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Instant posts on Instagram: how to get the most out of it

Instant messages on Instagram is a convenient tool for forming template answers to frequently asked questions and incoming proposals. Instead of typing long text every time, just write one word or even insert an emoji, and a pre-written response will appear in the message window. All that remains is to click on “Send”.

However, keep in mind that, in addition to response speed, personalization is also required. Edit the quick message by adding a personalized message and this will increase user loyalty. Read about how to configure this functionality and use it with maximum efficiency in our material.

The essence of instant messages on Instagram

A big plus of working on Instagram are ready-made templates, using which you can constantly be in touch with your subscribers. To do this, go to Direct and send a message.

This service will be convenient for online store owners, companies, brands. None of your user’s questions will go unanswered, while saving you time for tasks that require increased attention.

You can use the function of instant messages on Instagram only if you have a business account – this service is not available for users with a personal page. To convert your page to the professional section, go to your profile settings.

Суть быстрых сообщений в «Инстаграме»

The essence of quick posts on Instagram

What are the benefits of fast messages :

  • Speed ​​and ease of communication with clients . You can do without this setting if your business is small and there are not many mailing lists with messages. Large companies will appreciate this service as they receive dozens of questions a day. Moreover, if you run contests and sweepstakes, you just need to be able to quickly contact their participants.

  • Easy customization . This option on Instagram is so easy to use that it takes a minimum of time and effort to create and edit templates. It will take you about an hour to create templates for answers to the most common questions, but then you will not have to come back to this, communicating with each new subscriber.

In this case, the creators of Instagram provided invaluable assistance to both users and business owners, since the social network nowadays is not only a place of communication, but also a business platform for many shops, salons, pastry shops.

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Try to structure your answers so that you do not need to correct them each time. Therefore, they should contain comprehensive information regarding popular subscribers’ questions.

3 reasons to use quick posts on Instagram

There are at least three main reasons for using the Instant Messaging feature on Instagram:

  1. Using quick messages in Direct to answer frequently asked questions

    Why answer the same questions day in and day out when you can relieve yourself of this burden, leaving time for more important tasks than typing the same thing several times a day.

    In your responses, use the same style as all your posts to provide a prospective customer with all the data they need to make a purchase.

  2. Comfortable customer service management

    Your customers will be pleased that you show interest in their messages and personally answer questions. This toolkit will allow you to comfortably communicate with users, paying attention to them and showing their importance to you.

    Prepare basic replies like “thank you” even for simple comments on your profile design.

  3. Useful if you are running an advertising campaign

    Quick messages will be a godsend for those who launch ads on Instagram or have prepared a promotion for their users.

    Think in advance of the questions that your customers may ask about the new offer, and prepare universal messages for responses – this way you will save your Direct from being overloaded.

    You will appreciate this easy-to-use yet essential tool when you start using it. In addition to saving time, it saves you from having to blush for mistakes made in a hurry when typing the same answer again.

Examples of using instant messages on Instagram

The most common questions from buyers of your product or service are related to cost, shipping methods, opening hours, product availability.


Быстрые сообщения в Инстаграм: как использовать с максимальной эффективностью
Быстрые сообщения в Инстаграм: как использовать с максимальной эффективностью Duration: 6-8 weeks
Быстрые сообщения в Инстаграм: как использовать с максимальной эффективностью Level: Beginner / Advanced
Быстрые сообщения в Инстаграм: как использовать с максимальной эффективностью Free block: yes

Create pinned Stories and put some questions there. However, even such measures will not protect you from constantly coming questions. This is where you need your quick message templates.

For example, questions like this are popular :

  • How much does a pizza cost?

  • How much does the delivery cost? Is there free shipping? Is there a night delivery?

Response templates :

Other uses of the quick replies :

  • Questions – “How long do you work?”, “What is the work schedule?”, “Do you work on weekends?” The answers may be as follows: “We work on weekdays from 9 to 18 hours.” In this case, the code word for a quick response is “schedule”.

  • Questions – “How much does a hoodie cost?”, “Can you show the entire price list for them?” Quick answers: “Good afternoon, you can see the price list with our products and their current prices on the site, please follow the link …”. The code word will be “price”.

  • Questions – “Is there a delivery to the suburbs?”, “How much does delivery cost to …?”. A possible quick answer is “Delivery within the city is free, within the region – 300 rubles, delivery to other cities is calculated individually”. “Delivery” is the code word for this question.

Examining all messages from one section (for example, about delivery) will help you compose a universal answer containing all possible nuances. This way you can avoid adjustments and additions.

Create quick posts on Instagram

To create an Instagram quick reply template, go to your account home page settings. You must select the “Quick replies” item. Next, a new tab will open, on which you need to click “New Quick Reply” or click on the plus in the upper right corner.

Создание быстрых сообщений в «Инстаграме»

Create quick posts on Instagram

Now you need to type a quick response. We print the response text in the new window that opens. You will need to enter the first word so that it can be found in Yandex.Direct. Click on the checkmark and your quick message is ready.

Быстрый ответ

Quick Response

When you need to provide a quick response to a visitor to your account, do the following :

  • Click on your chat icon to select a suitable pre-built template.

  • When you enter the specified word, the chat icon will be highlighted in blue. Next, click on it to automatically insert the quick message into the reply box.

If you need to make corrections in the quick reply, you can always do so before submitting it.

The data in the prepared quick responses can be corrected if necessary. This can also be done in the settings section. Find all the responses you have created, click on the ones you want to edit, and make the changes you want.

To delete a quick reply, the items are the same – “Settings – Quick replies”. Delete the answer you no longer need.

You can use automatic subscription messages.

Be careful, because quick and automatic replies are not exactly the same thing. Instagram invites you to use the function of quick replies, while third-party services are responsible for sending automatic replies. Among the most popular services that offer you the function of sending messages to newly subscribed customers are :

  • Instaplus.

  • Socialkit.

  • Tooligram.

When setting up an autodirect, you need to make a list of unique messages. Otherwise, Instagram may block you for sending spam.

Setting up quick messages in Facebook targeting

For those who have a business account, the creators of Facebook offer the services of the Facebook Ads Manager advertising service. It will help you set up targeted ads for your professional profile.

In this service, you can also use a function similar to quick replies on Instagram: after seeing your ad, a potential buyer follows the link and automatically receives a welcome message that you have compiled in advance with a list of questions in Direct.

Настройка быстрых сообщений в таргетинге Facebook

Smart Feed Tasks on Instagram

Setting up quick posts in Facebook targeting :

  1. You need to link your business profile to Facebook and confirm authorization. Open Facebook Ads Manager using any browser, then find the Campaigns section and click the Add icon.

  2. A new window will open in front of you, where you need to specify the purpose of your advertising campaign – “Messages”.

  3. After checking the completion of all the fields you need, open the tab with the list of services for communication and find “Instagram Direct”.

  4. On the next page, find the “Templates” section. By clicking the “Create New” button, choose the greeting you like and the questions that potential customers might ask. Now the link from your targeted ad will send the user to the chat in Direct with a pre-composed greeting and frequently asked questions.

This service is convenient for organizations and companies that constantly use targeted advertising, as a result of which they have to regularly answer the same type of questions.

7 ways to improve the effectiveness of quick posts on Instagram

Now you have an idea of ​​what quick messages are for and how to set them up. Let’s take a look at what it takes to be as effective as possible and attract more customers to your account.

  1. Communication with clients

    Your customers expect a reaction from you even to a message with a simple greeting. Do not ignore such things – reply to them in Stories, post small reviews about your products and services (this is what Quick Answers are for). Templates with different message options for all kinds of situations of your communication with clients will help you to always be in touch with your users.

  2. Personalizing Quick Replies

    While quick answers can save you time, you shouldn’t make them too generalized and impersonal. The client will be glad if you contact him personally, and your message will clearly suit his question. If it becomes obvious that you are using templates without paying due attention to a specific person, it is possible that this customer will no longer use your services.

    How to convert applications into money:

  3. Convenience of combination

    To further speed up the process of finding the quick answer you need, we suggest you use an emoji symbol that suits the situation instead of a combination of letters or a word. So, when you just type the desired emoji, you will be presented with the same text that contains the answer to the customer’s question.

  4. Link attachments

    Sometimes buyers request a link to your business website, telegram channel, etc. If your quick replies contain the necessary links, you can quickly forward them to the client using private messages.

  5. Simplified navigation

    Instagram users are often bothered by the question asked to business account owners: “Where can I find the next service (product, discount)?” Many people prefer to ask this question personally, instead of finding the answer themselves. This is sometimes hindered by the large amount of information and posts on the account page. We advise you to create one quick response containing a list of hashtags and stories – this will help your customers in finding the product they are interested in.

    Упрощение навигации

    Simplify Navigation
  6. Change the design of the message

    It is not so difficult to make your correspondence with customers interesting – just use emoji and other symbols from the Internet. One of the quick replies might contain a set of emoticons that you can use to decorate your message. Use a blank character in quick replies to conveniently separate paragraphs of text.

  7. Bonus activation

    Everyone loves gifts – so make one for your new customers. You can draw attention to your product by using a message with the text about discounts. Let’s say new subscribers could receive a promo code that guarantees a 3% discount on their next order.

As you can see, quick replies on Instagram are a real savings in time and cost of maintaining your professional profile, as it saves you the trouble of hiring a customer correspondent. The control of this function is easy and mastered in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, prepared answers will help you avoid spelling mistakes and not miss a single message when your profile is loaded during sweepstakes, contests and promotions.

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