Dicas Extras sobre os Destaques do Instagram

Instagram Highlights: Create Awesome Profile Highlights

Do you think 24 hours is not enough to have your Stories available on Instagram?

If you would like to see your Stories longer on Instagram, please know that through of the Instagram Highlights this is totally possible.

The Highlights are located below the user’s profile, so that they strategically attract attention of people.

Those who learn to use Instagram Highlights strategically can see their results on the internet take off.

In practice this means passing on relevant information about your product and the transformation it is capable of generating. And the best part, without looking like a boring salesman.

If you still don’t know about this feature or don’t know how to get the best out of it to promote your products on Instagram, stay with me.

In this article, you will learn how to use Instagram highlights strategically, what are the advantages of using this feature and how to create Instagram highlights and how to use them to sell through Instagram.

Happy reading!

What are Instagram Highlights

O que São Destaques do Instagram e como usar.

Instagram Highlights are a feature released in 2018 to increase the time a Story is available on the platform.

As the name suggests, this feature is located in a prominent place, right below your profile, so that followers and visitors can easily view them.

In addition, it leaves your posts well organized, in categories or by subject, which makes it easier for those who visit yours. profile.

Posts made through Instagram Highlights remain available for as long as you determine.

These are Stories that you can leave pinned to your profile, to be seen by your followers and users who are interested in what you offer.

How Instagram Highlights Work

Instagram Highlights are publications very similar to Stories, with the difference that they don’t disappear from the social network after 24 hours.


This feature allows you to group featured posts, by category or subject, permanently, or even when you want to remove them from there.

With Highlights, your followers and visitors can access it whenever they want, without worrying about publishing time.

Creating this feature was Instagram’s solution so that users’ most important posts wouldn’t disappear in just 24 hours.


As you continue to read this article, you will learn how to use Highlights to direct followers and visitors to the most important posts about your product or service and thus increase conversions.

Why Use Highlights Strategically to Sell on Instagram?

For the digital entrepreneur who knows us Using Instagram Highlights strategically in your online business will realize that this feature brings several advantages to the brand and, therefore, they cannot be left out of your range of techniques to sell on the web.

Among the advantages of this feature is its location on your Instagram profile.

That’s because, as I mentioned, the Highlights’ publications are strategically located below the user’s (or company) profile and above the feed, which makes it virtually impossible not to be seen by followers and visitors.

Whoever is an affiliate and wants to earn money on instagram , publish relevant subjects about your online business and break the main objections of your target audience on Instagram Highlights is a great way to convert followers into buyers.

Also, if you are an affiliate, you can use this feature to highlight releases, promotions, and even tips about the product or service you promote.

1. Disclose information about what you or your product does.

One of the biggest advantages of Instagram Highlights is that you can take the opportunity to publicize key information about what you do and sell.

Affiliates can use the highlights to position strategic content that helps the follower to consider your product as a solution to a pain or need.

Want a more practical example?

If you sell Online Business Formula as an affiliate, you could create the first 3 highlights sessions with Student Testimonials, Results and FAQs.

This is a great way to warm the follower to follow its journey in search of the solution that your product delivers.

For those who have a physical business, you can explore this resource by entering data such as: address, telephone, email, any news or promotion, etc.

2. Product Highlights

Since Instagram users follow companies to learn about products, you can take advantage of Highlights to create a sort of catalog of the products you sell.

Also, it’s a great way to spread the word about promotions and news, tips and whatever else you want to highlight about the products you sell as an affiliate.

This way, followers who are interested in a product displayed in the Highlights of the Instagram will be able to contact you through direct or through the information you have provided in the same place.

3. Highlight campaigns

Many companies are realizing the potential Instagram Stories have in terms of publicizing their advertising campaigns, especially in terms of engagement.

And since Instagram Highlights doesn’t go offline after 24 hours, you can create your campaigns and spread them through paid Instagram traffic .

You can publicize your campaigns and actions using this feature and drive traffic to your blog or YouTube channel, for example, where your Instagram followers can learn more about your business and buy the product you offer.

4. Show Product Tutorials

Another great advantage of using Highlights strategically for your affiliate business is that you can take advantage of this feature to demonstrate the product you promote.

Show tutorials on how to use your product to your followers. Being an authority in your niche, people tend to trust you and what you indicate more.

Seeing some profiles of my affiliates, it’s very common to see the Highlights section “Inside Formula Online Business”.

It is there that they show some of the training and arouse more interest from the audience to join the course.

So, if you show your product features through videos and let it permanent ones in the Highlights, increase the chances of you taking the follower to the product sales page.

Create a category for tutorials in your Spotlights so that your profile’s followers and visitors will find it it easily.

How to Create Instagram Highlights

Como Criar Destaques do Instagram que ajudam a vender

Now that you know what are and what are the advantages of using highlights as a business strategy, see now create Highlights on Instagram. To do this, just follow the step by step below.

1. Access your Instagram profile;

2. Click on “Stories Highlights” located below your profile picture;

3. Then there will be some Instagram suggestions for you to post. Just ignore it and move on;

4. Click on “New”;

5. Choose the Stories from your file, which you want to publish in the Highlights;

6. Click “Next”;

7. Write the name of your highlight;

8. Click “Finish”.

Now you have a Featured on your Instagram. If you want to create more, like categories for example (which I strongly advise), just repeat the steps you just saw.

You can add up to 100 Stories to each highlight. However, all must be posted on Instagram itself.

How to Create Images for Your Highlights

Create cover images for your Instagram Highlights to convey professionalism, strengthen your visual identity brand and get the attention of Instagram users.

In addition, with custom skins, your Highlights are more organized and easier for Instagram users to see.

To create images for your highlights, you can turn to Canva, which is a very intuitive design platform, where any user can create professional images, in a simple and practical way.

1. You must first go to Canva and then search for Story from Instagram;

2. Click on the template you are interested in;

3. In the left menu, click on “Background” to add a color;

4. In the “Elements” option, you will choose an icon that has to do with the highlight you are going to create and place it where you think it best;

5. If you have an icon on your computer, just upload and use it in Canva;

6. When you have finished your image the way you want it, click on the “Download” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you want to create more images, just click on “Add Page” and repeat the process.

How to Add a Cover to Instagram Highlights

Once you’ve created your image in Canva and downloaded it to your computer, just follow the step by step below to add the image as a cover to your Instagram Stories collection. Check it out.

1. On your Instagram profile, click on the “Featured Stories” icon;

2. Choose a Story to be highlighted and then click “Next”;

3. Write a title for the Highlight (can be a category);

4. Click on “Edit Cover”;

5. Now, just click “Finish” and that’s it, your Feature already has a cover.

How to Use Highlights to Attract More Leads and Sell More

Use os Destaques para Atrair mais Leads e Vender

That Instagram is a tool capable of boosting any business, you already know that.

Besides all the advantages that the Highlights can offer for the your business and what you checked here in the article, you will know how to use this resource to strengthen your brand. Check it out.

1. Publicize partnerships

Partnering with digital influencers and other brands is a strategy that helps to increase the reach of the brand, increase the number of followers in the profile and, consequently, increase the flow of sales.

Whenever you partner, share the action in Instagram Highlights. That way, followers and visitors will have access for as long as the post remains featured.

Create a category especially for partners so people can find it easily.

2. Create Sweepstakes

Creating sweepstakes through Instagram Highlights is a good idea to generate engagement, gain new followers and increase brand reach.

Create rules for entering the sweepstakes, like : Follow the profile, like the photo and tag 3 friends.

This type of action really works, that’s why it’s a practice you always see on the social network.

Knowing this, you should take advantage and use Instagram Highlights to strengthen your brand through actions such as creating sweepstakes.

3. Show testimonials

Increasingly, consumers are seeking to know the opinion of people who have purchased the product they are interested in, before making the purchase decision.

Therefore, take advantage of the space Instagram highlighting to show testimonials from customers satisfied with your product is an excellent strategy to convince your audience that your solution is the best on the market.

When a person is interested in your product, but If you are still in doubt about whether or not to make the purchase, reading the testimonials from satisfied customers will influence your purchase decision.

4. Create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions are the frequently asked questions and works to solve the most common questions left by prospects customers.

It’s a way to take advantage of Instagram’s Highlights feature to streamline service whenever someone has a question.

With a FAQ in the Highlights, followers and visitors don’t have to stay with doubt and not even waiting for you to answer a direct.

Instagram itself has a feature where users can leave their doubts.

Take advantage of this feature and select the most frequently asked questions you receive about your business or product you promote, and create a featured FAQ.

5. Drive traffic to your blog

Another way to use Highlights to strengthen your brand is to generate traffic to your blog.

To do this, simply create a featured album, with your blog posts.

This way, followers and visitors will be able to know your blog and consume your content there on your platform, which generates more conversions for your business.

Also, as Instagram only allows you to add one clickable link in the biography , you can create a Link Tree.

The Link Tree is the link tree, where you can add multiple clickable links in a single place, directing the user where you want, in this case, into your blog, generating a lot of traffic.

6. Create a category with your best content

In order for Instagram users and new followers to access the best content you’ve posted on your profile, you can create a category in the Highlights.

This is a great way for you to get platform users and new profile followers not to miss out on those important content about your business and the products you promote.

Select your best Stories and create a catchy title for the featured category, without overdoing it.

This means you should not publish 100 Stories in a single Feature, even if this is allowed by the platform, as the user may lose interest.

Choose the most relevant topics to post featured when you create the categories.

To do this, you can create categories with the most viewed highlights and your followers, like, by example, polls, tips, tutorials, etc.

7. Share Reviews

Use Instagram Highlights to post the positive reviews left by your customers.

Just as testimonials influence potential customers’ buying decisions, so can reviews they have that power.

People always seek the opinion of whoever bought the product, before deciding to buy it too.

If the potential customer is in doubt about whether or not to buy your product , and finds several positive reviews from other customers in his Featured, it will be easier for him to decide to buy.

An extra tip here is to add in the Link Tree the link of each product that has been evaluated.

This way, the user can click to know more about the product or make the purchase, without any difficulty.

Instagram Highlights Extra Tips

Dicas Extras sobre os Destaques do Instagram

Se, even with all the tips and information that you checked this article, there is still any doubt about Instagram Highlights, just read the extra tips that I’ll list below, to help you further understand and use this resource so effective in your marketing strategy.

1. How Many Stories Can You Feature?

You can enter up to 100 Stories in each Instagram Feature.

However, ideally, don’t overdo it, and that will depend of course , from your niche and business objective.

If you reach the number of 100 Stories in a highlight, the platform will remove the first one that was entered, and so on.

2 . Is it possible to add Very Old Stories to the Highlights?

It will only be possible to highlight Stories that are archived on the platform.

In the Instagram settings there is an option that, if you have not disabled it, it will be possible add Stories since the social network created this feature in December 2017.

If this option is disabled, it will not be possible to add older Stories, however, you can enable it at any time.

3. How You Can Position Each Feature

When you create a new Instagram Feature, it is positioned in front of the ones that were already.

Likewise, when you post a new one Story in any of your Highlights, it is automatically updated and placed in front of the others.

So, when you want to place a Highlight in front of the others, just add a new Story to it.

A trick that works really well in this case is to create a Story in the highlight you want to place in front, and then delete it, if you don’t want to publish anything, just change the position of the Highlight.


As you’ve noticed in this article, Instagram is a true success tool for any strategy.

The social network offers a variety of resources capable of boosting your actions and increase your results.

If you know how to take advantage of Instagram Highlights, this feature can make all the difference in your marketing strategy and, consequently, in the results of your business.

So, take advantage of all the information left here in the article and achieve incredible results for your business, such as: more followers, more engagement, more traffic to your blog and many conversions.

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