Как отключить двухфакторную аутентификацию в инстаграм

Instagram two-factor authentication: what it is, how to enable or disable

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is two-factor authentication on Instagram and how it works.
  • How to enable additional protection for your account: from your phone and computer.
  • How to disable two-factor authentication.

What is two-factor authentication on Instagram?

Two-Factor Authentication is an additional way to protect your Instagram profile. To get into the account, the user needs to confirm that he is the real owner of the page. To do this, enter a password and a special code that will be sent via SMS.

This will protect your Instagram profile from hackers: if someone tries to access your account from an unidentified browser or mobile device, they will have to enter an authentication code. It is very difficult to bypass this tool – it requires access to your gadget or SIM card.

Instagram has several authentication methods:

  • SMS with codes that are sent to the phone.
  • Login codes that are generated in third-party applications: for example, Google Authenticator.

How to enable two-factor authentication?

Let’s move on to the practical part of the article: we will connect two-factor authentication to the account. First, we’ll show you how to enable protection from your phone, and then from your computer.

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From phone

Open the Instagram app and go to your profile page. Open your account menu and go to the “Settings” section.

Настройки Instagram-профиля

Next, go to the Security section.

Параметры безопасности

This is where the Two-Factor Authentication option is located – select it to continue.

Двухфакторная аутентификация в Инстаграм

A section with a brief description of the function will open. You can familiarize yourself with the official documentation (for this, click the “Details” button). Click the Get Started button to continue.

Подключаем двухэтапную аутентификацию

Select a protection method: SMS – the code will be sent to the phone; authentication application – for this you need to install Google Authenticator on your smartphone.

Выбор способа защиты аккаунта

We recommend choosing the first option – SMS 2-Step Verification. Next, enter your phone number. A confirmation code will be sent to it – you will need to enter it in the application.

Указываем номер телефона

Done, you have enabled two-factor authentication – now your account is as secure as possible from hacking.

The application will also generate recovery codes – 5 pieces. Save them in a separate text file – for example, in your notes. You will need these codes if you lose your phone and cannot receive the SMS code.

From computer

Let’s enable additional protection for your Instagram profile from your computer. Log into your account using any browser. Open the page settings and go to the “Privacy & Security” section.

Настройки безопасности Инстаграм на ПК

There is a subsection “Two-factor authentication” here. Click on the button that is responsible for editing the settings for this option.

Включаем двухфакторную аутентификацию на компьютере

Select a method for connecting additional protection: SMS – the code will be sent to the specified number; Authenticator apps – Google Authenticator required. Here, as in the previous section, we recommend choosing the first option – SMS.

Выбор способа защиты

Confirm the action – to do this, enter the code that came to the phone. Done, you have added additional protection.

How do I disable two-factor authentication?

If necessary, you can disable two-factor authentication. To do this, open the Instagram application on your smartphone and go to the settings again. Next, go to the “Security” – “Two-factor authentication” section.

Uncheck the selected profile protection option. A system message will open where you need to confirm the action.

Как отключить двухфакторную аутентификацию в инстаграм

Done, 2-Step Verification is disabled.

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