Скрываем прямые эфиры в Инстаграм

Live on Instagram: how to do, hide + formats

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to go live on Instagram.
  • Stages of preparation for the broadcast.
  • Why conduct live broadcasts.
  • Popular broadcast formats.

At the end, we will answer frequently asked questions about broadcasts.

How to start a live stream on Instagram: step by step instructions

Let’s not wait – let’s go straight to the practical part of the article. Let’s show you how to go live from your phone. The instructions are relevant for Android smartphones and iOS devices (iPhones).

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First of all, launch the Instagram app on your phone. Next, go to the section for publishing stories – it is located in the posts feed.

Кнопка «Ваша история»

Select the Live TV function. To start broadcasting, click on the “On air” button – it is located in the central part of the screen.

Выходим в прямой эфир в Инстаграм

Important: You can only broadcast live from your phone. This function is not available on a computer. But you can watch other people’s broadcasts from your PC.

Before starting the broadcast, you can add a title – it will be seen by subscribers and all viewers. For example, indicate the topic of the broadcast: communication with subscribers, demonstration of a new product, etc.

There is a camera icon in the lower right corner. You need it to switch the camera – from main to front and vice versa.

Preparing for live broadcast

Now a little theory. Before starting a live broadcast, you need to prepare for it.

Things to do before broadcasting to Instagram:

  • Adjust lighting. The audience should be able to see you well.
  • Choose a topic for conversation. This is necessary so that there are no long pauses during the broadcast – otherwise viewers will get bored and leave the broadcast.
  • Make an announcement in advance. Publish a separate post and make Stories about your live stream soon. It is advisable to indicate the exact time. This will bring more subscribers to the stream.
  • Set basic parameters. To do this, open the broadcast settings – the gear icon in the upper left corner. For example, here you can enable the “Save to archive” function. Videos will be automatically saved in the phone memory. Thanks to this, you will not lose your broadcast recordings.

Why broadcast live: goals and objectives

Live streams on Instagram are a great format for communicating with the audience. It is suitable for both business accounts and bloggers.

Broadcasts will help:

  • Answer subscribers’ questions.
  • Showcase a new product.
  • Tell the audience more about your company’s services.
  • Introduce your nonsense to the audience.
  • Take a tour of the office or production.

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Popular broadcast formats: 6 options

Now let’s take a look at the popular formats and topics of live streaming on Instagram:

  1. Answers to questions. The simplest format is that you answer the questions asked by your subscribers.
  2. Live tours. Universal format: for example, you can take a tour of a company office or production. Another option: you went to the sea and started a broadcast, where you show your subscribers beautiful places.
  3. Interview. You can conduct an interview with an interesting person in Live format. To do this, it is not necessary to invite a guest to a separate studio – he can be connected to the broadcast right during the broadcast.
  4. Product demonstration. If you are a business owner, then during the broadcast you can make an overview of your products – for example, tell you how to use the product.
  5. Contest results. During the live broadcast, you can take stock of the drawing – choose the winner among all the participants.
  6. Seminars. The live format on Instagram is a great way to conduct various training seminars and master classes.

Summary: answers to frequently asked questions

Question: How to save live stream?

Answer: You can save the broadcast immediately after the broadcast ends. There will be a “Save” button in the upper right corner. You can also save the Live broadcast to Stories.

Question: How do I turn off comments on broadcasts?

Answer: There is a line “Comments” at the bottom of the broadcast. Click on the three dots icon. A small menu will open in which you need to select the “Disable comments” option.

Question: How to hide broadcast from some users?

Answer: Open the application settings and go to the “Privacy” section. Then go to “History”.

Скрываем прямые эфиры в Инстаграм

There is a “Hide my story from” section here – choose people who will not see your Stories and live streams.

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