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Instagram nickname generator: 6 best services

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is an Instagram nickname generator and why is it needed.
  • 6 best services to help you quickly come up with a beautiful nickname.

Why do you need a nickname generator?

On our site there is an article “How to come up with a nickname on Instagram.” In this article, we partially touched on the topic of online services that generate nicknames. They help in situations where you have no idea at the time of choosing a username.

Nickname generators are tools that randomly select a username. On some sites, you can specify additional conditions: for example, the first letter and the length of the nickname.

There is no point in looking for some kind of logic in the operation of these online services. All characters and words are randomly selected.

6 best Instagram nickname generators

Let’s move on to the main part of the article – let’s look at the 6 best online services that will help you quickly choose a nickname for your Instagram account.

A small instruction will be presented for each tool – although these are the most simple services where you need to click on one button.

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Nick-name.ru is a simple nickname generator in English. Length – from 3 to 15 letters.

Go to the official website of the service and specify additional parameters: the first letter of the nickname, the number of letters, the type of generator (1 or 2). An improved generator can be installed.

Генератор ников в Инстаграм Nick-name.ru

Then press the yellow “Generate” button. The result will appear in the “Nickname” line. Click the button until you find the one that suits you.

Cast Lots

Cast Lots is an online service that has a nickname generator. It is as simple as possible: you do not need to specify additional parameters to use the tool.

Go to the official website of the service and click the “Generate” button.

Генерируем ник на Cast Lots

After that, the service will present a variant of the name: with letters and numbers.


Genword.ru is a word generator with a dedicated nickname tool. To do this, go to the site and specify additional parameters: creation option, first letter, language and number of syllables.

Генератор ников Genword

After that, click the “Create Nickname” button. The username will appear in the Result window.

There is also a section on the site that displays a list of the latest nicknames that have been generated on the site. Perhaps there you will find a suitable option.


SpinXO.com is a free foreign online service for generating nicknames. To start working with the tool, you need to enter a name, nickname or keyword in the line and press the “SPIN!” Button. You can specify additional parameters: hobby, number of letters, important words.

Words and additional parameters must be entered in English only.

For example, let’s enter the word “shop”.


A list of generated names will be displayed below the input line.


Randomus is a simple tool for generating nicknames. Go to the official website of the service and specify the parameters for the name: length and first letter. Then click the Generate button.

Сервис Рандомус

Results will appear on the right side of the window. Choose any nickname you like.


RusTXT is an online service for working with text. There is a tool for generating nicknames here.

Go to the service website and specify additional parameters: nickname language, first letter, number of nicknames, length (minimum and maximum). Then click Generate.

Генератор никнеймов на RusTXT

A list of nicknames will appear. You can add the options you like to your favorites.

There are more than 30 thousand words in the RusTXT database. This allows the tool to iterate over each word to find a unique username.


Nickname generators are the easiest way to find a nickname for your Instagram account. Choose any service from the list to come up with a nice username for your profile.

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