Чистка своих комментариев Инстаграма в сториз

Limiting and cleaning Instagram comments

Cleaning Instagram comments is a skill that every SMM specialist should have. Today, social networks have replaced our usual sites, so consumers often form their opinion about the company based on the information in the profile. Comments are the most important information a user views.

To properly position yourself for your target audience, it is important to filter the posted posts from third-party visitors to your page. Today we’ll show you how to do it right.

Cleaning and hiding Instagram comments

Some users don’t see the difference between hiding and clearing Instagram comments. The deleted text disappears from the page without the possibility of its recovery, however, the commentator can rewrite the message with the same words and publish under the same post.

With a properly configured hiding of comments, you can completely hide all statements under posts or prevent certain users from commenting on them. In this case, the written comments will not be visible. The function can be used, for example, if people constantly write under the posts hoping to promote their own accounts.

Another function allows you to completely disable the ability to leave messages under the publication. For example, if the topic raised in it is too provocative, or for some reason there is no desire to read and respond to commentators.

The initial settings of the Instagram social network allow any user to log into an account and view and comment on any posts, increasing the profile’s activity. If you need to restrict access to posts and disable the ability to leave messages under all posts, you must set restrictions in the profile settings.

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This can be done very quickly.

The procedure is as follows : profile settings – “Privacy” tab – “Account privacy” section – activation of the “Private account” button .

Чистка комментариев Инстаграма и их сокрытие

Cleaning Instagram comments and hiding them

After that, only those users who will be added to subscribers by the owner will have access to publications. The rest will not be able to not only leave comments, but also see the published posts in general.

It is important to remember that accounts with the ability to comment on posts disabled can quickly get bored with social network users.

Another way not to clean up Instagram comments is to limit the ability to comment on individual posts, for example, newly published ones. This can be done as follows :

  1. Select one or more photos for publication.

  2. Edit it, set the necessary filters, add text.

  3. Before publishing a post, open the Advanced Settings tab.

  4. In this tab, you can perform a number of actions: disable comments (this parameter can be changed if desired), adjust preferences, write alternative text (for visually impaired users).

Hide comments on Instagram live

Bloggers and account holders often face situations when it is necessary to provide subscribers with access to live broadcast on the Instagram social network, but at the same time limit the ability to leave messages. This is done using a special Chrome extension IG Story as follows :

  • downloading the IG Story extension for Instagram;

  • activated with the “Add to Chrome” button in the upper right corner;

  • action is confirmed in a pop-up window;

  • the Add Extension button is clicked;

  • after the installation is complete, the extension icon appears in the upper right corner of the screen;

  • then you need to log into your Instagram account;

  • Stories and live streams of bloggers the user is following will appear at the top of the screen;

  • after clicking on one of the videos, a new tab will open;

  • when the video starts streaming, the “Hide comments” button will appear;

  • by activating the button, you can hide messages.

You can only restrict access to commenting on live broadcasts from a computer.

Cleaning Instagram comments on iOS, Android and computer

To clean comments on Instagram on the iOS platform, you need to swipe the text to the left, after which you will be offered several options for icons: to reply to a comment, click on the left arrow, in order to complain about a statement – to an exclamation mark, to delete – to red box with a shopping cart.

Cleaning comments on Instagram is done by clicking on the basket. You can restore the text within a few seconds by clicking on the “undo” button in the pop-up window; later, it is impossible to return the comment.

Чистка комментариев Инстаграма на iOS, Android и на компьютере

Cleansing Instagram comments on iOS, Android and on a computer

Cleansing Instagram comments on Android platform is almost the same, the difference lies in the location of the icons. On iOS, to see the icons, you need to move the comment, on Android – click on it, and then in the line that appears at the top, select the icon with the desired action.

You can also clean Instagram comments from a computer or laptop :

  • log into your account profile on the web version of the social network;

  • next to messages to posts there are crosses, clicking on which brings up active fields: delete a message or cancel deletion.

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Step by step cleaning of multiple Instagram comments

  • Step 1 is to update to the latest version via the Google Play Instagram app.

  • Step 2: on your page you need to open the publication you are interested in, and then click on the button “View all comments”.

  • Step 3: press and hold the desired statement, then select the rest.

    You can clean up to 25 Instagram comments at a time.

  • Step 4: After checking all messages to be deleted, click on the trash can icon in the upper right corner.

How to increase the impact of any post:

So you can quickly and easily clean up the comments under the post.

Subscribers are not automatically informed about the actions of the account owner about deleting messages. However, if they wish, they can go to their profile and see if their comments are under the post.

Along with the comment, all replies to it are deleted. This function appeared about two years ago, therefore, it will not work to clean up comments on earlier posts on Instagram.

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Cleaning your comments on other Instagram pages

Sometimes it may be necessary to delete your comments to other people’s publications. You can do this both from your own and from someone else’s page, provided that the blogger has not closed his account (if the user is not among his subscribers). To clean your comments on Instagram, you need to follow these steps :

  • log into the account of the user of interest;

  • find the desired post;

  • after viewing messages, find your own;

  • further actions depend on which platform the person uses: on Android – click on the statement and delete it after the corresponding icon appears, on iOS – swipe left over the text and delete comment to cart.

Cleaning your Instagram comments in Stories

Many bloggers, entrepreneurs, ordinary users of the social network actively use the Stories function. Photos and videos in stories can also be annotated in the “Send message” line, give feedback using quick reactions. Both the author himself and the subscriber who reacted to Stories will be able to see the comment or reaction. A rash comment or mistakenly sent reaction can also be deleted. This is done as follows :

  • go to the Direct tab;

  • comment or quick response will be visible in dialogs with the user;

  • after opening the dialog, click on the sent message;

  • then click on the “Cancel Submit” button.

However, it is impossible to know for sure whether the post was viewed by the author.

Чистка своих комментариев Инстаграма в сториз

Cleaning your Instagram comments in Stories

Viewing all comments to your own and other people’s Instagram posts is not available. This social network does not have an archive that would include all messages, including deleted ones.

It is possible to clean up comments left by other users on Instagram only from personal profiles, both from the phone and from the computer. You can also complain about a comment or ask to remove the author of the post or directly the user who left an unnecessary comment.

All social networks, and Instagram is no exception, allow you to clean your comments under any post. You can also hide and delete messages from subscribers or other users left under your posts. There shouldn’t be any difficulties, and the instructions above will allow you to deal with objectionable statements quickly and easily.

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