Instagram multichannel: why and how + TOP services

An Instagram multichannel is a link that redirects to a page where all contacts for communication with the account owner are recorded. We can say that this is the user’s business card.

A multi-link allows you to optimize the process: you send off one link to all partners, clients, employees or employers, and they already choose any convenient way of contacting you.

Why exactly a multichannel, isn’t it possible to indicate all this directly in your Instagram profile? No, the fact of the matter is that only one link can be published on a page. Therefore, such a trick was invented.

And along with the idea itself, special services appeared that allow you to quickly create a multi-link. On some resources, this can even be done for free. So, let’s take a closer look at how to create a multi-link, what it is for and, in general, what it is.

Multi-link: what it is and why

Multichannel is a tool for optimizing your business on Instagram. You have probably seen a link in the headers of some profiles that does not resemble any address on social networks or instant messengers. For example, a multicast link might look like this:

Click on it, and you will be redirected to a one-page site, which provides more information about the account (business, company, blogger) from which you switched, and all kinds of contacts are given to contact the owner.

The main thing for the owner of the multi-link is not to forget to sign in his Instagram profile that clients can find detailed information at this address. Here’s what you can add to your multilink page:

  • A link to your company’s website or several links to pages that are important to you. For example, a copywriter can publish links to his site or to its author pages on third-party resources. Or a copywriter can post a link to his portfolio, to an account inside the freelance exchange. Then clients will be able to assess the quality of the specialist’s work, get acquainted with reviews about his work, take a look at the rating.
  • Links to any social networks that you actively use.
  • Links to your channel or profile in messengers: Viber, Vatsap, Telegram.
  • Any third-party links. Have you been covered in a major publication? Please report it. Do you cooperate with a global brand and your name is recorded on its pages? Give a reference to this, etc. Or maybe you want to acquaint clients with reviews of your work? Then you can publish these links as well.

And here are the contacts you can indicate on the virtual business card:

  • WhatsApp,
  • Viber,
  • Telegram,
  • Skype,
  • Twitter,
  • email,
  • YouTube,
  • Vimeo,
  • Odnoklassniki,
  • Facebook,
  • VKontakte,
  • TikTok,
  • Pinterest,
  • Instagram.

In essence, a multilink is also a sales tool. You can do something like a landing page. If you represent a large company, you can specify its logo, choose the appropriate colors and fonts.

Imagine: people follow a link on your Instagram profile to see contacts, but at the same time they also immediately see the services and products that you offer. And you can also write about current promotions, discounts, sweepstakes, etc. You can change the information on your business card at any time.

The multichannel Instagram link is useful for both freelancers and business owners. It doesn’t matter what exactly you do, you can create a business card for any activity. For those who launched their store via Instagram, the multi-link page will replace the site.

This is convenient if you do not want or cannot yet create a full-fledged online store. In addition, creating a link is cheaper and faster than creating a website, even if you do it yourself on a constructor.

Useful links: Mutual PR on Instagram: what it is, examples, secrets, How to add a photo to Instagram from a computer: a memo.

How to create a multi-link: general tips

You can create a multi-link on Instagram for free and in just a few minutes. The principle of creating and using a multi-link on any service is approximately the same:

  1. You choose an avatar, write a few words about yourself, set up the background. This is how you create a template for the future page with contacts. If you wish, you can add a photo or video, demonstrate products. You can even specify a legal address, attach a map and mark your position on it.
  2. Now you add buttons with contacts. Use only real communication options.
  3. In the future, you will be able to track the frequency of clicks on a multi-link and on each of the individual links on the page. This will help you understand where customers come from more often, where your partners “live”, in which networks to launch ads or on which messengers to send messages, etc. And if you realize that some contact is not in demand, then you can always change the format of the business card, remove unnecessary and ineffective buttons.

A multilink helps not only to maintain feedback and expand the audience, but and develop the business in the future.

By the way, you can use this link not only for Instagram, but also in other networks, messengers. You can also distribute this link through letters and even print it on a paper business card.

How to add a link to a social network profile? To post a link on Instagram, you need to go online, click “Edit Profile” and insert a multi-link in the “Site” field. Such addresses open equally well both from the phone and from the computer.

TOP-12 services for creating multi-links

To create a multi-link through the services, you need to register on one of the sites. All services that we will look at below have a similar interface. Along the way, the system will prompt you what to write.

On this site, you can create a multi-link for free. To register, you need to enter the company name or your name, email address, phone number and come up with a password. An example of what your contact page might look like based on a template from Umnico:

Пример мультиссылки в Инстаграм

In this service, you can log in through Instagram, or you can register using mail. There is a free and a paid version of the program. In addition to the built-in template builder, you can insert arbitrary HTML code into your business card.

The final address looks like this: An example of what your business card might look like in Sendme:

Пример визитки в Sendme

To register, you need to enter your mail and come up with a password. The service has a paid and a free version, but with free access, the functionality is very limited. Compared to other services, Mssg has the smallest set of free features:

  • 1 messenger,
  • 10 products,
  • short link,
  • email signature,
  • website widget ,
  • QR code;
  • no statistics.

As a result, the multilink will look like this: And this is an example of how your business card will look like, made in this system:

Мультиссылка в сервисе MSSG

This service is considered the best for creating multi-links, since all transition notifications are sent to the mail, you can add a photo, video and text to a business card, and you can also connect the maximum number of social networks. Here’s what else this service offers:

Функции сервиса

You can register via mail or Google, or using one of the social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook. The site offers three tariff plans:

Тарифные планы сервиса по созданию мультиссылок в Инстаграм

The multi-link will eventually look like this:

To register, you need to specify your name, username, email address and password. Almost all functionality is available in the free version, but if you need separate paid services, you will have to pay extra:

Дополнительные услуги в сервисе по созданию мультиссылок в Инстграм

In the free version, you can set up an unlimited number of links, messengers, social networks. In addition, you can indicate your address on the cards, set up a payment acceptance, analyze statistics on transitions, add a widget and get a QR code.

And you can also create your own theme, that is, prove yourself as a designer. The resulting link will look like this:

To register, you will need to enter your mail, username and password. The system offers three tariffs:

Три тарифа системы по созданию мультиссылок в Инстаграм

As you can see, in the free version the functionality is seriously limited, for example, you can connect only one social network and one messenger. In addition, there are restrictions on the filling of the business card and design. An example of what your mini landing page will look like and examples of features from paid access:

Пример оформления мультиссылки

English-language, but no less popular resource. Like the other services reviewed, there is a paid and a free version. To register, you need to specify your mail, username and password. In the free version, you can connect an unlimited number of links, view general statistics and use basic themes.

And here’s what’s included in the paid package:

  • social icons;
  • SMS links;
  • link planning;
  • news subscription;
  • software analytics days and weeks (views, clicks);
  • the ability to remove the system watermark;
  • setting a unique theme;
  • integration with the mailing list service, YouTube and other services ;
  • other.

The link will look like this:

To register, you need to enter your mail and come up with a password. However, in addition to this, you can register through any social network. The service has a paid and a free version.

You can purchase both full access and purchase individual functions, for example, design solutions for a future business card. This is what the link will look like: An example of how your page will look like:

Пример мультиссылки в


English-language resource. To register, you will need a mail or an account on Google or Facebook. The system offers four tariff plans:

Тарифы ресурса Lnk.Bio для создания мультиссылок в Инстаграм

There is no analytics in the free version, but the rest of the functionality is fully available. An example of how the link will look: (in the paid version – you choose the address yourself).

Another English-language resource. To register, you will need to enter your username and come up with a password. The resulting multi-link will look like this: For a week, free access to all the functionality of the site is given. In total, four tariffs are available:

Пример визитки в Sendme0

The advantage of this system is that you can customize the welcome message, and you can also update links in a second. On other sites, updates are slower. However, there are also disadvantages: this is the most expensive resource on our list and it does not have permanent free access.

To register, you will need to enter your mail and come up with a password. Free access to all functionality is provided for seven days. This is how a multicast link will look like: And this is an example of what your page will look like:

Пример визитки в Sendme1


This is a narrowly focused service. It is suitable for bloggers and media for announcements. In addition, this is another service in English. The finished link looks like this:

To register, you will need a mail and password. The duration of the free period is 30 days. At this time, the functionality is not limited.

How to create a business card: using Meconnect as an example

Let’s see how to create a business card using Meconnect as an example:

  1. We go to the site, click “Try” or “Register”.
  2. Come up with a login, enter a name and mail, come up with a password.
  3. Get into your personal account, see a layout of a future business card … Пример визитки в Sendme2
  4. Click on each window: text, instant messengers, web link, etc., enter information.
  5. When everything is filled, click on “How to install.” Copy the link and paste it to your Instagram. There you can also copy the widget, QR code or icon to the site.

A similar plan of action works in any other system for creating business cards. After installing the multi-link in your Instagram profile, do not forget to follow it to check if the business card is displayed correctly.


The principle of free and paid access depends on the service. As a rule, free access includes a basic set of functions: an avatar, a header and profile description, phone and Skype buttons, social networks and instant messengers, statistics of transitions and clicks. In the paid version, you can connect any sites and maps, banners, text blocks, gifs.

However, when choosing a resource, take a closer look at the functionality with free access. For example, in Meconnect the free version is very generous, while in Mssg the set of free features is much more scarce.

In any case, when creating a multi-link on Instagram, you should be guided by personal needs. If you just need to specify contacts, then the free version of the program will do, where you can connect more networks and instant messengers that are relevant to you.

If you want to create a bright business card, mini landing page, then it is better to purchase a paid version of one of the programs. You don’t have to make the final decision right away. You can try the free versions in all programs and choose what works best for you.

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