Результаты Instagram-опроса

Instagram polls: how to do it in 4 steps and 20+ ideas

In this article, you will learn:

  • What are polls on Instagram: what they are for and how to conduct them.
  • Questions to ask subscribers: in your personal blog and business account.
  • How to view survey results.

At the end of the article, we will answer frequently asked questions that were not included in the main sections. The answers are in the “One Line” section. All tips are relevant in 2020.

What are Instagram polls for: goals and objectives

Polls on the Instagram social network solve the following tasks:

  • Increased loyalty. The audience loves it when bloggers, big brands and companies take their opinion into account. Polls tell subscribers: “Your opinion is important to us / me.” This increases audience loyalty to the brand or blogger. People start to trust the company more.
  • Subscribers’ opinions and interests. From the banal: “What dress to choose” to choosing a name for a new product. Polls can help you find out the opinions and interests of your subscribers. For example, what content to publish: video or photo. If 70% of the participants are for the first option, then it means that you need to focus on video content, and reduce the number of beautiful pictures.
  • Content diversity. Photos, videos, useful articles, live broadcasts – all this annoys subscribers. Over time, the reach of posts decreases – people stop going to your profile. Interactive surveys will help to stir up the sleepy realm – will bring variety to the content and increase the Engagement Rate.
  • Call-to-action. Polls are a great marketing tool for businesses. Through them, you can push the audience to the target action: buy a product, subscribe to an email newsletter.
    A simple example: you are the owner of a women’s shoe store. Create a survey: which shoes are better – and two answer options: right or left. The next day, offer your subscribers a discount on the shoes that won the survey.

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How to make a poll in history: 4 stages

Usually, polls are conducted in stories – there are special tools for creating such content. We will teach you how to conduct surveys in 4 steps.

Stage One start creating a new story. Choose a picture or photo for the background. If this is a thematic survey, then find the right picture. For example, you cannot choose jeans in a store. So we choose a photo of clothes as a background.

Step two: click on the emoticon sticker – it’s at the top of the screen.

Создаем опрос в Инстаграм
Add a new sticker to stories

Select the Poll tool.

Выбираем стикер для опроса в stories
Poll sticker

Third stage: ask a question – write any text. For example: “Do you like the content on our profile?” Click “Finish” in the upper right corner.

Вопрос для подписчиков
Poll text

The poll will appear on the main screen – move it to any part of the background. But it is better if the sticker is in the center – there it is more noticeable.

Stage four: publish the story. Subscribers will now be able to complete the survey.

Questions and tests

Among the stickers in stories, there are two more interesting tools: questions and a test. Let’s see what these stickers are for.

Questions. You can ask any question to subscribers in stories. For example: “How can I help promote your Instagram account?” Subscribers will be able to write their response directly to their Stories.

Вопросы в Инстаграм
Audience question

When creating a sticker, you can change the color for the survey: from standard white to black, blue, green, orange, etc. …

Tests. Suitable for tests and quizzes. Here you need to ask a question and add several answer options. For example: “Guess my favorite TV show.”

Викторина в Instagram
Sample Test

And the answers: “Game of Thrones” or “Breaking Bad”. Check the box for the correct answer – it will be highlighted in green.

Alternative stories: poll posts

If you do not want to create a poll through stories, then make a special post-poll. This is a regular post with a question to the audience. All answers will be in the comments.

The main advantage of such polls is the unlimited number of responses. One person can leave several detailed answers at once. This is useful for business: people can write a complete history of acquaintance with the brand, reviews of products and services.

There is a second option for creating poll posts. In the text of the publication, offer subscribers three or four options for answers. In the last paragraph, ask the audience to write the number with the answer.

Interesting survey ideas

Let’s share some interesting survey ideas with you. They are suitable for all types of Instagram accounts: personal profiles, blogs, brand and company pages, online stores.

Games, quizzes, tests

Conduct polls in a playful way: tests, games, quizzes. They can be related to your profile: for example, if you have a movie account, then the logical quiz would be “Guess the movie by short description”.

Business accounts can run a subscriber quiz on product knowledge. The winners will receive a prize: discounts on goods. Thus, we “kill two birds with one stone”: increase engagement and sales.

Through tests, quizzes, games, run prize draws: donate your products to one or more subscribers.

General questions

This includes any questions that are not related to one topic. They are suitable for meeting the target audience: studying interests, age, gender, geography of residence.

Such polls can be carried out every day: in the morning – ask how the mood is; in the evening – how was the day.


Here we ask the audience’s opinion: “Should I buy this watch?”, “Which sneakers are better – from Nike or Adidas?” Our goal is to increase audience engagement.

Plus, it’s a useful tool for a personal profile: you went to a store and don’t know which product to choose and ask your subscribers and friends for an opinion.

Warming up the audience

Selling goods, books, training on Instagram? Warm up your target audience through polls. One example was already in the article: ask subscribers which shoes they like more. Give a discount on the winning option the next day.

What’s so special: such polls increase the audience’s interest in the products. Users can see how many people voted for the first and second option. Obviously, the winner has more votes. This is where “social proof” comes into play – on a psychological level, the audience understands that the winning product is the best. So I want to buy it.

Here’s another example: let’s say you’re selling courses for athletes. Conduct a survey: “I gained 15 kg of muscle mass in 5 months. Are you wondering how I did it? ” Add a “Before / After” photo – this will increase interest in the topic, as it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.

In such a survey, there are two answers: “Yes” and “No”. If most of the audience answered “Yes”, then they are interested in this topic and they will definitely buy the product: “How to gain muscle mass.”

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Building brand / personality loyalty

Give your audience an opportunity to participate in the life of a brand or company. Example: you want to rebrand – change the logo. You have three options – you need to choose one.

Ask subscribers for their opinion through a survey. Let your audience make the final decision. This will significantly increase brand / company loyalty.

Use a similar technique on your personal account: let subscribers choose your costume for going to the theater or a movie for the evening. Build a trusting relationship with your target audience – let them cross the line of your personal space a little.

Sample polls: what questions to ask subscribers?

In the previous section, we explored 5 survey ideas. But there were general descriptions. Let’s move on to examples: we’ll show you what questions to ask subscribers. First – in a personal blog, then – in a commercial account.

Use these options for inspiration. They will tell you which direction to take when writing questions.

Personal Blog

Questions to ask your audience on your personal blog / account:

  1. Which movie to watch in the evening?
  2. Which costume to wear to the party?
  3. Do you like the blog content?
  4. Which do you prefer: books or TV shows?
  5. Do you have tattoos?
  6. Can you swim?
  7. Who’s cooler: Batman or Iron Man?
  8. Love going to the cinema ?
  9. What is the best way to spend the evening: with a book in your hands or with friends in the club?
  10. Taxi or public transport?
  11. Tell us more about yourself: what are you interested in / what books do you read?

Commercial account

  1. Audience questions in the business account:
  2. Did you like our new product?
  3. Would you like to know how I lost 10 kg in 2 months?
  4. Did you like the new company logo?
  5. Would you like us to hold a raffle for our products?
  6. What is missing in our online store?
  7. How many times per week, are you visiting our website?
  8. Looking forward to a weekend discount?

How to view the results?

The poll lasts 24 hours. Then the published story will be archived. It’s easy to view the survey results.

Open question stories and swipe up. History statistics will open – click on the eye icon. Here will be the results of the vote: how many people voted for this or that answer, as well as the accounts of the people who took part in the vote.

Результаты Instagram-опроса
See voting results

You can share your survey results – just click on the blue button.

Important: Users cannot take the survey anonymously. The creator of the quiz or test will see who answered the questions.

One line: answers to frequently asked questions

Question: Where can I get a beautiful background for a survey?

Answer: We recommend Yandex.Images or Google Images. Just enter a keyword to search for thematic images. Use free photo stocks: PixaBay, Pexels, Unsplash.

Question: How do I change the poll?

Answer: Delete the old one and create a new one.

Question: Can I cheat voices?

Answer: Better not: our task is to find out the opinion of subscribers, and not get a nice number of responses.

Question: How to remove a poll?

Answer: Just remove the story or post poll from the feed. Or wait 24 hours – stories will be automatically moved to the archive.

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