Instagram Story: How to Engage and Sell More with the Tool

If you still don’t see Instagram Story as a way to sell more, know that you’re losing money every day… 

That’s because this tool was created precisely to help you engage more with your customers, through short videos or interactive images.

Besides, there are several features that only Instagram Story offers for you to use and sell a lot there… 

Want to know what they are and how to use them correctly?

So, read on and learn how to engage and sell more with Instagram Story!

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Instagram Story is more powerful than you think… 

Stories has great power to bring your followers closer to your business… 

Unlike feed posts, short videos generate a feeling of closeness with followers, but of course, as long as you talk normally about topics related to your niche, about your products, among other things…

And you don’t just need to post videos to Stories, you can also create images, take photos and post so people can see them during the day.

This way, it is not necessary to make several posts in the feed in one day, the important thing is to maintain a relationship throughout the day with your followers.

But it’s no use posting several stories and not making people engage with your content… 

The idea is that most people look at your posts and interact in some way, either through comments or reactions.

That’s why it’s important to know how to increase engagement there.

And we’ve selected some ideas for you to increase your brand engagement within Instagram, all involving the use of Stickers!

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But what are Instagram Stickers?

You may think you don’t, but you probably have already used it… 

Stickers are all those features that are available in stories, such as GIF’s, location, question box, hashtags, countdown, polls, quizzes, etc.

They were created to help you engage with people, offering more possibilities to interact with followers in a creative and dynamic way.

But not everyone knows how to use them strategically and intelligently… 

Our goal here is to show you how to use the stickers not only to engage, but also to learn more about your persona, improve communication and sell more.

So, we selected the main stickers that are most used by companies strategically.

Check it out: 

1 – Use Polls

Who has never voted in a poll on Instagram Story? People love to vote in polls! So why not use it on your business profile?

It’s combining business with pleasure…

The polls will help to increase the potential of your Stories not only to have more engagement, but also to know more about your audience and the products they like the most.

Don’t know how to do this? Let’s give you some examples…

Let’s say you want to know which product your followers prefer… Is it product X or product Y?

To find out the answer, you can create an image comparing two products and on that same image, place the poll sticker with the following question: “Which one do you like best?” and enter responses for people to vote.

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? But it brings results!

2 – Instagram Question Box

Another very interesting Instagram Story Sticker is the question box, in which you can ask your customers’ questions in a relaxed way.

It looks a bit like polls, but the difference is that your follower can send a personalized reply to your direct and you can reply by message or via a new story.

In fact, we do it here at EnP and answer questions from our audience during the week.

By the way, if you have any questions about Ecommerce, stay tuned for our question box on the Instagram profile, ok?

The truth is, people feel a lot more special when the question they submitted is answered….

This is a way to show that your brand really cares about the customer’s opinion or questioning.

One more tip regarding this proximity to customers: answer the questions by video!

Although it is not an essential requirement, the spoken video, the one that you show up and answer the question, involves much more of your audience, bringing the brand closer to the client… 

Take the test and then tell the result here in the comments.

3- Question Answer with Emoji Sticker

A Sticker that is great for increasing your Instagram engagement is the Sticker that you can drag the emoji to answer a question.

It’s in the same format as the question box, but in it you can drag the emoji to say more or less how much you liked the content.

Depending on which Emoji you use, it can measure how humorous people are about a subject.

Even though it’s not a very popular Sticker on Instagram Story, we’ve already done the test and people really interact with this kind of story.

So, it might be interesting for your profile engagement!

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4 – Quiz

Now, let’s talk about Quiz, another sticker often used on Instagram Story… 

The quiz is interesting for you to test your audience’s knowledge of a subject that involves your brand.

For example, let’s say you sell beauty products. You can create a fun Quiz about which product is best for a particular purpose (eg, best product for curling) and put in the answers.

This is a way to educate your audience in a fun and relaxed way, presenting the products, showing what they are for, the values, and other information that you consider relevant.

You could see the many interactive features that Instagram Story offers and all of them are amazing for you to stimulate interaction with your followers…

So use them all! The idea is to use it more and more creatively.

And remember: these are the main features we’ve selected, but there are others that you can also use strategically and intelligently to know your audience, engage and sell more!

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