about this in the next section.

Longrid text structure

The main rule when compiling a longread is that the text should not look like a continuous canvas. The presence of the following components is required:

  1. Reading time. This is an important point. It is necessary to indicate how many minutes the reader will spend reading the publication. You can determine this yourself. You just need to start the stopwatch and read the entire text with an expression and watch the multimedia inserts.
  2. The title is intriguing. It should be enticing, while not deceiving the expectations of the future reader.
  3. Table of Contents. The content is compiled according to the headings present in the longread. It must be clickable. By clicking on each item, the user should be moved to the desired section.
  4. Introduction. This is the first paragraph. It is also called LEAD. In it, you need to briefly talk about what will be discussed within the publication. At the same time, you cannot reveal secret moments.
  5. Basis. Part of the article, which reveals the whole essence of the story. Content of different formats is involved here: videos, pictures, photos, screenshots.
  6. Conclusion. The last part of the longread. It is not made just a separate paragraph, it must be made out like a heading. The result is always clearly visible in the body of the text material.

Based on the elements of the structure, you can start writing a longread and pick up related content.

How to write a longrid yourself: basic rules

Many novice authors ask themselves a question: to organize a project on their own or simply to hand it over to a copywriter. Of course, your first longread needs to be done without help and at your own discretion. To keep things going according to plan, follow these guidelines.

  • Decide on your target audience. You need to select a circle of readers who will be interested in your information.
  • Select a topic. It is important to fully disclose it. When developing a longread, you should present it so that it is clear to readers from the first words.
  • Think over the outline of the article in advance, decide what headings you need to touch to fully disclose the topic.
  • Gather documents, materials , illustration. When writing each section, you need to combine all the details, if possible lay out on the table and take photographs (they will become part of the content in the future).
  • After the longread is compiled, study it thoroughly. Better to subtract 1-2 times. Spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors are not allowed.
  • Promote the project. Advertise it on social networks, throw it off to friends and acquaintances, repost it on Instagram and channels in messengers.

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Where to publish longridy

The finished longread can be published not only on your own sites, but also use the social network Vkontakte (VK), Odnoklassniki, Facebook as a platform. Placement in Telegram, as well as Yandex Zen, is suitable.

In case the project will contain a large amount of video, it is better to publish it on YouTube.

There are two effective ways to publish on the Odnoklassniki website:

  1. Using notes in your personal profile. Here you can easily add not only text, but also photos, videos, animations. In order not to create an article in advance and not to store it on your hard disk, you can start writing it right in the “Notes”.
  2. Using OK-posting. This is a service created specifically for blogging content. The latter appear within the social network feed and are shown to all users on the site as the “Classes” grow. Accordingly, the transition of readers to other resources is completely excluded.

Note! When composing a scientific article-longread, try not to use a large number of terms. Tell everything in simple words .

Summing it up

It will take a lot of time and effort to create a perfect example of a longread. But this material is worth such costs, since after a while you, as the owner, will be able to make money on multimillion-dollar views of the material. One simple method will help you raise the bar and become a successful author – reading fiction, and, accordingly, broadening your horizons.

Sincerely, Victoria Chernyshenko
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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