Instagram Giveaway: 10 Tips + 6 Apps to Giveaway

Conducting an instagram drawing is a way to generate visibility for your brand on the internet, did you know?

Understand how to make a drawing on Instagram you can increase the reach of your brand, generating lots of comments and shares.

If you want to promote your business, attract more followers, generate engagement and gain new customers, this strategy will help you in this process.

With over 1 billion users, Instagram has enormous potential to make your brand a success in the market.

In this article, you will learn how to generate great results for your business by doing a raffle on Instagram.

Here you will learn how to do a raffle on Instagram, what the rules are, you will also check out some examples of sweepstakes that work and much more.

So, if you don’t want to waste more time and start using a strategy that will move the i Instagram, keep reading the article until the end and learn everything you need to make your Instagram boom.

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What’s Instagram Giveaway

O que é Sorteio no Instagram

Instagram draw is when a brand offers a product or service to one or more people, within the social network, without charging anything for this.

The drawing is carried out from an application, which will reveal who is the lucky (or lucky) who will receive the prize.

To participate in a drawing, the user must follow some rules determined by the brand offering the prize.

These rules, which are generally simple, can include:

  • Follow one or more profiles on Instagram;
  • Tag X numbers of users in a post;
  • Share a post, etc.

Based on the rules, the company will be able to generate more visibility and engagement, increasing the chances of winning more customers on the social network.

At the moment of the draw, the brand will gather all participants who followed the rules (therefore, they became eligible) and will hold the draw on Instagram using an app.

Why Instagram Sweepstakes

I believe that by now you have realized that drawing on Instagram is an efficient strategy, which should be part of the digital marketing of your business.

By holding raffles on Instagram, your brand gains greater visibility, generates more engagement and attracts more customers .

Check out below some benefits that the Instagram draw brings to your business.

More visibility for the brand

By not having to pay anything and go on just a few simple rules, people love to participate in sweepstakes.

Social media users, in addition to participate in the sweepstakes, tag your friends and share the post with the rules, so that they too can win the prizes offered.

This has an amazing effect that makes your post be seen by many users , generating more visits to your profile, increasing the possibility of generating more conversations for your business.

More visibility for the product or service

Fazer sorteio no instagram da mais visibilidade.

Another benefit of doing a raffle on Instagram is that it’s an opportunity to promote your product or service.

When a user wins a raffle, he usually wins. shows on your profile the award you won, which further increases the visibility of your product/service and your brand.

In other words, in addition to the visibility you generate on your own profile, you also achieve the followers of the person who won the award.

In fact, in order to receive these people on your Instagram, it’s important that you have a well-prepared biography.

More engagement

The rules determined by the brand to make the draw on Instagram generate more engagement.

That’s because, as I’ve said before, the rules are generally like a post, sharing, a comment, etc.

These actions are what cause your post has a wider reach, which generates more engagement.

More followers

O sorteio no instagram ajuda a aumentar os seguidores.

Drawing on Instagram is also a great way to gain new followers.

When engagement increases, it’s natural that the number of followers will also increase.

In other words, the more followers engaged , the more followers you get.

More traffic to your blog

Another benefit of running Instagram sweepstakes is driving organic traffic to your website, blog, or e-commerce.

For this , just create a form to participate in the raffle on a page of your blog and post it on Instagram.

This way, users will fill in the data within your blog, which increases the number of visits quite considerably.

More sales

Os sorteios também são um meio de vender no instagram.

Lastly, the biggest benefit of making a raffle in Instagram, which is to sell.

The ultimate goal of your entire business is to gain customers, isn’t it?

Instagram sweepstakes help increase sales for any business.

Now see how to use this Instagram feature to increase your brand’s visibility and drive high conversions.

How to Draw on Instagram

Learn How to Draw on Instagram, just follow the step by step below.

1. Set a goal

The first step you need to take to get an Instagram raffle is to define what goal you want to achieve.

With a defined objective, it is easier to follow the next steps, as each objective will require a different plan.

The objective of your drawing can be:

  • Disclose a product or service;
  • Launch a product;
  • Increase the number of followers;
  • Increase brand reach;
  • Generate traffic to your website or blog, etc.

2. Choose the prize to be drawn

Como Fazer Sorteio no Instagram

When deciding which prize will be drawn, take into account your preferences persona .

The ideal is to give away something related to your business, for example, if your niche is about digital marketing, you can give away a tool or a course.

If your business is in the relationship niche, you can raffle a book, for example, and send it to the winner’s address.

Incidentally, your prize can be digital or physical. You can even give away a coupon with an X value for purchases in your online store (if applicable).

In addition, you can also create polls on Instagram to find out which prize is yours. audience would like to win.

An extra tip is to seek partnerships with other brands, to give away varied products or services, but that have to do with your business.

That way, the people who enter the raffle will show that they are interested in and identify with your brand, which increases your chances of winning new customers.

3. Set the number of winners

You can draw more than one winner in each draw on Instagram.

The cool thing about drawing more than one winner is that even if the result of the first one comes out prize, the other participants will remain engaged, as there is still a chance for them.

You can use an app to define if only one person will be drawn, if there will be multiple winners and also if the same person can be drawn from new.

4. Create the rules

Tenha regras no seu sorteio.

Once you’ve defined the number of winners, it’s time to define what the draw rules will be, or that is, what actions you want followers to take.

At this time, it’s important to remember your goal, from step one.

Try to engage participants with fun rules and easy to follow, using lots of creativity and good humor.

Some rules you can set are:

  • Follow your profile;
  • Leave one like in post;
  • Tag at least one friend in comments;
  • Answer a question;
  • Use a hashtag.

5. Set the draw deadline

Set the deadline for participation in the draw, as well as the day and time the draw will be held.

When you set a deadline for the draw, trigger the emotional trigger of emergency, which causes users to “run” to participate, before the chance runs out.

6. Define how the prize will be delivered

Defina o prémio do sorteio no instagram

Another thing you also need to define is how the prize will be delivered.

If the prize is a physical product, you need to define whether the shipping will be on your own or whether the winner will bear the cost.

7. Choose an image for the raffle

The main feature of Instagram is image sharing, remember?

So, nothing better to draw followers’ attention to the publication of your raffle. what a good image.

The cool thing is that you don’t need to be a professional photographer or a designer.

Finding a flashy, quality image is pretty simple, just look it up in one of the several free image banks on the internet.

Choose an image related to the product or service you are going to draw, making it clear that this is a merely illustrative image.

Or, if you prefer, you can also take a photo of the product that will be drawn. However, you will need to find a good angle, position the light correctly and use a camera with a good resolution.

You don’t need to have a professional camera, you can use your smartphone camera.


8. Publicize and make the draw

Faça Divulgação do seu sorteio para atrair mais pessoas.

Once everything is ready, you can start publicizing the drawing.

In addition to Instagram, you can publicize your draw on other channels, such as the Facebook page, YouTube channel, blog, Twitter, email, and wherever else you have contact with your audience- target.

Identify the best times to publish in these channels, that is, those times when your target audience accesses the most.

This way, you increase the reach of your publication and, consequently, increases the chances of achieving good results.

When the date and time of the draw arrives, use an application and carry out the drawing, using a specific application.

9 . Publicize the result

You can publicize the result of the draw in a number of ways. Some of them are:


Through Stories you can make the draw live, showing the result at the time of the draw.

This way, you will be able to broadcast credibility to the participants;


Another way to publicize the result of the draw on Instagram is through the feed.

Create a video promoting the result, or create it an image with text, marking the winner (or winners);

Social networks

The third way to publicize the result of the draw on Instagram is to publish it on other social networks where you have it a profile, and where your audience is also present.

10. Analyze the impact of the giveaway 

Avalie o resultado do sorteio.

After the Instagram draw has been held, it’s time to analyze the impact of this action on your business.

To be able to do this analysis, before making the draw, you need to check the numbers of your profile and, in this way, be able to compare them with the numbers that your profile will present after the draw.

This analysis is important for you to know if drawing on Instagram is an action worth taking worth investing.

Some metrics for you to check if you had good results are:

  • Number of followers;
  • Number of likes;
  • Engagement percentage…

It’s important to remember that these numbers depend on your goal. In addition, you need to identify, through this analysis, whether the results you obtained from the draw are worth the investment you made in time and money with the prize.

If the answer is yes, I advise you to continue with new draws, always following the results.

Stay tuned to Instagram Rules

Instagram has guidelines for promotions you need to know before setting the rules for yours draw on the platform.

Instagram makes it clear that you are responsible for the draw and that the platform does not sponsor any kind of draw or promotion.

Among other rules, Instagram asks if you agree to use the platform to make the draw at your own risk.

Furthermore, many people do not know (or ignore the information) that there is an inspection for promotions and sweepstakes.

Until 2018, this inspection was the responsibility of Caixa Econômica Federal, becoming the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance.

So, before making a draw on Instagram, get to know the rules of government inspection, in addition to the guidelines of the social network.

How to avoid complaints and problems with your draw

Como evitar problemas ao fazer sorteios.

To avoid complaints and problems with your Instagram draw, it is essential to follow the rules, respect the platform’s guidelines and, above all, respect your audience.

To help you, I’ll leave some tips that are essential for your draw to run as smoothly as possible.

  • Follow all the rules you have determined;
  • Draw exactly the prize that was announced;
  • Don’t modify the rules while the draw is being announced;
  • Don’t make it difficult to take action. The simpler and clearer the rules, the more people will participate. If the actions are too complex, people may opt out of participating in the draw.
  • After the draw has been made, remove the publication from the feed.

How to Make an Image for Raffle

To make a raffle on Instagram you will need to create an image with a text, in which the rules for participating in the raffle will be written, as well as the description of the prize offered.

Ideal is to create a beautiful and eye-catching image, containing the main information of the draw in larger or bold letters, so that the message is transmitted easily.

To make the image of your drawing, you can search in a bank of free images and follow the tips given in step 7 of this article.

How to Draw Instagram on Mobile

To do Instagram raffle on mobile, just go to the app store from your mobile phone and look for the raffle app on Instagram.

In the example below, I did a search for the app “Sorteapp”, sweepstakes p for Instagram.”

1. Click “Install”.

Fazer sorteio no instagram da mais visibilidade.0

2. Click the button to open the application.

Fazer sorteio no instagram da mais visibilidade.1

3. Fill in the requested information.

Fazer sorteio no instagram da mais visibilidade.2

4. And finally, click on “Upload comments”.

Fazer sorteio no instagram da mais visibilidade.3

You’ve seen that Instagram drawing on your mobile is pretty simple, there’s no secret.

There are several other apps available for Android and iOS for you to choose from.

This was just an example and as you can see, Sorteapp lets you choose how many winners will be drawn and draws for comments , using hashtags.

In addition, the app also allows you to create a countdown to publicize your draw and trigger the emotional trigger of urgency in your followers, which is a very effective strategy and that generates good results.

Best Apps to Draw on Instagram

During the article, I mentioned a few times that you can use an app to do draw on Instagram.

Now you will know the best applications that will help you throughout the process, in a practical and safe way.

1. Drawgram

Fazer sorteio no instagram da mais visibilidade.4

If the rule for participating in your raffle is to leave a comment (with a reply or tagging another user) this is the ideal app for you to use.

Sweepstakes gives a number for each participant who has left a comment on the lottery post.

Just click the draw button, then click the name of the winner will appear.

Make a screenshot of the result and share it.

2. AppTuts

Fazer sorteio no instagram da mais visibilidade.5

AppTuts is an ideal app for those who don’t have a lot of experience doing draws on Instagram.

With it, you can make a draw with all the people who commented and tagged another user in your post, or define if only the people who left the keyword in the comments are eligible, and if the same person can be drawn more than once.

3. Heyo

Fazer sorteio no instagram da mais visibilidade.6

Hayo is ideal for anyone who wants to draw Instagram from their mobile phone.

Its use is not free, however, the application allows you to use its resources for 7 days.

With it, you can make sweepstakes, photo competitions and even get discount coupons if you refer a friend.

4. Sorter

Fazer sorteio no instagram da mais visibilidade.7

The Sorter is an app used to draw on Instagram and any other social network you want.

The app, despite being quite popular, is not as practical and useful as it doesn’t allow many participants, you need the number of participants or engagement manually.

5. ShortStack

Fazer sorteio no instagram da mais visibilidade.8

The ShortStack app offers 90 draw types for you to choose from and use on different social networks.

The application also allows you to analyze the impact of the draw on your profile.

ShortStack is not free, however, it offers a 30-day trial, with reduced features, but very useful for those who want to do it raffle on Instagram or other social networks.

The app allows you to raffle on Instagram through hashtags, message sharing and also through post comments.

6. Wishpond

Fazer sorteio no instagram da mais visibilidade.9

The Wishpond app is very complete, as it not only allows you to make sweepstakes, it also offers the possibility to create forms for capturing contacts, lages pages and other resources, making it easy to apply digital marketing actions in your business, within the same tool.

Examples of Sweepstakes that work

Now see 2 examples of draws on Instagram for you to get inspired and make yours as soon as possible.

Hydro Flash

In celebration of 200,000 followers, the company Hydro Flash created a raffle on Instagram, in order to gain even more followers.

To participate in the raffle, users needed to follow the company’s profile and tag 2 friends in the comments. The winner would win a premium bottle of the brand.

The draw was so successful that it generated no less than nearly 13,000 likes.


O sorteio no instagram ajuda a aumentar os seguidores.0

Domino’s pizzeria dared to do a lottery on Instagram offering $10,000 to the user who could prove they really were a fan of the brand on the social network.

The rule was to post a photo representing Domino’s, containing the hashtag #PieceOrThe PieContest.

The giveaway you can imagine was a huge increase in engagement, with very creative and well-liked photos.


Making a draw on Instagram is part of digital marketing strategies.

And now that you know everything about the topic, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned here in the article.

Without a doubt, the best strategy for building a relationship with your target audience is through social media.

So if you want to grow the visibility of your brand on i nternet, generate a lot of engagement, generate traffic to your blog or e-commerce and win many more customers, making a draw on Instagram is the way.

Take advantage of all the tips given here, start making raffles on your Instagram profile as soon as possible and generate amazing results for your business.

Infographic – Top 6 Instagram Giveaway Apps

O sorteio no instagram ajuda a aumentar os seguidores.1

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