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Instagram post titles: examples and rules

Today we’ll talk about how to create titles for Instagram posts. Even newbies to blogging understand that this component cannot be dispensed with. Otherwise, you can forever forget about the growth of subscribers, and, as a result, earnings.

We bring to your attention the types, as well as examples of titles for posts, which will definitely become clickable and will not get lost in the feed.

What you need for a headline to be effective

Any catchy headline is a specific goal. It involves attracting an audience and subscribers to a personal or work profile. It is important not to mislead or misinform the reader. To avoid this, use two simple guidelines:

  • Focus on the tastes, problems and interests of your target audience (target audience). Remember that with a headline you not only increase the click-through rate of your post, but also solve the problem of the reader.
  • Intrigue. Attract the attention of followers with numbers, facts. Arouse curiosity and desire to read the text to the end.

Without using these details when composing titles for Instagram posts, the user who follows your updates will not see the essence. Accordingly, it will pass by.

What to strive for: the traditional rules of a catchy heading

The ability to beautifully express your thoughts in headlines does not give 100% of the result. The effect can be achieved using the following rules.

  1. The size of the title for a post should be 4-5 words or no more than 40 characters.
  2. The presence of negative (this is difficult, forbidden, not allowed) and positive (you will be approved, this is effective, the opportunity is open ) word combinations.
  3. Insert numeric values. It is desirable that odd numbers are present. They have a better effect on click-through rates.
  4. Use of attractive words: urgent, important, don’t miss, no risk. The reader will certainly be interested in this line of thought.
  5. The presence of intrigue in the title. For this, the words are used: the whole truth, one in ten, you will be shocked.
  6. The question is in the title. It can be personal, individual, rhetorical. Here are some examples: “How to make money on an iPhone in a month?”, “How to make a bright manicure if you are self-taught?”, “Have you made these mistakes when communicating with your child?”.
  7. Answers to the questions posed. Thus, it is possible to solve the problem of the reader, to bring him to the correct solution. Here are examples: “How I got rid of acne scars”, “How much does marital happiness cost.”
  8. Advertising features. It is important here to draw the reader’s attention to some product or service. For example, “Just 3 days a week, and you will forget about facial fatigue with collagen patches”, “30 days and you have a flat tummy with our complex”. Be sure to include the name of the promotional item here.

Note! Your Instagram profile content should meet the compilation criteria one by one. You should not try to use all the components in one name. It will look cumbersome and unattractive.

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5 qualities that are important to use in titles for posts

Please note that when composing headlines, the goal arises to attract not only your regular reader, but also a casual visitor. Therefore, use the five categories listed to improve efficiency. These include:

  • persuasion to go to the post;
  • attraction with something new (clothes, cosmetics, stationery);
  • informing (a detailed but brief summary of what is in the post );
  • puzzling (the client should reflect on the information they have learned);
  • a question (ask in the title, but tell in the text of the publication).

Link the information in the headings to the one in the text. Don’t try to trick the reader. After the first deception, he will refuse to come to you in the future. Accordingly, he will not subscribe, and if he does not subscribe, then few people will know about your account. So you will remain “marking time” in one place.

Title Categories for Instagram Posts

We have figured out the basic features of making better headlines. Now we propose to divide all of them into categories. Within each, we will consider what it is and give examples.

Selling headline

Usually this is used to sell something, to recommend. There can be many options. However, one, two or even three sentences are often used here. And this is far from a title, but a whole post.

We remember that the maximum is 40 characters. For this we use the effective AIDA formula. It includes four details at once:

  • attention ;
  • interest ;
  • desire;
  • action .

Let’s take an example how to proceed. We have a four-sentence headline: Looking for Good SEO? I achieved 500 unique visitors per day on my site in 3 months. Do you want the same? I’ll tell you everything in this post. ”

Как придумать короткий и броский заголовок для поста в Инстаграм

We get rid of unnecessary words: “500 unique in 3 months on the site. How?”. The last combination turns out to be more than successful. There are specifics, numbers, interest. Further, the reader has a desire and then proceeds to action (that is, clicks on the post).

Note! You can always partially replace the title text with icons, symbols and pictures. This way, too, it is possible to capture all the details that the marketing headline must correspond to.

Pain formula

In addition to the traditional formula for writing headings, you can use the “Pain” tactic. It also contains 4 details:

  • pain ;
  • more pain;
  • hope;
  • solution.

In this case you can remove the increase in pain, but you will have to combine the last two points.

For example, let’s look at a title by these parameters, which already looks like a post: “You don’t know how to use photo editors, but want beautiful pictures? Read my post! Everything is detailed here. ”

Corrected version: “Nice shot in a photo editor in a couple of clicks.”

Promotional Title

As you may have guessed, this type of headline implies a simple advertisement of a product or service. The purpose of such a title for the post is to tell about the product, but in a nutshell.

Рекламный заголовок

Slogans can be used. Excellent examples: “Solodov. I am responsible for the quality “,” Free – “Volvo”, “Live on the bright side, Beeline.” The slogans will interest the viewer and reader. He will definitely go to the post and find the information he was looking for.

When creating advertising headlines, you can use the words “Promotion”, “Sale”, “Sale”, “Discounts”. Such techniques are typical when promoting posts of online clothing stores, cosmetics on Instagram.

Note! To grab the visual attention of the reader, insert titles on photos or pretty bright pictures. Here you will have to abandon the keywords, because a headline combined with graphics is no longer text. Therefore, it will not get into search engines.

Series of posts

This is another type of ad headline. To do this, you simply create three pictures. The first one with the text will play the role of the title. The other two are with a thematic image.

Such posts can be made two or three in a row. The main thing is to use photos with approximate shades so that they do not stand out against each other.

Intriguing title

The intrigue in the title of the post is a maneuver that will surely grab the attention of users and make them click. What could be the intrigue? For example, knowledge, skills, experience, new information about the environment, an order. Here are some examples of intriguing Insta titles.

  1. “Urgently remove this program from your smartphone!”.
  2. “Never do this to your husband!” li>
  3. “The whole truth about the RKSH system.”
  4. “You shouldn’t miss this.

The main thing is not to overdo it with intrigue. Let the title contain something engaging and concrete at the same time. Then users will be drawn to read the posts.

Question-answer title

We would like to receive an answer to any question. Likewise, readers will cling to such headlines for the sole purpose of getting an answer. In turn, such titles for publications can be divided into general and individual.


  • “How can a misconfigured website cost you income?”
  • “Why is credit card insurance important?”


  • “What secrets does your eye color reveal?”.
  • “You didn’t know this about your relatives either?” allow you to quickly promote your Instagram account. Therefore, we recommend that you use them as often as possible in your posts.

    Triggers for Instagram post titles

    Triggers are psychological techniques. They motivate the user to click on the title. They are usually used for commercial purposes. For example, if you own your own online store, and your Instagram account is created to help you trade.

    The following pages will focus on tested triggers.

    1. Unambiguous. The first item that is used in Internet commerce. Very suitable for selling clothing. How it works? You enter a query into the search box in order to buy something, in the search results go to the sites of interest. Surely stay with the one that really sells. That is, there is a form for an application, a basket, a phone number. If the site only contains an overview of some products, without prices, then we can safely say that there is no “Unambiguous” factor.
    2. We will do it for you. This trigger is necessary to help the user who comes to the site to make purchases or perform some calculations faster. Calculators, tables with sizes, All-inclusive products serve as an example that facilitates the process. Analyze your posts and determine how easy it is to contact them.
    3. Greed. Many people are not averse to getting everything at a low price. For example, in an online store when selling services, you offer three for the price of one. Set the price reasonable, but not underestimated. The very fact of such a trigger attracts visitors.
    4. Exclusivity. It is very convenient if you sell something in your post, while limiting everything to one copy of the product. And to lure the buyer, offer him a set of exclusive options personally.
    5. Simplicity. Very suitable for those who are too lazy. Implies titles like “Buy in One Click”, “Follow Three Steps”, “Buy Back in a Week”. Believe me, such enticing combinations are unlikely to lead to rejections.
    6. Authority. Without it, nowhere. If you sell your services as a manicure, pedicure, hairdresser or beautician, then attach the certificates, diplomas, and advanced training certificates to the post. If you do business with any company, then leave their logo in the heading.
    7. Repulsive. A very good welcome. It can be found in viral marketing, white papers, e-mail newsletters. The trigger lies in the fact that it does not recommend the reader to go through the post, and even more so to read it. Psychologists love to use this technique. Man acts exactly the opposite. Goes contrary to the established recommendations.
    8. Novelty. Many people are drawn to new things (in particular, advanced technologies). In your post, you can voice this moment. Engage your readers with headlines such as “New,” “Incredible,” “Never Seen Before.
    9. Pleasure. The bottom line is to satisfy your customer, provide him with the product that he is interested in. A complete review of the product is desirable.
    10. Fear. Feelings of fear always play a big role. Therefore, users, if they are seriously afraid of something, will definitely start looking for information. Accordingly, if your title contains such a trigger, then they will go over and find out if their fears are justified. Here are examples: “3 diseases that prevent you from getting better”, “5 exotic dishes that you can die from.

    Summing it up

    After familiarizing yourself with what are the titles for posts on Instagram, and how to use them, you can start actively promoting your profile. Rest assured that by following our advice and using title examples, you will be able to attract twice as many readers as your competitors.

    Sincerely, Victoria Chernyshenko
    specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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