Instagram contest to increase subscribers: step by step instructions

People love contests, when, having completed a certain task, there is a chance to become the owner of a prize. Such events are filled with excitement, they do not lose their relevance and are extremely popular on the network.

With some effort, the owner of the profile will be able to attract new subscribers, at the same time heighten the general interest of the audience in his work. This article describes how to run a contest on Instagram with a detailed action plan.

Step-by-step instructions for holding an Instagram contest

The competition itself is an online social event. You can transfer it to real space later, when you have enough active subscribers. Important for success:

  • choose a gift;
  • think over tasks – interesting and accessible to everyone;
  • provide a way to send a prize to a winner and a way to select it among several applicants.

The newsletter will help to reach more people so that not only subscribers, but also other network users know about the competition. Carry out an announcement of the drawing with an indication of the date of its holding, repeat it a couple of times, keeping the news up-to-date. And be sure to send the prize to the winner.

Step 1 – choosing a gift

It is important to choose a really valuable and attractive prize that anyone can use. Regardless of gender, age or habits, this will increase your audience reach.

Helpful Hints:

  • Navigate by profile topic. Producers of goods can make gift sets, it will be more difficult to provide services, because intangible things are harder to deliver from a distance.
Выбираем подарок для конкурса в Инстаграм
  • Choose something standard and pleasant for everyone – tickets somewhere in warm countries or a discount on the goods of the sponsoring company.
Путевка - отличный подарок для конкурса в Инстаграм
  • Timed the prize for the next holiday or make original sets of your own.
Подарок к празднику - выбрать легче всего

Bloggers give something related to their activities: gamers a disc with a game (now they are not cheap at all), reviewers – techies – respectively, technology. Coaches – useful books or original courses (discount or full course for free).

There are no ideas at all – you can play the amount of money. It is easier to send such a prize through the banking application by requesting the winner’s account number. Everyone needs cash, it will ensure high interest and audience engagement.

Interesting! Be sure to take a “delicious” picture of the gift. Pack everything nicely, with ribbon and balls, customize the lighting. Let the prize literally call you to participate in the competition.

Step 2 – selection of the competition

The prize is ready, we need to think over the plan for the activity competition on Instagram. The following contests are currently popular.


A simple but effective way to attract more subscribers, does not require special skills from the participants. Held by the organizer (owner of the page) and sponsors who want to promote the account. They are thrown off for the prize and advertising. The gifts are worthwhile – iPhones, tickets to warm countries, 1 million rubles or a car.

Tasks of the subscription contest:

  • you must subscribe to all specified sponsor accounts;
  • in the comments, mark friends’ mentions or put hashtags;
  • like the last three posts in sponsor accounts.
  • Other options are to repost, leave a bright review, put it in a story, etc. It is important not to complicate tasks.

    Конкурс Поставь лайк и отметь друга

    Cons – after summing up, 30% of people will unsubscribe, in the next couple of weeks another 30%. View statistics will drop, audience coverage will decrease. It is important to find sponsors with a similar target audience in order to attract interested people and close ones.

    Like and tag a friend

    The conditions of the competition are also simple – you need to like the specified post and mark a friend. It is easy to organize the event yourself, without attracting sponsors.

    Пример проведения конкурса Giveaway

    The prize will be more modest, and the result depends entirely on the number of audience and the percentage of active followers.

    Stories Contest

    A new format that is rapidly gaining popularity. The drawing mechanism is as follows:

    • members subscribe to the organizer;
    • like the post and the last three publications;
    • repost the specified entry in the Stories and mark the organizer’s profile there using @;
    • optional – mark a friend / friends in your comments.

    The goal is to attract subscribers and increase the popularity of your account. People always look at the stories of friends, even with a mark of 10 people in total. This makes it easier to advertise the competition and attract more users.

    Новый формат - Конкурс в сторис

    Cons – low awareness of the population. Most do not know how to repost in a story, how to mention a friend in the comments. In addition, the story “hangs” on Instagram for only a day. Story contests are good for small ones, so it’s easier to check the completeness of tasks and summarize.

    Creative competition

    Draw on a chosen topic, make a poster or come up with an original hashtag. Put the result of creative efforts on your own page by pointing to it in the comments below the post. This is how the author of the drawing and other people will see the work.

    Проведите Творческий конкурс в Инстаграм

    The total can be summed up by yourself or by counting the number of likes under posts with results from participants.

    General Terms:

    • draw a picture or take a thematic photo;
    • post it on your profile;
    • tell your brand story;
    • come up with a recipe with application of products;
    • to make a video feedback.

    You can come up with simpler tasks, the main thing is to focus on the capabilities of the audience.

    Write a comment

    Competition with prizes for activity and responsiveness. Suitable for a promoted account with a large group of active followers.

    We need to come up with a task that people can complete in the comments. For example:

    • write a review before the command “Stop!”, those who do not have time – do not participate;
    • guess 3-4 real facts from the list of proposed ones;
    • name a word by the specified letter ;
    • write a life story (short);
    • guess what is shown in the picture;
    • collect a word from the letters in the pictures;
    • guess the location or people in the photo;
    • write a detailed review of the product from your impressions.
    Условия конкурса Напиши комментарий

    Either the author of the last comment (adequate, not a set of letters), or the one who left the most detailed comment, will win.

    Step 3 – creating a promotional post

    Having decided on the type of competition, it’s time to solve organizational issues.

    Take a beautiful picture of the prize by creating a composition. Upload a snapshot with explanatory text, where there will be a mention of the drawing, conditions and date of the event.

    Напишите пост анонс

    If the prize is expensive, you can extend the competition time by regularly reminding the audience about it in other posts. For low-profile accounts, 5-7 days is the optimal period.

    Description – make it as clear as possible, in large letters:

    • heading – “Attention, draw”, “Friends, new competition” or “Opening”;
    • offer – information about the prize (praise its value);
    • conditions – what to do and when;
    • nuances – restrictions of 10 comments, indicate the region of residence of the participants or their gender / age, terms of delivery of gifts.
    Пишем описание розыгрыша

    Be sure to indicate the way to identify the winner – mention the name of the service with a link to it or the name of the jury with the selection criteria. So that the participants know the plan of the competition and be confident in the reliability of the method of evaluating the results.

    Step 4 – choosing a winner

    Several effective tools for assessing the activity of participants are available for organizers:

    Number generator

    Randomly selects a number. You can assign numbers to the participants, then the system will identify the winner. Randomizers – Randomisers and Castlost have a simple interface and work flawlessly, just set numeric parameters.

    Checking comments

    The latter are uploaded to a special site, where they will be available for viewing and evaluation. Winner services from Zengram or Getcombot. You must enter a link to the desired post and email address.

    Other services

    easier and faster. It is enough to provide a link to the drawing page, set the necessary parameters and click on the button. They work with variants of contests: by comments – choosing a random winner; by hashtag – randomly or by the number of likes.
    Lizaonair – selects a commentator at random, can analyze hashtags.
    Giveaways – evaluates the quality of photos, reposts and comments.

    Even the paid versions of the services are inexpensive, on average – 200-500 rubles.

    Important! Shoot a summary video to show audiences how the winner was selected. Or broadcast live on the final day.

    Step 5 – increasing awareness

    With a small number of audience, you can improve the efficiency of the drawing yourself:

  1. Order targeted advertising on Instagram. It will be seen by the target audience – people interested in a product or service. There is a good chance that they will want to participate and then subscribe.
  2. Buy ads from a popular blogger with a target audience, “millionaires” with 1 million subscribers or more take a lot. It is better to choose a “more modest” specialist by examining the prices on his channel or profile.
  3. Repost in personal projects – mention a cool giveaway in your social networks, indicating a link to the post.

You can choose one or all, the combination gives the best effect.

Step 6 – “clean up the tails”

After the competition, there may be unsubscriptions, negative reviews and even accusations of dishonesty (there are always dissatisfied ones). Problem solving methods:

  • next competition will be held soon;
  • ask the winner to post a confirmation post – his photo with a prize or video feedback;
  • upload interesting content, comment on the competition;
  • conduct a survey – did the audience like the event;
  • use targeted advertising.

Story contests are regularly held by many, but people’s interest in them does not disappear. Everyone wants to win something, to prove themselves. This is a great opportunity to grab attention and increase follower activity.

Interesting examples on Instagram

To come up with an original idea, you can see ready-made examples of interesting competitions that have already been held, which have received many reviews.

The author of the dinopotam page suggested a children’s drawing competition. Children have an uncontrollable imagination, so their drawings are full of color and expression. Sometimes the plot is impossible to predict, and the characters are easily recognizable as family members, friends or favorite cartoon characters.

Путевка - отличный подарок для конкурса в Инстаграм0

“Handy” users who are always making something from different materials would benefit from this drawing. Moreover, the author indicated what the character should be made of.

Путевка - отличный подарок для конкурса в Инстаграм1

Does the New Year always go well, according to a given scenario? Unlikely. Sometimes holiday pictures cause laughter or nervous tics. Is it worth sharing your impressions with friends, or maybe winning a pendant?

Путевка - отличный подарок для конкурса в Инстаграм2

Draw on paper or mobile screen, alone or with an app. Supplement an existing drawing / create from scratch. Story contests for creative people will help you unleash your talent as an illustrator. And the finished work will be appreciated.

Путевка - отличный подарок для конкурса в Инстаграм3

Frequently Asked Questions

It is necessary to indicate in advance the method of delivery of the prize. Usually, these are mailings. When the finalist is determined, you need to contact him separately and discuss the details. Take the address, notify the day the parcel is shipped and send the tracking number.

Better to have a notebook with a table. List the numbers in one column, from 1 to 10 or 100, according to the number of participants. On the second one – write the nicknames of the users, sending everyone his number in a personal message. Everything is done manually, then the system chooses one number, whoever has it is the winner.

Standard services are provided free of charge. Premium – accounts are given for money, the functionality is expanded there.

Briefly about the main thing

The ideas of most of the draws are simple, do not require knowledge of special programs or statistics algorithm. The main thing is to be guided by the main theme of your profile, the calendar (maybe a big holiday is approaching) and a little inspiration. You can see ready-made examples of contests, read the feedback of followers under the posts.

Important nuances of organizing an event:

  1. Complete transparency in terms of determining the winner. Specify the method of data analysis and shoot a video of the process itself.
  2. Ask the finalist to upload their photo with the prize or make a video review so that the audience is convinced of the fairness of the event.
  3. After the competition, you can conduct a survey and find out the opinion of the followers. They liked the events that they would like to change. Any suggestions.
  4. Don’t be afraid of negative responses.

Pay attention to the work BEFORE and AFTER the competition. Be ready for statistics jumps – people can unsubscribe or vice versa, the number of followers will increase dramatically, then decrease. If possible, hold the draws regularly, gradually the quality of the organization will improve, as will the skill of the author. The audience will also get used to events of this kind and the jumps in attendance statistics will decrease.

Regards, Dina Omiralina
specially for the project

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