Накрутка вовлеченности в Лайкмании

Instagram engagement: what is + how to increase (9 ways)

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is engagement (ER) on Instagram.
  • How to increase engagement in 2020: 9 ways.
  • How to calculate Engagement Rate.

What is Instagram engagement?

Engagement (ER – Engagement Rate) is an important metric that shows how the audience responds to posts on Instagram. ER depends on the number of likes, comments, shares and saves.

The more reactions, the more often your content is displayed in the followers’ feed. The algorithm starts recommending posts with a high level of engagement to other users.

You can view the number of reactions in your account statistics. This data can be found in the Content Interactions section.

Взаимодействия с контентом

Here you can view information for a different period of time: for the last 7 and 30 days. The statistics show interactions with posts, stories and IGTV videos. There is also a list of popular publications, videos and stories.

Important: to open access to statistics, you need to connect a business account.

How to calculate engagement: ER calculation

You can calculate engagement manually. For this, a special formula is used:

ER = Reactions / Followers x 100%

Calculation example: you have 5,000 subscribers on your account. The last post received 100 likes and 20 comments. We consider ER: 120/5000 x 100 = 2.4. It turns out that the engagement of the selected publication is 2.4%.

It’s hard to name a “normal” engagement rate. It all depends on the topic: for example, in some complex commercial niche, the optimal ER is 3-4%; and in entertainment topics this figure can exceed 15-20%.


But if you have hundreds of posts, calculating ER manually will take a lot of time. Therefore, it is best to automate the process.

This will help the LiveDune service. It is an online tool for complex social media work.

Вовлеченность подписчиков в LiveDune

LiveDune has analytics tools. They will help determine your subscriber engagement rate. Moreover, using the service, you can analyze your competitors.

It’s free to get started with the tool. A 7-day test period is provided for this.

Calculate post engagement for free >>>>

How to increase engagement: TOP-9 ways

Now let’s talk about how to increase engagement on Instagram. To do this, let’s look at 9 effective ways that will increase your Engagement Rate.

1. Interactive content

Publish interactive content. These are various games that require subscribers to take action.

The easiest option is riddles. Typically, the game format encourages subscribers to write comments – for example, the correct answer to a riddle. You can also interact in the Stories format.

Read more about games on Instagram in our separate article.

2. Polls

Conduct audience polls. In the format of regular posts. Users will write their answers in the comments.

This will increase the number of reactions, which will help to quickly increase the engagement rate.

3. Call to action

At the end of each post, leave a call to action. Ask the audience to like the post, write a comment, and add the post to save.

4. Mass following and mass liking

Start active profile promotion. Start mass following and mass liking to attract new users.

For this we recommend using the Zengram service. It automates all actions: likes, subscribes, watches stories.

Зенграм для повышения вовлеченности

With Zengram you will increase the number of subscribers. This will lead to an increase in the number of reactions. The service is paid. But there is a test period that lasts 3 days.

Try Zengram service >>>

5. Advertising

Advertising will help to increase the engagement rate on Instagram. For example, you can set up targeted ads for any post.

Connect a business account, after which the function of promoting publications will appear. You can also buy account ads from well-known Instagram bloggers and thematic publics.

6. Competitor Analysis

Conduct competitor analysis. See which posts are gaining a high percentage of ER. Try to create similar content (but do not copy other people’s posts).

You can conduct a competitor analysis manually. But the best way is to automate the process using the LiveDune service.

7. Cheat

Try cheating. To do this, use the Likemania service. It’s simple, convenient, secure, and very cheap.

Накрутка вовлеченности в Лайкмании

Here you can wind up the following indicators:

  • Followers.
  • Likes.
  • Saving.
  • Comments.
  • Reach and impressions of publications.

Start cheating through Likemania >>>

8. Contests

Run contests and sweepstakes. This is another extremely effective way to increase your Instagram engagement.

Before holding a competition, you need to decide on a prize and come up with conditions for participation. Read more about this in our article “Contests on Instagram – full instructions”.

9. Communication with the audience

Constantly communicate with your audience in the comments. Answer their questions – even the most commonplace ones.

This encourages other users to write messages under the posts, as they know they will receive an answer to their question. If a person shared their opinion, then write him a small comment of thanks.


We are going to look at 9 ways to help you increase your Instagram engagement. Try to apply all the tips. So you will noticeably increase ER – and this will have a positive effect on the promotion of your profile.

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