Instagram Partnerships: 6 Steps to Achieve in 2021

Want to quickly find out how to get Instagram partnerships in 2021?

Learn that Instagram partnerships can increase your brand visibility or generate income for those who sell space as a digital influencer.

So if you want to know everything it takes to dominate Instagram partnerships, I invite you to read this article until the end.


The social network has more than 1 billion active users worldwide, and almost 70 million in Brazil alone, which is the third country with more users in a world ranking, behind only the United States and India.

With these impressive numbers, you can already see the potential reach Instagram has to offer you, right?

But if you partner with the right people, this one reach can be boosted and results will come in less time.

Partnering is something that works both ways, so it’s a strategy It’s a very worthwhile egy.

In this article, you’ll find out what an Instagram partnership is, what a publipost is, when and how to apply for an Instagram partnership, how much to pay for a partnership , plus 6 steps to get partners and earn money on instagram.

Happy reading!

What is an Instagram Partnership

An Instagram partnership is an agreement between a user who has a significant number of followers and, therefore, it is quite influential, and a brand.

In this agreement, the brand pays for the digital influencer to post on their profile, talking about their product or service.

Also it is very common for brands to send their products, free of charge, to influencers who publish content related to the brand’s products or services and, in return, the influencer (who can also be a celebrity) talks about the product in their profile or publishes a story.

In this partnership, the influencer earns products, services or money, and the brand gains visibility, credibility and, consequently, new customers.

In other words, in a partnership on Instagram, everyone wins.

Furthermore, this type of partnership is very advantageous for brands, as traditional advertising is generally much more expensive and the reach is about the same.

What is Publipost

O que é Publipost - Post Patrocinado

Publipost is a post by a digital influencer who is being paid to speak and feature a product or service on their profile. Instagram, using its strong reach and engagement power to promote the brand to its followers, who are part of that brand’s target audience.

The publipost can be an article, an image with captions, a video in Stories …

You can talk about the product or service or you can just post a photo using the product, for example.

In general, when the publication is sponsored, that is, when it is a publipost, you can indicate it to your followers, with the hashtag “publi” or “ad”.

This tag does all the difference, as your followers will see honesty on your part and will trust you more.

Before entering into this type of partnership, it is essential to check the reputation of the brand you will be working with.


Check if the brand values ​​are the same as yours, if the target audience is also the same and if the product or service being offered really works, if it is of quality and if it delivers what it promises .

After all, it’s your image and reputation in the marketplace that will be at stake, so be very careful not to lose everything you’ve built so far.

When and How to Order an Instagram Partnership

Partnering on Instagram is an excellent strategy to promote your brand, but you need to know when is the ideal time to apply for a partnership on Instagram and how to do it.

You need to be sure organize and get in touch with brands (or the influencer, if applicable) and show that the partnership is worthwhile.

If you have a lot of followers on Instagram, the ideal is to create a media kit , to be presented to brands, through email or being disclosed on your blog and social networks.

If you don’t know how to create a media kit, here on the blog we have a complete article for you to learn how to create yours and get amazing partnerships.

Another way to get partnerships is through advertising.

If you’ve never partnered with companies and don’t know where to start, then A tip I give you is to start by interacting with the profile of the brands you intend to partner with.

Like and comment on the publications s of theirs, making their presence on Instagram.

If you are a brand and work with physical products, send samples of your products.

That way, the influencer will have an opinion about the that you offer and it will pique his curiosity to know more.

That way, when you get in touch, he’ll know what it’s about.

By the way, before looking for a partner , you need to take care of your Instagram profile, whether you are a brand or an influencer, because that’s where you’ll show who you are and what you offer.

Your Instagram profile is your showcase, and it should be presentable, with relevant content, demonstrating credibility and professionalism.

Here are some tips on how to partner on Instagram.

Keep your account active

Tenha uma conta ativa para atrair e conseguir mais parcerias no instagram

To apply for a partnership on Instagram, you need to keep your account active, after all, no brand (or Influencer) will want to advertise on a stationary account.

Publish content relevant to your audience, de consistently.

Keep your account up to date by always posting new trends, keeping your followers interested.

Choose a simple and striking username

A username is one that you tag a person using an “@” in a post.

Choose a username that is simple and memorable and therefore easy to remember.

Ideally, it’s your brand name or your own name (if you’re an influencer).

Also, putting the same username for all social networks is a plus. excellent strategy for building brand presence and being easy for people to find (and tag).

Create a simple, straightforward bio

Tenha uma Biografia bem elaborada no Instagram

The bio Instagram spelling is where followers will know what your business is about or who you are.

Instagram only allows you to write 150 characters, so you should write phrases in your bio that encourage people to people want to know more about what you do.

If you have a blog, website or profile on another social network, you can put the link in your bio, directing followers there.

Instagram allows the user to add an external (clickable) link to their bio, so take advantage of this space.

It is also interesting to add hashtags and depending on your market niche and the your persona, add emojis, so your bio is fun and attractive. But be careful with excess, ok?

I’ll leave my own bio as an example for you to reference.

Biografia do Alex Vargas no Instagram

Convert your account to business account

With a business account, you can take advantage of opportunities that a personal profile doesn’t have, like tracking metrics and running ads, for example.

So if your profile is personal, don’t waste any more time and convert your account to business soon.

Publish your profile

Divulgue seu Perfil para aumentar seguidores

After creating your profile and add all the details, it’s time to start spreading the word.

Publish your Instagram on other social networks, share your content in all communication channels in which your target audience is present.

Interact with Followers

And finally, to ask for a partnership on Instagram, you need to interact with your followers, liking and replying to comments, creating polls, also replying to direct messages .

There’s nothing worse for a follower than being ignored, not having your message read and replied to or answered after a long time.

Therefore, Pay attention to this and never ignore your followers, as they are the ones who will help you to grow and get good partnerships in the future.

How much to pay for an Instagram partnership

Quanto é pago ou cobrado por uma parceria no instagram

To find out how much to pay (or charge) for a partnership on Instagram, some influencers use the Google Adsense strategy, which is to charge a fixed amount for every thousand profiles reached, the so-called Cost per Thousand (CPM).

You can, for example, pay (or charge) R$: 15.00 for each thousand profiles reached, and then increase this value as it increases the number of followers on your profile, plus the increased engagement rate and influence potential.

6 Steps to Getting Instagram Partnerships

Once you’ve learned when and how to apply for a partnership on Instagram, check out 6 steps now to get your partnerships.

1. Define partnership goals

Tenha objetivos definidos para suas parcerias no instagram

Define what goals you want to achieve with the partnership, before contacting us.

To achieve a goal, it needs to be clearly defined, otherwise you’ll end up going around in circles, with no results.

Some goals for a brand or influencer to partner with on Instagram are:

  • Outreach (increase reach);
  • Gain more followers;
  • Make a launch;
  • Gain customers.
  • 2. Find a potential partner that aligns with your values

    To make a partnership that works for you or your brand, you need to verify that your potential partner has the same values.

    Otherwise, this link can damage your image or the image of your brand in the market.

    For example, if you are a digital influencer who advocates veganism and suddenly does If you partner with a meat brand or steakhouse, I have no doubt you will lose many followers, and your reputation will be tarnished.

    Partner with someone who represents your brand properly, with values ​​aligned .

    Look for an influencer and/or brand that your audience already follows and admires. Thus, the results of the partnership are more effective.

    3. Create What To Do Statements

    Crie um Manual de instruções para fechar parcerias no instagram

    With defined goals and the ideal partnership, it’s time to plan your strategy.

    For this, it would be interesting to create instructions on what should be done in the campaign.

    Before applying the strategy, it is essential to make clear what actions your partner should take .

    4. Work on the outreach

    Once your campaign is ready and the partnership is combined, you can start working on the outreach.

    Publish posts on your social networks, promoting your Instagram link, so that your audience can travel from other channels to your Instagram.

    You can also promote your Instagram through ads on your blog.

    Another ideal place for you to promote your Instagram campaign is in Story itself. This feature draws a lot of attention from users, so it’s worth investing in it too.

    5. Use the TakeOver Strategy

    Estratégia do Take Over

    Never heard of this strategy? TakeOver is when an influencer or brand “takes care” of a profile for a certain period.

    When a brand leaves its Instagram profile under the control of an influencer, for example, this action usually generates a lot of engagement and presence the brand on the social network, which also increases the number of sales.

    This is a way to increase your results through the image of another person or brand, in a strategic and intelligent way.

    6. Track the results

    Acompanhe os resultados da sua parceria no instagram

    Don’t forget to track the results of your actions to identify which ones worked and generated good results, and which ones should be improved.

    Also, when you do this tracking of results, you can measure important results on:

    • Number of likes;
    • Number of shares;

    • Amount of followers the campaign generated;
    • Range of paid posts;
    • Range of organic posts;
    • Number of sales during the campaign.

    • Return on investments


    Knowing how to partner on Instagram is a strategy that pays a lot right, because social networks are great allies when it comes to creating and maintaining a relationship between brands and consumers.

    And this relationship generates trust and loyalty, which is the recipe for the success of any internet business.

    Partnering on Instagram is a two-way street, where both parties win, because , when a digital influencer presents a product or service of a brand, it increases visibility, credibility and trust on the part of the target audience.

    On the other hand, for the influencer who promotes a consolidated brand in the market, he can deliver relevant content to your audience, further increasing your power of influence.

    Infographic – How to Partner on Instagram

    Tenha uma conta ativa para atrair e conseguir mais parcerias no instagram0

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