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Let’s show you how to make a cool layout for your Instagram ad

Instagram today is one of the largest and most popular social networks. It’s hard to imagine how many users visit the platform every day. That is why advertising on this social network will help you find your audience, inform about new offers, constantly develop and increase profits.

It is important to properly manage your account, run the correct layout for your Instagram ads, in order to gather a large client base. If you are interested in promoting on Insta, then you know that without advertising in stories, in the feed, it is impossible.

But many beginners do not know about the rules for creating advertising layouts, so it is important to understand this topic.

Advertising layout for Instagram – what is it and why?

Video is considered to be the most effective advertising on the site. Even a short video can attract the attention of a potential audience, and if you make it informative and catchy – views, subscribers and purchases of your product, services (if you sell something here) are definitely provided.

It is easier and easier to promote a personal brand, product or service through advertising layouts. You can post publications in Stories or posts in the feed. The first option, according to many users, is more profitable and more effective, because short stories are viewed by a huge number of people every day.

In order to stand out, it’s important to create an interesting layout for your Instagram Story or Feed.

Here you need to take into account some nuances, for example, the correct choice of color scheme, font, text arrangement, etc.

Our task is to make the video beautiful and catchy. If you have experience in this matter, it is easy to cope. But if not, you can use templates, use video creation applications. Now there are many tools not only for PCs, but also for mobile gadgets for all operating systems.

The movement is always striking, so you can take several photos for advertising and make a video out of them. The layout must necessarily be unique and well-composed, so that it becomes interesting what it is in the blogger’s story. Although in 2021 most ad layouts are just a spectacular photo from a post.

Рекламный макет в Инстаграм с эффектным фото

The competition in this popular social network is incredibly high, so it is difficult to create a video clip that stands out from the large information flow the first time. As stated above, the best place to advertise is Stories:

  • Here you can brightly and colorfully introduce a person to your product using graphic tools, video effects, animation.
  • Wide audience, high click-through rates.
  • Using targeting you can reduce the cost of attracting subscribers.

Below are examples of interesting and trending layouts.

Интересные макеты для рекламы в Инстаграм

What should be in the ad layout

Those who are serious about their Instagram profile should be aware of the two-second rule. If you do not want potential subscribers to scroll through the ad, it is important to use some techniques from the first seconds, “hook” people. The person was interested in the video – he went to your page.

Things to consider when creating an advertising layout:

What to look for

What is your first impression

Nowadays there are only a couple of seconds to attract attention. That is why the first impression and the first emotions caused by your video become decisive for the subsequent actions of the potential audience. So the layout grid needs to be created as a single structure for it to be well thought out.

Brand name, personal profile

Visual strategy helps you stand out from the competition. By brand or nickname, you become recognizable, so it is imperative to include this information in your ads.

Choose a high quality photo

Pixelated images immediately reduce the level of trust and the desire to get to know the account better, so photos and videos should be clear, with high resolution.

Use a color scheme

Use the colors that prevail on your page for a harmonious layout.

It is worth mentioning the selling short theses:

  • Your name.
  • What interests you.
  • Why do I need to subscribe to you or buy something.
  • What your blog is about or what the store sells.
  • At the end of the video, a link to Instagram or a swipe button.

The layout for targeted advertising should contain a photo or video that may be of interest to something, show the essence of your blog, online store. You can use catchy phrases that the target audience will respond to.

You can also register some questions, calls to action (go to your account, subscribe or buy something). Prohibited content cannot be used in videos. Be sure to show your creativity, use non-standard phrases, transitions.

Technical requirements for an Instagram ad template

Regardless of the application used, such as creating an ad video, it is important to remember the Instagram Ads requirements:

  • 1080 x 1080 pixel square image, .jpg or .png format.

  • You can write text on the photo, but it should not occupy more than 20%.

  • The title is limited to 125 characters.

Image type

Requirements Instagram Ads

  • The maximum allowed time is 60 seconds.

  • Can be downloaded in .mp4 or .mov format.

  • Size up to 1.75 GB, description no more than 125 characters.

  • Format for posting in history with 9:16 sides,

  • Photos and videos are vertical, with a maximum size of 1920 × 1080.

Advertising video layout in Stories occupies the entire screen, it is able to create an immersive effect, the user’s attention does not go to extraneous elements. The ad may contain an image and a CTA (call to action) button. A static photo can be displayed for 5 seconds, a video for 60 seconds.

Detailed instructions on how to make layouts for advertising on Instagram

Now a huge number of different programs have been developed, with the help of which you can create unique layouts. There are paid and free ones among them.

One of the most popular services is Canva. It contains an infinite number of all kinds of graphic elements, frames, fonts and more. The interface is convenient and simple, even a beginner can easily figure it out. The program is free, but there are design elements for which you need to pay extra. If you use frequently, subscribe.

Can be used on a PC in a browser or downloaded to a smartphone. Canva has a lot of stylish, quirky templates that cover a variety of topics. Before proceeding with the step-by-step instructions, it is worth talking a little about the functionality of the application.

  • Each template has its own design, if you need to save time on design using a ready-made layout, be guided by the general appearance of this template and its components.
  • Any element can be removed or changed, so do not it is worth looking for some ideal option where you only want to insert your text.
  • On the main page, after authorization, you can select designs. For a quick search, enter a name in the search bar and select one of the suggested options.

You must register to use Canva. You can go to your Google or Facebook account. After that, the entire available library will open. If you don’t want to log in with your social media account, you can create a new profile. The procedure is standard and does not take much time.

After registration, an email is automatically sent to confirm the mailing address, but you can get started by skipping this step. We will consider a step-by-step algorithm of actions for creating an advertising layout on a smartphone.

For example, let’s make an advertisement for the opening of a coffee shop. Getting Started:

  • Registering on the Canva website or app.
  • Selecting the Instagram Story layout.
Создаем макет для рекламы в Canva
  • Among the free templates that have opened, we are looking for a more suitable theme and color. Let’s try to select an empty one.
  • Another gallery will open, here, to save time, enter “Advertising for Instagram Stories” in the search bar.
Вводим Реклама для истории Инстаграм
  • We are looking for a more suitable for the theme of the coffee shop.
  • First, click on the text that we want to replace. We enter what we need. The text can be rotated, changed color, font – all tools are at the bottom. You can also set the display time for this template. Here, using the cross in the lower right corner, you can add photos, videos, text, etc.
  • Swipe to the left and we can add another template on the selected topic. All tools are similar. On the second layout, we also set the display time. We register a nickname on Instagram and a call to action.
Меняем макет на свое усмотрение
  • In the upper right corner there is a play button, you can see what happened. There are also settings at the top (indicated by three dots), in which you can change the size, name, specify the type of grid, etc.
  • The outermost button in the upper right corner with an arrow allows you to save the video, immediately send it to the Instagram story and to other sites, as well as to print cards, brochures and much more.

Now let’s look at how to create a layout for Insta in the PC version of the service:

  • After authorization on the main page, select “Post to Instagram”.
Выбираем Публикация в Инстаграм
  • The work area will open, where on the left are all the tools, templates. You can also add text, add music, embed videos and much more.
Выбираем шаблон для рекламы
  • Select the template you like, edit the image, text, color if necessary. To do this, you need to double-click on the object. Then the toolbar will open.
Редактируем элементы шаблона
  • After editing, you can easily change the background or use the filter.
  • Save by clicking on the special button.
Сохраняем макет

Helpful hints

One important thing to keep in mind when planning your Instagram Ads: It’s a mobile platform. So rules that work for other services may become invalid here.

If you want to make a good ad layout that grabs the attention of users, remember that:

  • The design should be bright.
  • Need a call to action.
  • Include in the layout what makes you stand out from the rest.
  • Simplicity is the key to success.

Before than even deciding to conduct an advertising campaign, you should prepare your profile for it. A person who clicks on your layout should go to the page and immediately see what the ad was talking about.

A badly styled feed scares off potential customers, even if you’ve made a great layout. Make it relevant to the content of your page. For example, to advertise clothes, you need to have beautiful photos of clothes in your account, and not of bags or underwear.

Recommendations from the SMM specialist:

  • Try to concisely convey your message to the audience so that it is clear what you are presenting.
  • Add music to your promotional videos so they become more dynamic.
  • First step – script creation. Stories on Instagram lasts only 15 seconds, but during this time you can manage to present up to 7 information blocks.
  • Take only author’s photos, images, do not add pictures with watermarks. Don’t use more than 3 different fonts, keep them simple, non-annoying and easy to read.
  • Don’t use annoying animations, shiny pictures, etc.
  • Be sure to check the ads before launching.
  • li>

Experiment with the format, picture, length of the video.

Another important tip: always do your analysis! This is the only way you will be able to understand whether your ad “hits” the audience or if you need to change or add something.

Fortunately, today there are a huge number of opportunities, training. And if you are seriously thinking about where to make layouts, how to set up a target, be sure to visit the free training from Dmitry Dyakov.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use special buttons: “Download”, “Registration”, “More” and others. The text can be diluted with emoji, but without fanaticism, be sure to make paragraphs.

The most important thing in visual content is watching. View interesting photos more often, take ideas on Pinterest, Instagram itself, on design sites. Pay attention to ad submissions, examples of large companies.

In addition to the popular Canva, there are also services Crello, Snappa (in English, but the interface is simple). Mojo and InShot are ideal for mobile use.

Briefly about the main thing

The procedure for creating a layout is simple:

  • we form an idea and a message;
  • collect materials, take a photo;
  • choose applications for work;
  • installation;
  • editing if necessary.

An advertising layout on Instagram is a unique opportunity to tell about yourself, draw the attention of a wide and target audience to your profile. Even an inexperienced user can create a video in 1-2 hours if he has an idea.

Sincerely, Elena Sosnina
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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