Instagram Polls: How To + 19 Top Questions

If you don’t use Instagram Polls yet, you’re missing out on a great resource to get to know your target audience better and generate a lot of engagement.

And a little beyond that, you’re missing out on valuable information that can help you create an amazing digital product or create an agenda of relevant content for your social network in just a few minutes.

What is the profit potential of this?

I can guarantee you, it’s huge!

Instagram Polls is one of the main resources you can use to interact with your followers, and you can even use it as a tool to drive the marketing of your business on Instagram .

If you know how to use this feature well, you will be able to collect information about your target audience, which can help you generate positive results for your strategy.

So if you want to learn how to use Instagram polls efficiently, keep checking Best Questions and Examples of Polls for you to add to your Instagram.

What Instagram Polls Are and What It’s For

O que é Enquetes para Instagram

Instagram has evolved a lot since its creation in 2010. 

The social network is no longer just a means of sharing photos.

Today, Instagram is a real tool to drive business and has created a highly profitable market within it.

The social network has been bringing constant updates to its features, such as Instagram Stories , for example.

Before, users could only share images.

With Instagram Stories, the user can share recorded or real-time videos, which remain on the air for 24 hours.


You, as an entrepreneur, can use Instagram resources to work with Content Marketing, creating images or videos with polls, which generate engagement and increase your database about your potential customer.

In practice, this means helping to find out what your audience thinks about your product or service, as well as providing you with insights to create new products and/or content.

It’s important to create polls targeted at your persona, to that you can collect data relevant to your strategy, which will be used as a basis for creating new content, products and services, increasing your chances of conversions.

If you are starting to use Instagram, check out here my manual on How to Make Money on Instagram and achieve better results on this social network.

Why Create Polls

You already know what Instagram polls are and what they are for. Now understand why creating polls for Instagram is part of your strategy.

Creating polls for Instagram is not a complicated task, quite the opposite.

You just need to choose the ideal image and create the right question, which will ensure a lot of engagement and give you important information about your target audience.

Polls usually generate more results than than forms that redirect the user to another page.

This is because the user is even interested in filling out forms, but does not want to leave social networks, which is a great advantage for polls, as the user only needs to click on the chosen answer to participate in the poll, without having to leave the page.

Instagram polls will help you identify the topics that generate the most engagement, which the public likes, and will also discover those that “go through the roof”, which users scroll the page without paying much attention, giving you the possibility to make improvements.

This is where you’ll be able to create interesting content for your audience, which will generate more engagement, gather valuable information about your potential customer, and even increase your relevance in search results.

To summarize, the big advantage of creating polls on Instagram is being able to collect a lot of relevant data about your persona, as well as generating a lot of engagement.

How to Create Polls on Instagram

As Instagram polls is a feature that can have many benefits, and you’ll find it’s pretty easy to create, just follow the steps below.

1. Choose image or video

Como Criar Enquetes no Instagram passo a passo

To create Instagram polls, you first need to choose a base content, which can be a a simple image or a video.

In this part, you can use the resources provided by Instagram, in addition to external resources, to make your image or video more professional.

If the if your base content is a video in Stories, you can use the features offered, such as filters, texts, emojis, drawings and many others.

2. Add the “Poll” feature

Passo 2 - Selecione enquete

After creating your base content, add the “Poll” feature, which is located on the resources page.

3. Enter Poll Text

Passo 3 digite a pergunta da enquete

After adding the “Poll” feature, write your question.

The tip here is to prefer short, direct questions that are easy to read quickly.

4. Set two answer options

4 Passo defina o tipo de resposta

Instagram’s default answers are “yes” and “no”, but you can create the answers according to your need.

5. Post your poll

Passo 5: Publique a sua enquete

Now that your poll is ready, you can publish it to your Stories, which will be visible for 24 hours.

You can choose four publishing options:

  1. Open post (which allows any Instagram user to respond to your poll);
  2. Post just for your followers (which usually brings more results as it is focused on one specific audience);
  3. Publication to selected users (which can be used as a marketing strategy, sending content only to a VIP group, for example);
  4. Publication to only one user, which will be selected manually.

6. Track Poll Results

Passo 6: Monitore os resultados da sua enquete

To track your poll results, simply click on your Stories and drag up.

This way, you will have access to the number of users who chose each alternative.

The feature also allows you to see who the users who responded to the poll are, as well as showing the percentage of responses.

Instagram Poll Samples

You may be able to collect exactly the information you are looking for, just ask the right questions in your polls.

See some sample Instagram polls that you can use to create the questions that prompted the user to answer what you need to know.

1. User Questions

Responder às dúvidas dos usuários.

When you identify what your audience’s questions are, you’ll know where your posts will be headed .

That way, you’ll know what kind of content to publish to answer these questions from users.

For those working in the personal finance niche, for example, you can create a poll asking : 

What is your biggest question about personal finance: “How to pay off debt” or “How to create an emergency reserve?”

Once you figure out what the user’s biggest question is, you’ll have a good one basis for creating relevant content that generates good results.

2. Tips

Conteúdo no formato de Dicas em suas enquetes do Instagram

When you want to create more in-depth content on a particular topic, you can create a series of polls to find out the preferences of your followers and be able to collect more information.

From this information, you will be able to create content with tips on that specific topic, reaching the audience’s full interest.

3. Feedback on a Release

Enquete que gera interação

To find out if a product you are releasing to the market is succeeding or not being accepted as expected, you can use Instagram polls to get feedback from customers.

This type of poll is very simple and quick to do, and you get excellent feedback. Just ask if the audience liked the product, and write down two options: yes or no.

4. Comparison between two products

Como Criar Enquetes no Instagram passo a passo0

If you have launched more than one product on the market, or are affiliated with two or more products , you can create surveys comparing two products to identify which one is more accepted by users.

This way, you find out which of the two products you should invest the most in, and which is more likely to generate greater return .

Instagram Poll Ideas

When it comes to creating content for Instagram polls, we’re not always inspired to ask the best questions.

So, I’m going to give you a little help, providing a list of 15 poll ideas for Instagram, for you to get inspired and apply those that most relate to your audience and your goal.

This list will help you get exactly the answers you need to create your content and achieve great results. Check it out.

  1. Are you enjoying the content published in our Stories?
  2. Which of these channels did you meet our brand?
  3. Which theme do you prefer for the next live?
  4. What is the best time for our next live?
  5. How many posts do you prefer to see per day?
  6. What is the best time for you to receive our notifications in your feed?
  7. Which content format do you like best?
  8. What is your biggest question about our product?
  9. Are you satisfied with our product?
  10. What would you like to add to our product?
  11. Would you buy from our brand again?
  12. Have you ever needed our support team?
  13. Are you satisfied with our support service?
  14. How many days would you like to receive your product?
  15. What is the biggest difficulty you face when shopping at our store?

How to Measure Results

Instagram has a tool that will help you when measuring the results of your polls. I’m talking about Instagram Insights.

Instagram Insights

Como Criar Enquetes no Instagram passo a passo1

To measure your poll results, you can use Instagram Insights. To access the metrics, just drag Stories up, as I mentioned earlier.

The first metrics Instagram Insights shows are the profiles of users who watched your Stories, and this is where you access the poll results.

Even after your Stories goes down, you you can still view your poll metrics, via Archived Items, up to 48 hours after your Stories goes down.

How to use the information collected in the poll

Como Criar Enquetes no Instagram passo a passo2

As you can see, Instagram polls are an excellent tool for gathering valuable information about the audience you want to reach.

This information collected helps you to know your followers better, supports you to create relevant content, generate engagement, and increase the relevance of your profile.

Through content targeted to the right audience, you are delivering value to people, not just wanting to sell a product at any cost, to anyone.

Knowing what your audience wants, through the data provided by the Instagram poll, you can win customers and even turn them into fans of your brand.


You’ve learned how to use Instagram polls to better understand your target audience by collecting valuable information and increasing engagement.

Using polls, you’ll be able to create targeted content and relevant to your audience, generating even more results.

Apply all the tips you’ve received in this article, and make the most of what Instagram polls can offer for your strategy and be very successful in your business.

Tell me in the comments, do you already use Instagram Polls?

Infographic – Instagram Polls

Como Criar Enquetes no Instagram passo a passo3

What Polls to Take on Shop Instagram

Compare two items and ask, which do you prefer? Where do you prefer to see store items in the feed, Stories or Live? What is the best time for the store to live?

What to ask in Instagram polls?

Ask Questions That Help You Create More quality content for your audience within your niche. Examples: Do you prefer text or video content? What can I help you with today?

How to do cool Instagram polls?

See the types of content that generate the most interaction with your audience after that, see what are the most frequently asked questions you receive and create polls based on these themes. After all, your audience follows you for a reason, so you need to deliver quality content within your niche.

How to post poll response on Instagram?

Click on the question and immediately Instagram creates a new Story for you to answer the question. Tap “Share answer”, tap the screen and write whatever you want below your question sticker.

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