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Instagram shadow ban in 2021: what it is, how to check and exit

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is a shadow ban on Instagram and how to check for blocking.
  • Why filters are applied: 6 main reasons.
  • How to get out of a shadow ban: 11 practical tips .

In the end, we will answer the most frequently asked questions on the topic from readers.

What is a shadow ban on Instagram?

Shadow ban on Instagram (also known as Shadowban) is an artificial decrease in reach and organic impressions of posts for violation of social networks.

Posts you post will not be featured in Instagram recommendations. The algorithm blocks the delivery of content by geolocation, hashtags, marks. For this reason, the organic growth of subscribers, likes and views will drop dramatically.

The most offensive thing is that the administration of the social network does not warn the author that sanctions were imposed on his Instagram profile.

How to check for restrictions?

Statistics will help with this. Regular profiles do not have this section – for this you need to connect an author account or a business account.

Look at the statistics for the coverage. If you notice a sharp drop in organic traffic, then there is a high probability that filters have been applied to your account.

There is another way to check: publish a post with a low frequency hashtag. Follow this tag from another account. If this publication is not in the feed, then you have a shadow ban.

Signs that will help you find out that you have a shadow ban:

  • Hashtag views plummeted. A simple example: the number of impressions from hashtags to blocking – 10,000, and after – 20.
  • Posts are not displayed by low-frequency # hashtags: for example, a branded tag that only your company uses.
  • Low activity of subscribers: they stopped liking and commenting on publications.
  • Falling coverage. The overall coverage of publications has fallen; posts are no longer included in the recommendations.

Why are they given a shadow ban: 6 reasons

The social network Instagram applies sanctions for violating the rules of using the site. In order not to ban the user forever, the administration imposes a shadow ban.

Let’s consider what a shadow ban is given in table format: in the left column – the reason, in the right – an explanation.

Reason Explanation
Cheat If you overdo it with cheating followers, likes, comments or views, the social network Instagram will apply filters to your account.
Mass Actions One of the most popular ways to promote is mass following and mass liking. If you do not comply with the limits of the social network Instagram, there is a high risk of getting a shadow ban.
By the way, bulk actions include unsubscribing, sending messages to Direct and masslooking.
Constant complaints about the account Competitors and ill-wishers can organize a real spam attack on the profile. Hundreds of “people” will simultaneously complain about the profile: the user allegedly violated the rules.
When a critical mass of complaints accumulates, filters will be applied to the Instagram account.
Many identical hashtags If under each post if you use 20-30 of the same # hashtags, then the algorithm may consider this as spam. Especially if you duplicate these tags in comments.
Forbidden Tags Instagram has banned hashtags that you can use to get a shadow ban.
See the list of banned tags here.
Use of third parties services This applies not only to tools for mass following and massliking. This includes analytics tools and auto-posting services.
Account is blocked because a user logs in from multiple IP addresses.

How to get out of the shadow ban on Instagram: 11 ways

Now let’s move on to the main topic of the article – how to get out of the shadow ban on Instagram. To do this, we will share tips that will help you to reduce the time the page stays under the filters.

  1. Remove hashtags from recent posts (20-25 posts). This applies to all hashtags that are in the description and comments to the publication.
  2. No activity for next 72 hours. Do not post, write comments, sign or like. Moreover, it is not recommended to reply to messages in Direct.
  3. Disconnect your account from third-party services: auto-posting, mass-liking, statistics tools.
  4. For an author or business account, switch to a personal profile.
  5. After 72 hours (from the moment when the reach began to fall), make 3 posts without # hashtags and geotags.
  6. Change the profile header: add new information, remove the link to the site. You can change your avatar.
  7. Log in to your profile only from your main gadget: a smartphone or tablet. It’s better to forget about the web version for now. Also forget about proxies and VPNs – only use a real IP address.
  8. Try contacting support. Perhaps they will help remove the shadow ban faster. At least try to find out why you were blocked.
  9. Stop ad campaigns if they are running.
  10. Change your password and enable two-factor authentication.
  11. Link your Facebook account.

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How long does the blocking last?

It is difficult to answer this question: it all depends on the degree and frequency of violations. Sometimes it is possible to get out of the shadow ban after 3 days – the schemes described above help in this.

There are times when the blocking lasts 2-3 months. Only after that, the coverage of publications begins to grow.

In any case, follow the rules of the social network. If you use third-party services for promotion, then do not exceed the daily limits.

  • The site has a separate article “Limits and Limits of Instagram” – here you can see the current daily limits in 2021, which will help you avoid filters.

One line: answers to frequently asked questions

Now you know what a shadow ban on Instagram is and how to get out of the block. Now we will answer frequently asked questions on the topic of the article.

The shadow ban lasts more than two weeks – what to do?

Try the following strategy: publish posts for 2 days without hashtags, and on day 3 add a post with tags and geotagged.
Repeat these steps again.

Is it possible to check the blocking using online services?

Such services are often found on the Internet. But, as a rule, they do not work, since there is no tool that can 100% show that filters have been applied to the account.

Does the shadow ban really exist?

Unfortunately, yes. Moreover, the existence of such filters was officially confirmed by the administration of the social network Instagram

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