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Instagram Shopping: Product Launch Sticker

Recently, Instagram Shopping announced a new feature that will greatly help sellers’ lives within the platform: the Product Launch Sticker. This is a tag that notifies users of the exact time when a product will be available for purchase.

What is Instagram Shopping

Before I tell you specifically about the new feature launched by the social network, I need you to know everything you need about Instagram Shopping. After all, Stickers are only available to their users.

como funciona

Instagram Shopping is a free tool that enables product tagging. In the same way that you can tag friends in a photo, with Instagram Shopping, you can tag merchandise with the “buy” option.

This way, you can sell your products directly through the social network, without the need for the customer to look for the virtual store, then look for the specific product and, finally, make the purchase.

By clicking on the marking, you are immediately taken to the shopping page, and you can purchase the product in a few clicks..

If you want to know exactly how to sell through Instagram Shopping, we have a complete walkthrough article. Check it out.

How the new Instagram Shopping feature will work

If you are a regular Instagram user, you should know that there is an option in the stories where you can put a “countdown” to some future event.

Maybe you’ve come across something like that when you’re passing through your friends’ posts. It is very common to use this feature to create expectations for the weekend or future vacations, for example.

The Product Launch Sticker will work the same way. But instead of creating a countdown to any event, it will be for the moment when it will be possible to buy that merchandise.

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It will act as a sort of alarm for the date the product will be available for purchase. In addition to the alert, it will be possible to check the object’s details, as it already happens today through the price tags.

Once the product is available for purchase, users will be notified and will be able to purchase it without leaving Instagram.

And, unlike the countdown that already exists, the Launch Sticker can also be placed in feed posts, not limited to stories.

In stories, it will appear as one of the sticker options. In the feed, it will be a tag.

This is great for consumers to stay tuned in to brands and what they are releasing at any time, as stories disappear after 24 hours unless they are placed as “featured”.

Imagine that you enter the profile of one of your favorite brands and, as you browse the products, you can see the launch date of each one of them, as well as other additional information.

This will make life much easier for the customer, who will feel more excited about making a purchase right there on Instagram.

The Launch Sticker will be great to create expectations in the customer for a product. It will stimulate sales as people will do their best to buy the merchandise as soon as it is available, out of fear that it might run out.

When will the Launch Sticker be available in Brazil

There is no doubt that this feature will help a lot the lives of those who sell through Instagram.

However, he is still in the testing phase in the United States and has no forecast for his arrival in Brazil.

quando estará disponível

At this time, only 21 profiles have access to the Product Launch Sticker. Surely you know some of them:

While this feature is not available here, what remains for us is to try to optimize our results with the tools we have at our disposal.

You can configure your brand’s Instagram Shopping even without the Product Launch Sticker feature.

Having a merchandise catalog and using the price tags is enough for brands that want to build a closer relationship with consumers on social media.

Learn all the strategies to boost your Instagram sales

Even if the Product Launch Sticker is not scheduled to be launched here in Brazil, it does not mean that it is not possible to achieve a large number of sales within Instagram.

But for that, you need to know in depth all the features of this social network and how to use them to leverage your business.

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