İnstagram tanıtım. İşletme hesabınızı tanıtmak için neye ihtiyacınız var?

Instagram promotion. What do you need to promote your business account?

Creating a personal page on Instagram and creating an account on your account for brand promotion, these are different things. How to make a marketing page not just to get hundreds of likes and followers, but to make real profit?

Fans of the Instagram network are happy, not so long ago the functionality has expanded significantly, there are more opportunities, including in the advertising space. First of all, the Instagram Stories option has been added and the ability to post directly has arrived. Recorded the most popular photo from the beginning of the year: like the photo of pregnant Beyonce with over 10 million likes.

What are the reasons for such a demand to the Instagram network? Visual information of the network’s content that engages users and provides a wider range of ways of self-expression.

This was understood not only by ordinary users of social networks, but also by many brands with a worldwide reputation – from business to small business. Is it possible to promote publications from scratch, and what is the difference between maintaining a regular personal account and a business page?

Let’s see what Instagram means for brand promotion

İnstagram tanıtım. İşletme hesabınızı tanıtmak için neye ihtiyacınız var?

Public profile on Instagram, support friends and family connections, opportunity to present yourself without global goals. In this case, it is enough just to communicate and increase the number of subscribers and likes.


We followed bloggers and pages who have just started Instagram and have followers up to 1000 subscribers. The results of the survey were interesting. We give them below.

There is a discernible result between the average user and personal Instagram account and the user who promotes the product or service using functional and advertising.

The survey had questions and answers: How do you expand your follower?

Famous Instagram bloggers develop their strategic programs and determine the nature of the content, the way of posting photos and stories, they have several thematic sections. It takes time and attention, they are absolutely necessary in the blog environment.

The picture of those who run a small business is even more interesting. Before that, new goals and tasks were tried to be developed every day to achieve the result, but the Instagram store promotion promotion came to the fore as a tool that gave concrete results.

The marketing specialist who manages the Instagram account takes actions from the automatic posting methods of the posts, to scheduling the publication of photo content in a complex environment, to make a change for the time differences in different regions, and to get a detailed analytical report.

The result of the work can be seen, changed or activated in time.

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In other words, if you still do not plan to enter Instagram, you should immediately decide on the action plan and start competently promoting the brand.

How to make a real breakthrough? Let’s consider 15 key recommendations.

Starting a business is always chaos. Do not neglect the experiences of others, at least try to analyze the path of several companies. If you handle the marketing strategy professionally, you will understand that advancing on Instagram will bring good profit. Imagine you don’t have a brand promotion yet with an insta-account.

1. Be sure to use the brand name when searching for a page on this network. There are situations when it is busy or not convenient. Then choose the description closest to the product or service being promoted or create strong associative links with them. As an example, you can see how Sony representatives do this.

2. Your profile photo should reflect the symbolism and idea (mission) of the brand.

3. Avoid blank areas of the profile, information should be given in a complete, correct and understandable way. Naturally, provide a link to the official website.

4. Integrate your profile with Facebook. Use the option to integrate photo models in automatic mode. Such posts will lead to expansion of views and reposts.

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5. Develop a detailed plan for the marketing campaign on Instagram. Prepare content for 10 exciting, provocative, promising and interesting introductory articles in the future. Think about what your customer wants to know. Develop and implement a content plan for materials. Provide users with a picture of your world. Original pages are always interesting, even with a different flow of information.

6. Apply filters and apps. Never forget, the main element in Instagram is made with photography. There are various filters that help make images brighter. Think and try new things. Shoot video using the product or providing a service. Visual content becomes more attractive in visual applications: you can use live broadcasts. The result of the live broadcast has already been felt by many brands.

7. Share more natural photos, for example working moments, employee free time, and everyday life moments (if they are not on a separate profile). They are not “progressive”, they are always spontaneous and arouse the sympathy of users, you approach them as if speaking the same language. Capture unexpected moments and real emotions in company life. If a well-known person subscribes to your professional profile, let your subscribers know.

8. Always announce events and make a broadcast. This could be the opening of a new branch of the company or a show star show at the company event. The event is always interesting, which guarantees you likes and comments.

9. Interact. Make suggestions, appeal and “feedback” to those who want to contact you. You can announce a contest for the best sharing of the photo, ask questions to the audience. Photo Contest on the face of your presenting company is a good way to grab the attention of users and also give your subscribers the opportunity to be creative.

10. Apply hashtags. Popular bloggers all started with it and continue in the same way. Type the company name into the hashtag and your business profile will become even more accessible to customers. When you have a good archive of material, it will be easier to use the right hashtags for specific projects and events.

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İnstagram tanıtım. İşletme hesabınızı tanıtmak için neye ihtiyacınız var?

11. Universal and typical hashtags are also good, you can write in both Russian and English. Advertising, for example, a gift shop, #gifts #shopparts #giftshop #bestgifts, etc. Enter hashtags.

12. Use the built-in posts to post user comments or like-minded comments and add them to your blog or portal.

13. Be sure to follow new members who subscribe to your profile, there are many useful links and factors influencing the formation of public opinion in this environment. Work with comments, respond to negative feedback, this is important! The quality of your answers depends on the business image! Always value people by responding to a conversation or review. Just add @ before typing.

14. Get starter summaries. This will help change the promotional program, if necessary. Analyze the analytical toolkit on social networks and choose the most suitable for yourself. There is no need for in-depth analysis right away, but view dynamics, follower count, comments and reposts are important.

15. Be modern. Learn new things. Instagram is dynamically growing and constantly evolving. This is a big plus.

Here’s your chance to make a name for yourself in a few months. You can expand the audience of subscribers and increase your sales from time to time. Follow our recommendations and see for yourself! We will be happy if you share your personal results and achievements!

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