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Instagram for Business: See 5 KEY Tools

Instagram for Business is a great strategy for businesses, especially for those who are selling online. If you have an online store and still don’t have Instagram as a communication channel with your audience, you may be missing out on good sales opportunities!

With an increasingly latent growth in the country and achieving significant results for businesses in different segments, the social network already has more than 29 million active users per month in Brazil alone.

This means that 7.25% of all users of the application!are Brazilian!

Instagram’s Top 5 Tools for Business

Since the second half of 2015, when it launched its ad platform, Instagram has already passed the 200,000 advertisers mark.

To help you boost your ecommerce profile and have more and more expressive results, today I have separated 5 tools from Instagram for business that will leverage your business on the internet. See below!


Whoever manages social media in an ecommerce knows: although it seems like a piece of cake, a lot of work needs to be done so that publications are kept up to date and with quality!

To help with this, nothing better than applications that do this management automatically.

instagram  para negócios instarocket

Instarocket , for example, is a complete and easy-to-use account manager. Through it, it is possible to schedule publications and gain up to 5,000 qualified followers per month.

Using the application’s control panel, you’ll be able to track and analyze your profile’s performance and automate all its functions full-time.

You can try the app free of charge for three days.


The Instaby platform works as a shortcut between the store and the buyer.

The application was basically born with the intention of doing what all social media wants: turning followers into real customers.

If you want to use the service, just enter the Instaby website and check the conditions.

instagram  para negócios instaby


If you’ve studied a little Instagram for business, you know that aesthetics are key. Good photos combined with intelligent and original texts make everything more interesting and increase your sales possibilities.

And it’s just to make your account more attractive that Overquick came up. The application offers several possibilities to highlight your products through different assemblies, fonts and publication formats.

instagram  para negócios quick


If you’ve ever wanted to share something on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that the operation is not as trivial as on Facebook. But this is not a difficult problem to solve.

With the Repost application you’ll be able to easily replicate posts from other people or brands in your account without failing to give due credit to the original post.


Through Flipagram it is possible to show your products or services through small presentations, exploring new formats to engage your followers with your brand.

This is a very interesting feature, since a good presentation of the products is essential for the sales success of an online store. Not to mention that video posts show more and more potential in terms of their reach and general engagement with the public.

The app offers free and paid version and is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and PC.

instagram  para negócios pictures

Have you ever used any of these applications for your ecommerce account on Instagram? If the answer is yes, let me know in the comments if it was really worth it!

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