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Instagram Story Ideas: 30 Cool Examples to Increase Engagement (2021)

In this article, we’ll take a look at 30 cool Instagram Story ideas. First for a personal profile, and then for a business account.

All recommendations and ideas are relevant in 2021. Therefore, feel free to use them for your Instagram profile.

TOP-18 ideas for a personal account

First, let’s look at Stories ideas for a personal account. They are also great for blogging. There are 17 interesting ideas in total.


Conduct subscriber polls. On any topic: for example, let the audience choose the best TV series, movie or book.

To conduct a survey, use a special sticker.

Опросы в Сторис Инстаграм
Create a poll

For more information about polls – how to make and ideas – read our article.

Before and after

An extremely interesting section – before / after. For example, make a change in your image. And show the result: how it was before and what happened after.

You can also set yourself a goal: pump up your abs. Surprise your followers with the result you get. The audience loves these “transformations”.


Games increase audience engagement. For example, you can play a game where subscribers need to find differences in two “identical” pictures.

Игра в Сторис Инстаграм
Story example

For more ideas for interactive content, see our article “TOP 36 games on Instagram.”


Conduct various master classes for your subscribers. For example, girls can show you how to do beautiful makeup in 5-10 minutes. But in a 15 second slicing format. You can edit to music.

If you have an expert blog, then share useful information from your area: for example, 5 effective exercises for the press. Also in slicing format that lasts 15 seconds.

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How was my day

Tell your followers how your day went. In the form of a 15 second cut. Start shooting in the morning.

Try to capture the most important and interesting events that happen to you during the day. As a result, you will get a dynamic cut from different events. Submit this Story in the evening.

Links to your posts

To increase the reach of posts, make announcements in Stories. This way more subscribers will know about a new post – especially if they haven’t seen it in their feed.

For the announcement, you can share a link to the post. Or make a short video and say that there was an interesting post on such and such a topic.

Links to other people’s posts

Similarly, you can share links to other people’s posts. For example, if you find useful material in the feed that will definitely be of interest to your audience.

Read about how to do this in our “How to add a link to Instagram Stories”.


Publish Stories interactively. Allow subscribers to make any choice.

For example, let them choose which shoes to wear to the store or which movie to watch in the evening.


Shoot a mini-series in Stories format. Each Story is one episode of 15 seconds.

The good thing about this format is that it can be stretched over several weeks. For example, air two mini-series episodes a week.

Life Hacks

Share interesting life hacks with your subscribers. But without banal and hackneyed topics: for example, how to cook soup and Coca-Cola, it is unlikely to arouse great interest among the audience.

Thousands of bloggers talked about this when there was a trend for experiments with “Cola”.

Questions Answered

Answer frequently asked questions from subscribers. First, you can post a Story, which will include a sticker for questions.

Стикер вопросов в Сторис Инстаграм
Question sticker

Then start answering all the questions that subscribers asked.


Run subscriber quizzes. Ask interesting questions on various topics: art, music, culture, show business, games industry.

This is a great way to increase audience engagement.


Start an interesting challenge. A special sticker “Challenge” will help you with this.

Челлендж в Stories Instagram
Launching the challenge

For example, let the audience try to repeat some spectacular trick. As practice shows, a challenge can go viral – and this is an additional increase in the audience to your Instagram profile.


Make congratulations through Stories. And we are talking not only about significant holidays – New Year, March 8, February 23.

Make a small survey: have your subscribers write when they have a birthday. Some lucky ones can be congratulated on their birthday in Stories.


Share interesting recipes. For example, tell your followers how to make a delicious salad with simple ingredients at hand: tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflower oil.

Fun and interesting facts

Tell us something interesting or funny about yourself. Feel free to share a childhood story you feel ashamed of.

This will help the audience know more about you as a person. This will increase their confidence.

Food Reviews

Order food from restaurants and review them. You can view purchases from the store.

Another popular format is fast food review: for example, Burger King burgers.

Relationship history

If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, tell us your relationship story. In Stories format.

This is a very popular format on Instagram. You can make a mini-series: in each Story tell interesting facts – how did you meet, how many years you have been dating.

TOP-12 ideas for a business account

Now let’s take a look at some interesting ideas for business accounts. They are relevant for brands, online stores, beauty salons, private professionals (for example, manicurists). We have collected 12 ideas in total.

Selling Stories

Make Marketing Stories. Tell us about your product or service: what are its advantages, how it differs from competitors. Be sure to include the price, payment and delivery methods.


Run contests. Play your product or service among subscribers. To do this, come up with conditions for participation: for example, let the participants repost the competition History.

Discounts and promotions

Make announcements of discounts and promotions. So more subscribers will learn about the reduction in prices for your goods / services.

Скидки в Сторис Инстаграм
Example Discount Stories

This is a great way to boost your sales.

Company news

Submit important company news. For example, tell them that you have moved to a new office.

Take a short video from the new office or show pictures of the premises. Talk about new “heights” – for example, increased revenue or replenishment of the range.


Show your examples of work. This is especially true for private professionals such as internet marketers.

Make a small case study: briefly describe what results your customers are getting.

Portfolio stories can be pinned to the profile header. To do this, add it to the “Actual” section. The stories in this section are eternal, they are not deleted after 24 hours.

Promo codes

Publish promotional codes to Stories. For example, a discount for a certain category of goods.

Add a deadline. For example, a promo code is only valid for 10 hours. Then you won’t be able to buy a product at a discount.


Share customer reviews. The easiest option is to take a screenshot of the review and add it to History.

Отзывы в Stories
Sample recall

Collect 5-6 reviews. Add your Review Story to the Highlights section so that it appears in the header.

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Product by face

Show your product “face”. Demonstrate it in action: for example, if it is a vacuum cleaner, then show how well it sucks up dust.

Similarly, with the service sector – for example, if you are a manicurist, show the result of your work. Better yet, display the results in a before / after format.


Follow step by step instructions. For example, make a History of how to quickly pay for an item on your online store website.

You can also show how to use the product correctly. This is especially true for complex niches.

Product of the day

This is an idea for daily Stories. Make announcements of “Product of the Day”. These are interesting discounted products.

Thus, you can increase the sales of goods. Moreover, add products that are in low demand to the Product of the Day category.

Company life

This format is somewhat similar to news. But here you need to share the “behind-the-scenes” life of the company.

For example, show how the workflow in the office works: how you change coolers, start your working day, communicate with customers.

How the product is made

You can demonstrate the process of creating a product directly in Stories. For example, show how you assemble sofas (if you have a furniture company).

This is a great content format that builds audience confidence in your brand or company.


We’ve covered the best Instagram Story ideas. Add them to your content plan. This will help you diversify your profile as much as possible: whether it’s a personal blog or a business account.

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