Instagram Stories: What It Is and How to Make It Easy (2021)

Did you know that Instagram Stories can drive your business results?

If you haven’t used this Instagram feature in your marketing strategy yet, you’re missing out on one excellent opportunity to increase the reach of your brand and accelerate the growth of your business.

In this article, you will find out what Instagram Stories is, why to use this feature and what are the features of Instagram Stories .

In addition, you will also learn, through simple tips, how to create Stories on Instagram, you will know what to post, how to get more views, how to find out who has seen your Stories and much more.

This fundamental theme for all people who already use or want to sell on the internet, regardless if you are an affiliate or have your own traditional business, I invite you to continue reading the article until the end and I guarantee you will be ahead of your competition on Instagram Stories, and you can take get the most out of this feature.

What Is Instagram Stories anyway?

Afinal, O Que É Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is an Instagram feature to promote interaction between users in a fun, engaging and creative way.

The feature allows you to “tell a story” through images or videos, with a duration of 24-hour display. After this period, the posts simply “go away”.

Because it is a feature that is not available for a long time, Instagram Stories manage to be very attractive, drawing more and more attention from users, who click before the publication disappears.

As its name suggests, Instagram Stories are your everyday stories, told to your followers, through images and short videos.

The feature allows you to include visual effects in your stories to make them more attractive and fun.

Why Use Instagram Stories?

Story was something unique to Snapchat. Over time and with great success, Instagram adopted the feature, and soon Facebook and WhatsApp also started using it.

Today, Instagram Stories outnumber Snapchat users, pioneer in the feature.

Instagram Stories has become a powerful tool for digital entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes.

Entrepreneurs and big brands in the market are using Instagram Stories to publish ads , increase brand reach and gain new customers.

So if you want to drive your business results, this tool should be part of your social media marketing strategy.

What Are The Features Of Instagram Stories?

As important as knowing how to create Instagram Stories is knowing what to post.

From now on you will know what the features of Instagram are Instagram Stories and you’ll know what to post, strategically, making the most of the available resources levels on Instagram Stories to increase reach and generate lots of engagement.

Check out the top features of Instagram Stories now.

1. Hashtags

Use hashtags em seus stories do instagram

Hashtags make stories easier for users to find.

In addition to finding stories more easily, users can also follow hashtags.

In addition, users who follow the hashtag you used will find your stories even more easily.

So, for your stories to be easily found by your followers, you need to add hashtags.

This Instagram Stories feature will help you reach more users on the network, as long as your account don’t be private, of course.

2. Poll

Instagram polls have the power to generate a lot of engagement and increase the reach of your profile and, consequently, gain more followers is the poll.

The functionality allows you to see who voted in your poll. , what is the vote of each user and also who just viewed and did not vote.

You can also publish the poll results, as soon as the voting ends.

In addition to generating engagement, this functionality is great for getting users’ opinions when you launch a product on the market or for comparing two products, for example.

3. Link

Disponibilize Links

For those who have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, the platform allows that user to add a clickable link in stories.

This link appears to users in an arrow format while viewing the story. When the user drags this arrow up, they are directed to the link page.

That is, if you have a blog , this functionality will boost your conversions there.

The link can also be the sales page for a product, or whatever page you want.

4. Live

Live is an Instagram feature to broadcast live on the platform.

You can make a live through Instagram Stories to promote any promotion, launch or event.

This functionality is also perfect for you to talk to your followers, answer questions, and interact with them in real time.

5. Location

Coloque sua localização nos stories

This functionality allows you to publish the location from which you are publishing the story.

Location is an excellent feature for those who have a physical business and want to publicize the address.

That’s because every time someone clicks on the location, all publications tagged to that address appear.

6. Branding

Branding is a feature that is related to managing a brand. Branding involves, among other elements of a brand’s identity:

  • Logo;
  • Images;
  • Slogan;
  • Brand Name.

Use this feature to stand out from your competitors, as Instagram is a social network with a focus on the look.

7. Highlights

Use a função de destaques do Instagram Stories

Instagram allows you to post a permanent story , meaning it doesn’t disappear after 24 hours.

This story is the highlight, a feature you can use to talk about yourself or your brand.

8. GIF

GIF is a way for you to share content with a dash of humor and fun.

GIF’s are great for attracting and entertaining your followers. In addition, they can also help you make the message clearer and easier to understand.

9. Emoji slider

Uma forma legal de aumentar engajamento é pelo Slider

This functionality is like a thermometer, to measure the reaction of followers in your story.

It has an emoji format, and the user slides the “thermometer” to show how much they liked your post.

This is a great way to generate engagement and also to know how much the public’s opinion is. to what you publish.

You can use the emoji slider on any photo, but you can take this opportunity to find out how much the audience liked a product you promote, for example.

Which The Importance of Storytelling In Instagram Stories?

Porque usar Storytelling no Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a way of telling a story, just like I mentioned it here in the article. So that means this feature is also a type of storytelling.

Telling everyday stories will help you increase your content reach, engagement, sales and many other goals that make your digital business take off.

“Storytelling” on Instagram Stories does with followers to identify with you and your brand, arousing empathy, bringing the future customer and your brand even closer.

If your story is happy or sad, the resource makes the audience suffers or rejoices with you, through involvement with your story.

In this way, little by little, you will gain the trust of your followers and their interest in what you have to offer.

And from there, it’s much easier to earn money on Instagram by selling to your audience.

How to Create Instagram Stories That Captivate Your Audience?

The days when brands didn’t even want to know the opinion of consumers are over. Now the consumer has a voice and can choose what to buy.

So, the challenge for brands is to win people’s trust, listening to what the consumer needs and wants, offering the best solution on the market.

You can do what many brands are already doing, use Instagram Stories to humanize your brand, creating closeness to your future customer.

For that, you need to tell stories true about the human beings behind a brand.

To create Instagram Stories that are able to captivate your audience, just follow the tips I’ll list below. Check it out.

1. Pay attention to the size of images and videos

Qual o tamanho ideal para imagens no instagram stories

The first tip is very basic, but very important. You should pay due attention to the size of the images and videos you will post in your stories.

The proportion of images to post on Instagram Stories is 1080 x 1920.

This is the ideal proportion to publish in the resource, and the display of each image is 5 seconds.

In relation to the size of the videos, as the display of this format is 15 seconds, if if your video is longer than that, it will be cut into another 15-second video, and so on.

2. Use filters and effects to get attention

The second tip I’ll leave here for you is about the filters and effects you can use to get your audience’s attention and make your posts much more fun and engaging .

Instagram Stories provides several effects and filters that you can use to make your stories much more attractive.

Some of the most used effects by users are:

Sponsored Filters

Some famous brands and people provide their own filters, in partnership with Instagram.


This effect increases or reduces the size of the image that is recorded in the videos in stories.


Superzoom is an effect that, in addition to increasing or reducing the size of the image that is shot in the videos, offers animated filters for you insert in your publication.

Through these animated filters you can leave your romantic, sad, dramatic, surprising stories in much more, just use your imagination.

Augmented Reality

This feature allows you to place animated filters on the scene in 3D format.


Face Masks is a feature that allows you to put animated items on your face, such as pets, hearts, glasses, etc.


With the Boomerang feature you can can record an animation of a few seconds and the recording keeps repeating, as if the image were moving, like a boomerang.

3. Use stickers

Usar Stickers nos Stories do Instagram

Stickers are those stickers you see in stories, which make posts more interesting and fun.

This feature, like the others, is used to make a simple photo much more fun.

Among the features of the stickers in Instagram Stories are:

  • Put a sticker on someone’s face in your photo;
  • Increase or decrease the size of the stickers ;
  • Insert hashtags so that your followers can easily find your stories posts;
  • Make polls with stickers;
  • Insert location stickers to set the time of the publication and even the weather of the place where the photo was taken.

4. Take polls to stimulate audience engagement

Instagram Stories also has the function of creating polls, taking quizzes and asking questions for followers in your posts.

Through this feature, you can do it know what your followers are asking for and, at the same time, generate a lot of engagement, which increases your brand reach and, consequently, your conversions.

5. Invite your audience to participate in polls and quizzes

Convide a audiência para participar das perguntas e enquetes

Publish a poll or quiz and don’t encourage the audience to participate doesn’t generate much engagement.

You can make a very interesting and creative post in stories, but you need to be concerned about applying strategies to attract more people to watch.

Invite your followers to watch their stories and interact in publications through calls to action, such as “take part in the poll” or “take the quiz”, for example.

6. Insert a soundtrack in stories

Stories and songs have the ability to connect brands with consumers. So take advantage of the Instagram feature to publish your Stories with interesting background music.

To do this, simply select a track in your mobile app while recording the video to Instagram Stories.

How to Get More Views of Your Instagram Stories?

Use hashtags em seus stories do instagram0

The first thing you need to do to get more views of your Instagram Stories is to draw more people to your profile.

To do this, you can create a Facebook Ads campaign, partner with digital influencers, create polls, take quizzes and ask questions, for example.

Another tip for getting it more views of your Instagram stories is to integrate your platform profile with your Facebook profile and thereby publish your stories to your audience there as well.

How to See Instagram Stories Posted by Your Friends ?

To see Instagram Stories posted by your friends is pretty simple. You just need to verify that the user’s profile photo has a colored circle around it.

This circle around the profile photo indicates that the user has made a post in the stories that you haven’t viewed yet.

The top bar of the Instagram home page also shows the new stories posted by your followers on the platform.

If you want, you can view each one sequentially, just click in the first one, the rest will be displayed next.

How to Find Out Who Has Seen Your Stories And The Order From First To Last?

Use hashtags em seus stories do instagram1

Instagram shows who viewed your stories, as long as you choose this option in your profile settings.

If your account is public, all Instagram users will be able to view your stories. If your account is private, only approved users can view it.

To find out who has seen your stories you can click the gear icon or simply swipe up.

The order of users who have viewed your stories is displayed according to your interaction with them , that is, it doesn’t follow a chronological order.

What Are Instagram Stories Metrics?

To identify if your Instagram stories are generating good results for your business, you can analyze some available metrics. Check it out below.


Impressions is the number of times a person has viewed your post. That is, total impressions also count the times that the same person viewed your story.


Reach is the metric that counts total views. The greater the reach, the more assertive you are being in your publications.

If this metric is not satisfactory, you may want to consider making improvements.


Outputs is the number of times users left their stories, without waiting to end the display duration period.

This metric demonstrates that the post drew attention to the click, but that the content was not very interesting for the user.


Responses is the metric that shows the number of directs you’ve received in your story.

Taps to return

This metric is to check how many times users clicked to see your post again.

The metric shows that your post was assertive, which It gives you a sense of what type of post your followers like the most.

Taps to go

Taps to go counts how many people tapped to see the next post.

This metric shows that the publication did not interest users.

Knowing this, you can make improvements and publish more attractive and fun stories, using the resources available on the platform, in addition to other features.

All these metrics help you to identify what is generating good results and therefore they should continue to be part of the strategy, and what is not going so well and therefore needs to be improved or even excluded from your marketing strategy.

There is Privacy At Instagram Stories, How Does It Work?

Use hashtags em seus stories do instagram2

Yes, there is some privacy in Instagram Stories.

It works like this way: If your account is public, your stories will also be public. If your account is private, so will your stories. Simple as that.

So if you want to publish only to your followers and not to the “open” social network, you can choose private mode in the settings.

Instagram Automation in Stories

Did you know there are tools to automate Instagram stories?

These are systems that help you attract new followers and generate more engagement.

Your goal is to grow on the social network and, therefore, gain many followers. So, having automation tools is essential.

With automation tools you can schedule your stories and schedule other posts on Instagram.

With automation tools you automate tasks more you can use your time to perform tasks that require more attention and focus.

You can have your images and videos ready and set up a schedule to publish, in an automated way.

Best Apps To Edit Instagram Stories

An alternative you have to publish stories in a more creative and personalized way the way you want is to use the best apps to edit Instagram Stories.

You can find many apps to edit Instagram Stories. To help you out, I’ll list five of the best apps for editing your stories in any way you see fit.

1. InShot

Use hashtags em seus stories do instagram3

InShot is an app in which you can edit your stories very easily, making your own Much more attractive and fun photos and videos.

2. Canva

Use hashtags em seus stories do instagram4

Canva is an app where you can edit your stories in a fun way, pasting images of easy way, insert stickers, icons and use different fonts.

The application offers a template in the same format as Instagram stories, and you can create several interesting posts with the same template.

3. Story Lab

Use hashtags em seus stories do instagram5

Story Lab is an excellent application for creating narratives, creating covers for stories. The app offers ready-made templates and you can also create your own, you can choose a suitable background for your purpose and much more.

In addition, the app also offers filters, stickers, texts with different fonts… You can create and edit your videos with collages, icons, wallpaper, etc.

4. Hype Type

Use hashtags em seus stories do instagram6

With lots of custom fonts and animations, this app helps you add animated text to your Instagram stories.

5. Unfold

Use hashtags em seus stories do instagram7

Unfold is an application you can use to edit your Instagram stories for free and very intuitively.

It provides many resources for you to create and edit stories in a fun and engaging way. In addition, the app allows you to create video image stories on the same screen.


See how Instagram Stories has great potential to take your business to the top?

Just knowing how to take advantage of this feature offered by Instagram and apply everything you’ve learned here, in this article.

You can start by testing and analyzing the metrics, to see what works and what should be improved, until you get the best results with Instagram Stories.

Gradually, with constant publications and always following the metrics, you will identify the topics that your audience is most interested in and, in this way, you will be increasingly assertive in your publications, converting your followers into potential customers.

It’s important be always up to date with the news that Instagram is always bringing to its users and know how to take advantage of each one of them to leverage your business.

If you want to know how to use many other strategies to boost your results business or, if still If you don’t have a business and want to create one, in my Formula Business Online training you learn how to create a business from absolute zero, click by click and even learn strategies like the ones you saw in this article and many others that can help you make money without leaving the house.

I hope you enjoyed the article and that you apply the tips left here. That way you’re much closer to success.

Infographic – Best Apps To Edit Instagram Stories

Use hashtags em seus stories do instagram8

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