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Instagram multichannel for free? MSSG to help you

A multilink is a business card page with contacts of a business owner and a description of his services. This is sometimes called a mini landing page. If you need a multi-link on Instagram for free, I recommend using the MSSG service.

With its help, you can create an attractive business card in a few minutes, which you can place on any social network, on your website or send a link to colleagues, friends, relatives.

What is a business card page? In general, this is a link, upon clicking on which people are taken to a page with information about you. There will be what you yourself indicate. As a rule, the business card contains the main social networks and instant messengers, a phone number, other contacts and a few words about the activity.

If you wish, you can post examples of services or finished works, links to a portfolio, completed projects, reviews about you. The finished page is perfectly displayed on both computers and mobile devices. In general, an irreplaceable thing for any freelancer.

Most often, multi-links are made for Instagram, since only one address can be specified in a profile. So how do you make a business card using MSSG? Let’s take it step by step.

Historical background

MSSG is a Ukrainian project, but it is adapted for a Russian-speaking and English-speaking audience (at the very bottom of the site you can select a language, by default the site is in Russian). MSSG was launched in 2016.

It was then that the creator of MSSG decided that in the near future, Instagram would turn into something similar to a huge marketplace, and decided to make a project focused on this. Mark Zuckerberg helped him launch the startup.

MSSG сервис для бесплатных мультиссылок в Инстаграм

The MSSG platform was launched as part of the Product Hunt service. Within this system, young entrepreneurs talk about their startups. At the time of its appearance in the project, MSSG already had about 10,000 registrations.

Still, it was necessary to expand horizons to see how the audience reacted to this service, whether it is in demand, whether something needs to be changed. Here are the results MSSG has achieved inside Product Hunt:

  • 1200+ votes;
  • over 100 comments from community users;
  • 10,000+ new registrations;
  • 1 proposal from a venture fund.

It became obvious that people need such a service that it is convenient and relevant. This is how the “adult life” of MSSG began. For more than three years this service has been actively used by the owners of Instagram accounts.

Who MSSG is suitable for

The MSSG service is suitable for all active Instagram users:

  • freelancers who offer their services;
  • businessmen who promote their online store;
  • models looking for new projects;
  • owners of sites, applications, programs;
  • other.

Even if your activity is carried out mostly offline, it is useful to create an Instagram account and insert a multi-link into it.

For example, you are a psychologist. Basically, you do offline personal consultations. But why don’t you declare yourself in each of the social networks and leave a business card with all your contacts in them: phone, mail, legal address, instant messengers, social networks, website.

Мультиссылка в Инстаграм подходит многим

Let potential customers choose the method of communication that is most convenient for them. Moreover, with the help of MSSG you can create a QR-code, which, like a multi-link, leads to your business card page.

Can you print this code on a cardboard business card? Why not. Moving on to the most important thing: how to create a multi-link in MSSG.

How to create a multilink in MSSG?

First you need to register on MSSG. This can be done via Facebook or by email.

Instructions for registration by email:

  • Go to the MSSG website
  • Click the “Create Free” button.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Create a strong password.
  • Click “Next”.

Instructions for registering via Facebook:

  1. We go to the site.
  2. Press the “Login” button.
  3. Select the “Facebook” button.
  4. If the network is not connected to mail, then MSSG will ask you to enter an email address. If Facebook and mail are connected, then an automatic transition to the next stage will occur.
  5. You do not need to come up with a password, the system will automatically redirect you to the next registration page.

After passing the main stages registration according to any of the instructions (first 5 steps), the system will offer you a number of actions (it turns out it is 6-12 steps). This is the process of creating a business card link for free:

  1. Answer the question “How do you want to use MSSG: for yourself or for work?”.
  2. Come up with a name for the multilink. It is recommended to choose a concise name that best reflects the essence of your business. People should immediately understand what awaits them when they click on the link. This could be the name of your store, your name and type of business, your nickname, etc. Only English letters and symbols can be used.
  3. Insert a photo. It is better to insert an image that contains a reference to your activity. Creative or business style – choose yourself. For example, an artist can exhibit their self-portrait.
  4. Enter name. In this case, you can write in Russian.
  5. Come up with a short description of your activity.
  6. Select a cover. You can upload your background from your computer or choose something standard from the application templates.
  7. Add instant messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Facebook, VK, Skype. In turn, click “Add” to each one, a hint form appears (a stencil for entering the necessary numbers or addresses), save.
  8. After entering all the contacts, click “Finish”.

You will be taken to your personal account, where you can finish setting up the page. This is what it looks like:

Настройки мультиссылки в MSSG

We loaded an arbitrary background, we indicated only one contact for example (if we had exposed all 6, then all 6 would be reflected in the business card).

Let’s go through the interface of your personal account (hereinafter – LC):

  • On the left you see the address of your multi-link.
  • Below are the buttons “Copy”, “Generate QR-code” and “Share”.
  • Even lower there is an opportunity edit the profile. At any time, you can change anything: description, name of the multi-link, your name, messengers, design (avatar and cover). You can also add a website. To do this, move the slider at the very bottom. In addition, you can connect a domain and change the category. When registering, we indicated “For personal purposes”, because of this, the category “Not business” is now.
  • Then there are the sections of goods, analytics, settings and support. Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

How to edit a profile?

Click on the appropriate section. Here’s what the profile settings look like in general:

Профиль в MSSG

Let’s try to change the category. Click and search for what is right for you:

Меняем категорию в профиле

When you change the category, it automatically appears on the business card under your name. For example, we have chosen the “Professional Services” category. It immediately displayed:

Новая категория Профессиональные услуги

If you add a site, then after switching the slider, two lines will appear: for the address itself and for a short description. Example:

Добавляем сайт в бесплатную мультиссылку

The site, like instant messengers, will be displayed on the business card. When you are done with all the settings, click the “Save” button in the upper left.

Please note: The free full version of the program is available within a week from the date of registration. After that, your account will be switched to a free mode with restrictions.

How is the free version different from the paid one? I propose to consider this as a separate item below, but for now let’s go over the rest of the LC sections. They will help turn your business card into a real landing page, mini-store.

How to add products?

It is more convenient for customers to see what you offer and how much it costs right away on a business card than to call you in order to find out. So how to add a product or service package, individual services?

Follow the instructions again:

  1. Click the “Products” section.
  2. At the top right, click the plus sign (add a product).
  3. Upload a photo and fill out the product card: name, price (you can choose any currency ), description, category. Categories are created separately, we will consider a little below. In addition, you can mark the product as participating in the sale and put a link to the site where you can learn more about the service or place an order.

This is how the product settings look like:

Настройки товара для мультиссылки

How to create a product category:

  • Go to the LC in the “Products” section.
  • Click “Categories”.
  • Click the plus sign in the upper right (add a category).
  • Coming up with a name for the product group.
  • Click “Save”.

Now, when you check out the products, you can select this category. By default, all products are registered in one group called “Showcase”. This setting is on by default, you do not need to fill in anything.

If you need to quickly find a product or a group of products, then you can use the search. The search bar will appear immediately after you go to the “Products” section.

How to use analytics?

In the “Analytics” section, you can track statistics for the day, week and month. It displays business card views, clicks on messengers in general and separately for each of them, clicks on links.

In the same section, you can connect Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel. With these tools, you can expand your audience analysis, for example, determine its age, geolocation. You can also track what devices people use most often.

What are the settings?

In the “Settings” section, you can change the username within the MSSG system, mail, interface language, password. That is, these settings are directly related to your account within the system, and not to your business card.

There you can familiarize yourself with tariff plans and activate the paid version of the service. You can also sign out of your account here.

How to contact technical support?

In the “Support” section, you can contact operators via Telegram, Viber, Vatsap, Vkontakte or via Facebook Messenger. This is useful if you have any questions or suggestions about the service.

And only with the help of technical support, you can delete your business card and profile in MSSG. To do this, specify in the appeal not only the subject (deleting the profile), but also the multi-link, as well as the email address.

Paid and free MSSG: what to choose?

So, by registering on the site, you get full access. Already in a week, you will definitely find time to make a business card. However, then access will be limited, for example, you will no longer be able to track statistics. Here’s how the paid version differs from the free one:

Бесплатная и платная версии

In addition, in the paid version you can disable the display of the MSSG logo on your business card. What to choose? Decide for yourself. Focus on your needs and business specifics. You can connect the paid version for a month and compare with the free one.

How to post a multi-link on Instagram

We’ve figured out how to create a multi-link, tariffs and profile settings. It remains to place the multi-link on Instagram:

  • Go to the personal account inside MSSG.
  • Click the “Copy” button.
  • Go to the Instagram profile.
  • Click the “Edit profile”.
  • In the Website, paste the link that you copied into the LC on MSSG.
  • Click “Save”.

Done. The link will now become active. Every person who visits your Instagram profile will be able to follow the multi-link.

Another option:

  • In the LC, click “Share”.
  • Click “Copy link”.
  • Follow the previous instructions from 3 to 6 stages.

How to place a widget on the site

A widget is a separate block on the site. It looks like a banner, a button. How to place a multi-link as a widget on the site:

  1. Go to the LC on MSSG.
  2. Click “Share”.
  3. Select the “Add to website” section.
  4. Adjust the color , location on the page, greeting, title, description. In addition, you can select the type of device on which the widget will be displayed: everyone, computers only, mobile only. And also you can display a blog with your services right in the widget (put a check mark next to this setting).
  5. When everything is done, copy the code and paste it into the site in the code before the last

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